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  1. J

    Sold Boss OD3, Morningstar MC6, Barber Tone Press, SA Ventris, Jetter Gold Standard

    Hey all, selling these pedals to fund a Helix. You can find them on my Reverb store, which is here: https://reverb.com/shop/jareds-gear-depot But as per forum rules, here are the prices, all Paypal'd & shipped OD3 - 50 MC6 - 208 Tone Press Compact - 123 SA Ventris - 325 Jetter - 143
  2. J

    Sold Bogner Lyndhurst Brand New $200 shipped

    Hey everyone, ordered this compressor brand new from Sweetwater and just didn’t bond with it. Looking to sell also for financial reasons. So save yourself $80 from retail and buy this one! No velcro, smoke free home. Brand new with manuals, box, etc. $200 PAYPAL AND SHIPPED
  3. J

    Sold Bearfoot Honey Bee OD

    As the title says, if you have one reply or send a PM with pictures please!
  4. J

    Sold Source Audio La Lady & Neuro Hub Brand New

    ALL PEDALS ARE BRAND NEW WITH NO VELCRO AND HAVE ORIGINAL PACKAGING, CABLES, ETC. Source Audio's LA Lady. This pedal is able to be midi controlled via their Hub and models tons of different OD pedals from Rats to fuzzes and even the venerable Klon pedal. I like it a lot, but am selling both of...
  5. J

    Sold Boss CP1X Multiband Compressor - $100 shipped and paypal'd

    Hey all, selling this compressor to make way for the GC-2 from Keeley. Bought new from Sweetwater on 9/3/17 and still have original box and manuals.
  6. J

    Sold 1995 Rat 2

    I'll take it!
  7. J

    Sold Cali-76 Compact Deluxe for Empress Compressor + cash

    Hey all, selling my new Cali-76 CD. If you are looking for this pedal, you probably already know the quality and what it does so I'll spare you the details. I purchased it brand new in February and it does not have a scratch on it whatsoever. I have all of the original packing materials...
  8. J

    Sold BOSS DD-500

    Blue Note is sold!
  9. J

    Sold BOSS DD-500

    Volume Pedal is sold
  10. J

    Sold BOSS DD-500

    Hey everyone! Got a few things up for sale. All of these were purchased around Christmas of 2016 and are in excellent condition with original box and applicable manuals. All prices are paypal'd and shipping included. Thanks! Boss DD-500 - purchased new from Zzounds - $225
  11. J

    Fs on reverb: Dts sdd-3kp $200 shipped

    Bump! Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
  12. J

    WTB: TECH 21 Liverpool Deluxe!

    Hey guys, I know that this pedal was only made in limited number from Tech 21 but I am paypal ready and really wanting to try this pedal out for use in a church environment! Shoot me a PM if you have one for sale! Thanks
  13. J

    Fs on reverb: Dts sdd-3kp $200 shipped

    Bump, Zap Machine is sold!
  14. J

    Fs on reverb: Dts sdd-3kp $200 shipped

    Hey guys, just wanted to give you guys a heads up on some pedals that I have for sale on Reverb.com. Both the prices and shipping are on the webpages and I accept PayPal only, and I will eat Paypal fees and insure my shipping. DTS 3-KP...
  15. J

    FS: Diamond Boost-EQ

    Boost EQ is sold!
  16. J

    FS: Diamond Boost-EQ

    Bump! Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk