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  1. mikealpine

    Hughes Guitars - anyone familiar with these?

    Stumbled across them while searching for a new carbon fiber acoustic (McPherson site said they are resellers), and see they have their own models. What first drew my attention is the different control positioning on the CEM 2. Clearly their take on a T-style, but I like the differences I see...
  2. mikealpine

    Eastwood Backlund 200 - Any reviews from players?

    Hey all, I'm intrigued by the Eastwood Backlund 200. Would love to hear impressions from anyone who as played one. I usually like a 10" radius neck, this has a 14" radius. I haven't heard very simple sound demos, where they play the guitar on a clean setting on each of the pickup positions...
  3. mikealpine

    Fralin Split Blades for Strat - config advice, please.

    Hey all, looking for some advise from those with experience with the Fralin Split Blade pickups in a Strat. Trying to decide what models of the pickup to get. Thinking of the Super High Output for the bridge, but I'm not sure if I should go with two vintage models in the middle and neck, or...
  4. mikealpine

    Hardtail strat question, string-through vs. top-load?

    Hey all, I'm looking for a hardtail Strat, primarily for a little bit of a project; change the pickups (Fralin split-blades are my current top choice), maybe change to locking tuners, switch to allow neck/bridge. That's about it. There are very cheap options in the Squier camp, these are...
  5. mikealpine

    Kinman P90 pickup combo suggestion?

    Hi all, For those who have tried a few of the Kinman P90 models, can you please suggest what models to use, mostly for classic rock, some blues and modern country? I have a La Grange Wheel, http://lagrange.guitars/guitars/modelthewheel/. Came with Sheptone P90s, I liked the sound, didn't like...
  6. mikealpine

    Mojotone mini humbuckers - Classic and Hot Rod

    Have you played them? Thinking of a Hot Rod in the bridge and a Classic in the neck. I know there’s a love/hate thing with minis, but I like them, at least from one experience. I had a Taylor solid (chambered) body guitar that had their version. Loved the sound, hated the neck. Not a fan of...
  7. mikealpine

    Good Sam Jam, 3/18/2018, Patchogue NY, hospital pediatric unit benefit

    Hey all, my band is one of six bands performing roughly 35 minutes sets. Location is 89 North in Patchogue, NY. The hospital is Good Samaritan in West Islip, and the event is to raise money for their pediatric unit. $30 to get in to see all bands, starting roughly at 2:00PM, with my band...
  8. mikealpine

    Humbuckers, covered or uncovered...or mixed?

    Hi experts! I settled on a humbucker set, Bare Knuckles Abraxas. I'm struggling with covered vs. uncovered. I know there are threads that discuss the differences, and I'm pretty clear that covers warm up the tone, while uncovered pickups have a more open, perhaps more aggressive sound. I...
  9. mikealpine

    Bare Knuckle Abraxas - Any experience?

    Hey all, Have a Knaggs Kenai with the Duncan 59's, not my favorite pickup. I want clarity with some warmth (not shrill or thin), powerfully present, clear and creamy, if that makes sense. Doing a lot of reading, there are ThroBak pickups I like (where this all really started), but don't want...
  10. mikealpine

    N(U)GD - ordered, will ship next week, Knaggs Kenai

    Hey all, pretty excited to be awaiting shipping of a Knaggs Kenai. The road to this purchase started a couple of weeks back when I played a Collings CL with ThroBak pickups. Loved the sound, found the guitar to be uncomfortable on my forearm, the top of the lower bout really digging in. A few...
  11. mikealpine

    Collings 290 or PRS ? or ??

    Hey all. Tried a Collings City Limits with ThroBak pickups. Loved the sound, couldn't get comfortable playing it while standing. I went with a CL because I thought the belly carve would be perfect for me, but it was a bit far to the right on my body, though if that were the only challenge, I...
  12. mikealpine

    Collings CL and 290, both with ThroBak humbuckers - difference in tone?

    Calling Collings experts, please, especially if you've play two-hb CLs and 290s. I hope you might be able to shed some insight. A 290 and a City Limits, both with two ThroBak humbuckers. Given that one has a maple top and the other does not, can you give me an idea of what differences I can...
  13. mikealpine

    Agape guitar on order, though without any rush...

