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  1. EL-Dougie

    good cab maker that will ship to aus?

    And he posts here on TGP using the screen name Gooma (I searched in the Manufacturer's Emporium for Jarrah, a wood he has featured). The examples he has posted have looked incredible. Here is a recent post: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/417205&referrerid=26319
  2. EL-Dougie

    Amp guy with best customer service -- share your raves!

    My experience is limited, but both Mark Giammattei at Pure 64 and Ben Fargen at Fargen Amplification take great pride in delivering top notch customer service for their top notch products. Mark has even gone so far as to call to follow up 8 months after the purchase to see how the amp is...
  3. EL-Dougie

    Pure 64 Meanstreet owners, show me your setup.

    Effects Chain is Tone Press >>> Carl's Phaser/Univibe >>> Zendrive >>> Eternity Roadhouse >>> ISP Decimator (gate) >>> Meanstreet 1x12 combo, but mostly, I just go clean or use the Zendrive. I also use a Boss TU-2 tuner but it is out of the chain via a PedalBoard Junction box (original...
  4. EL-Dougie

    What was your first "real" amp?

    1966 Fender "Vibro-Champ Amp" bought new at LaSalle Music in West Hartford, CT.
  5. EL-Dougie

    Decided to start playing naked !!!

    I once saw the Chicago band "Naked Raygun" come out naked (nude) for an encore at Tut's in Chicago, hiding their instruments behind their instruments (tough thing was that the bass player had a clear Lucite Dan Armstrong bass that night!). Think they might have had pieces of tape strategically...
  6. EL-Dougie

    Anybody purcahse NOS tubes from Hi Test?

    I had a great buying experience with Gregg Levy at Hi-Test in going fully NOS for my Pure 64 amp, including sales consultation on the phone, labeling each tube box to correspond with the tube chart I sent him to confirm what I was doing, and then he threw in an additional tube out of the blue...
  7. EL-Dougie

    Using a combo amp as an extension cabinet

    Weber offers speaker extension cables as accessories for their attenuators at this web page: https://taweber.powweb.com/weber/acc.htm Not sure if they are what your setup will need, but they are definitely speaker cables, and one of them is a Y-splitter (male to 2 female), so maybe that will...
  8. EL-Dougie

    show your wall of amps!

    Man, that's some awesome oil/reverb tank you've got there...Surf's up!
  9. EL-Dougie

    <1 Watt Amps

    Don't forget the Beavis Audio Noisy Cricket 1/2 watt solid state amp, and the maybe-soon-to-be-released Tube Cricket. You can find the Noisy Cricket used here on TGP from time to time (I did). Tube Cricket is supposed to be available soon in kit form from OLC and there may be some...
  10. EL-Dougie

    Joe Bonamassa in new GP but no mention of Carol Ann Amps.

    I just posted some pix from Joe live 10-27-07 in Northampton, MA: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/307821
  11. EL-Dougie

    Pure 64 Meanstreet

    Great post on the Pure 64 Meanstreet. I own the combo version and feel very lucky to be its caretaker. As strictly a "bedroom" player, I am not worthy of such a stellar amp and will never do it enough justice to tap very far into its true potential, but I am lovin' this amp a whole lot...
  12. EL-Dougie

    Mesa Express 5:25

    You can date the Anderson from its serial number (like 04-26-07P) and go to the Anderson web site and look up its full specs. SN is etched into neck bolt plate on older models, or on rear of headstock for more modern era.
  13. EL-Dougie

    My New Pure 64 Mean Street Prototype Combo

    My bathroom scale reports 51.1 pounds. Heavy, Man... Any other retro combo owners care to verify this?
  14. EL-Dougie

    My New Pure 64 Mean Street Prototype Combo

    The Neo speaker in my combo is great, but I have to point out that I have nothing to compare it to and have not swapped anything else in it. I relied on Mark's suggestion for my intended use. Like what he put together just fine!
  15. EL-Dougie

    My New Pure 64 Mean Street Prototype Combo

    SOLD 10-5-07 Another great Pure 64 head is for sale in the emporium, this one with NOS GE 6L6 tubes (!). Grab it quick ... https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/292187 Update - Seller post indicates above tubes replaced with original stock tubes and price lowered .
  16. EL-Dougie

    My New Pure 64 Mean Street Prototype Combo

    FYI, there are currently two Pure 64 Amp Heads for sale in the Emporium: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/288460 [SOLD as of 9/14] https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/288721 [SALE PENDING as of 9/14]
  17. EL-Dougie

    My New Pure 64 Mean Street Prototype Combo

    I am the happy new owner of a Pure Sixty-Four amp. Actually, mine is a 1x12 combo featuring one of two prototype heads of the Mean Street Pure 64 model which builder Mark Giammattei recently offered at a special discounted price on TGP. Here&#8217;s a report on the amp, the buying process, my...
  18. EL-Dougie

    amp covers

  19. EL-Dougie

    One Amp. One Axe. One Pedal.

    Anderson Hollow Drop Top Pure 64 Mean Street 1x12 Combo Lovepedal Eternity Roadhouse
  20. EL-Dougie

    Combo amp "gig bag"

    +1 on Studio Slips: http://www.studioslips.com/ - They have several types of covers, and one is a clamshell design made specifically for your amp once you provide the full dimensions per their fitting chart. Has been recommended to get double padding and leather "feet" (actually corners if I...
  21. EL-Dougie

    Does your amp pick up RADIO SIGNALS?

    Years ago in Chicago in the mid 80s a neighbor CB guy purposefully broadcast obnoxious comments and noise to interfere with a live club's PA and amps - was the weirdest thing to hear during quiet spots in songs and to see out of town bands look around to see who was doing what and how it was...