    Happy to share this, though it really is a bit of a teaser in that I don't expect to see much of anything on this guitar for a couple of months at my request. I don't know how many of you have had the chance to interact with Rich Chaffins/Agape Guitars, he is a pleasure, great sense of humor...
  14. mikealpine

    McNelly pickup recommendation

    Hey all, having a guitar built. It will be a chambered T-style, mahogany body, Koa top. I play classic rock, modern country and a little blues. The builder, Rich/Agape guitars, likes McNelly pickups and would prefer to use this winder. I played a similar guitar of his (not chambered) that...
  15. mikealpine

    Firehawk FX, Boss ME-80 or GT100

    Or something else? Pedal board? Line 6 M13? Seeking advice on a multi-effect setup. I currently have a Zoom G3X, and don't really like it, don't use it. Don't care much for the sounds, and don't like having only three pedals visible. I have a simple pedal board, Boss BCB-60, a Tuner, two...
  16. mikealpine

    DNA Guitars...any experience?

    I've been seeing their guitars on Facebook, they look terrific. Wondering if anyone has played them, own them, can talk about their fretwork, etc. Thanks!
  17. mikealpine

    Tele pickup, closer to a P90

    Hey all, probably beaten to death, but I tried to search and got too many unrelated responses to wade through. So, I have a T-style, Knaggs Choptank Teletank. Based on Knaggs' communication, it has Duncans, a Vintage '54 in the bridge and a Vintage Tele neck. I need something beefier. Yes I...
  18. mikealpine

    Why buy a "Jr" instead of two pickup guitar?

    Hey all, been thinking about a Sensei Jr, but then get hung up on the question in the thread title. I occasionally use a neck pickup when playing rhythm on ballads, or accompanying myself on a folk-rock tune, but then I feel I can get close if I roll the tone back on the bridge pickup, in...
  19. mikealpine

    Beeping noise, reminds me of Morse code

    Hey all, I have a guitar with the Duncan Everything Axe set. When I use that guitar, I hear a kind of arrhythmic beeping,, not overly loud, but as I said in the title, kind of Morse code-ish, at least that is what it reminds me of. And before you ask, I have no idea what it says! (grin) It...
  20. mikealpine

    Full scale bass that feels smaller?

    Hey all. I'm a guitarist now playing bass occasionally. I bought a short scale bass (30"), it was cheap and kind of cheaply made, but it got the job done for me to decide I'd like to continue playing. I'd like an upgrade, but most of what I like, in terms of looks and sound, are standard 34"...
  21. mikealpine

    New Knaggs Day, possible issue, need advice

    Picture first, of the full guitar. It's beautiful, very light, feels great in my hands. I would not have called it "mint", but it's pretty close except for a good amount of polish swirls. The big issue is, the screws on the pickguard are very high, and have been stripped. I'll get to the...
  22. mikealpine

    Melancon Classic Artist T, owners/opinions?

    Hey all, Missed out on a Knaggs Choptank Teletank, but am also drawn to a Melancon Classic Artist T. Haven't played one, but supposedly in the same class as Knaggs and Anderson. The price could be excellent (negotiating), and I love the look. Curious who owns one and what your thoughts are...
  23. mikealpine

    ZZounds blemished stock - any experience?

    Hi all, Looking for an amp, and they have one they list as Blemished, and the price is really very good. According to the chat on the site, due to the volume they sell, they can't list the exact blemishes on every item, but I was told nothing is "too bad", possibly a scratch on the face or a...
  24. mikealpine

    What is a "cocked wah" sound?

    I came across an ad for a single P90 guitar that offers a push-pull cocked wah. I can't find a good demo of what this sounds like, and have no idea why I'd use it. Can anyone offer a fairly simple explanation of a cocked wah sound? Thanks very much!
  25. mikealpine

    La Grange "Wheel" build under way

    As I noted in my other thread about finding La Grange somewhat by accident, I decided to have one built for me. It just felt right. The communication was great, Benjamin was enthusiastic about the build, we discussed what I want from the guitar, and he was great about making some changes to...