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    What would you do? (Gibson 339 content)

    I recently acquired a Gibson 339, as I have been wanting to add a semi-hollow, smooth Jazz type, sound to my options. I love everything about the guitar: the exact sound I was looking for, rich harmonics, smooth tone, very comfortable body size, a beautiful rare color, called Triburst, dark...
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    Does this pedal exist?

    Is there a pedal that can produce a violin sound? By that I do not mean the Eric Johnson type of sound, like some pedals do. I know that the Axe Fx has a patch for a violin sound, also the roland synth midi units can do it, but is there a pedal that does it without midi?
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    Presonus Firebox compatible with Maverick?

    Just purchased a new iMac running Maverick. I have a presonus firebox and use Logic Pro 9. It seems that the iMac is not picking up the firebox. Does anyone know if they are compatible or not?
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    Les Paul for Jazz

    I have been finding out more and more how great a good Les Paul guitar could be for Jazz...I find that I love to use my Les Paul's for Jazz and also found these interesting videos: 1. Lee Ritenour: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3w_SH6S_Jo He plays the same part twice: first time from...
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    Amp rattling: is there a cure?

    2 of my combo amps (Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and Blues Jr.) rattle when turned up and when I hit certain notes, specially with overdrive (example A and B notes on Low E string. After trying to make sure everything is tightened, I am pretty sure that it is the back cover rattling against the chasis...
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    WGS ET 65 or Celestion G 1265?

    Trying to give my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe more clean headroom, and a speaker that sounds smooth...now choosing between the Warehouse Guitar Speakers ET65 and the Celestion G1265... They should be in same ballpark...I would love to save some money and get the WGS ET 65 as I heard great things about...
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    Suggestions for 12ay7's for Fender amp

    I am looking to buy 12ay7's preamp tubes for my Fender hot rod deluxe to increase headroom (among other things like new speaker, new power amp tubes). 2 questions: 1. What are some good 12ay7 brands to consider that will have a warm smooth tone 2. Should I get all the preamp tubes as 12ay7's or...
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    Need more headroom for Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Tweed?

    Any ideas of what preamp and power amp tubes I need to get for my Hot Rod Deluxe? It's the limited edition tweed version with the Jensen speaker, and I use pedals for my overdrive...would like to get tubes that would make it as clean as possible without the amp overdriving...
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    Help! POD HD500 patches sounding completely different on POD HD500X

    Today I traded in my hd500 for an hd500x after I had saved all my patches. Came back home, updated the hd500x, downloaded software edit, transferred my h5 500 patches on the hd 500x, lo and behold they sound very different than what I had spend so many hours to make them sound...there is a...
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    Fender Strat "Faint" Mint Pickguard

    I am looking for a mint pickgaurd for a fender strat...just bought a real fender mint pickguard and it is too green...does anybody else carry mint pickguards that are more towards white than green?
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    Single coil hum solution?

    Is there a solution out there to cancel the hum of a single coil pickup, without buying silent pickups or using a noise suppresor pedal?
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    335 and Les Paul very similar?

    I own amazing examples of both, and while they don't sound or feel exactly the same, I feel that a 335 and a Les Paul have a very similar sound. Yes a 335 has a more airy tone, and a Les Paul is more direct and has more sustain, but in many cases, it is difficult to distinguish between both on a...
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    Help! Sticky nitro maple strat neck

    I have this guitar that I absolutely love...the only thing I am dealing with is the sticky nitro maple neck...Bothe the fretboard and the back of the neck are sticky...Any advice on how to remove the stickiness without a surgical procedure like using steel wool or something similar?
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    Compensated saddles for a Telecaster

    I recently acquired an amazing Thin Skin 52 RI Telecaster that I absolutely love everything about. I wanted to ask if anybody knows a little bit about compenstaed saddels, their benefit, and how much better do they help with the intonation. I don't want the sound of the guitar to change at all...
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    Humbucker or single coil neck Tele pickup?

    I am looking into buying my first Tele in a long time...Should I get one with a humbucker or single coil in the neck?
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    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Problem

    I encountered a strange problem with my Hot Rod Deluxe recently. It's the limited tweed edition with the Jensen speaker. During sound check, the bass player asked me to plug into my board to tune his bass. After I plugged in my guitar back, there was no sound coming from my amp. I tested all the...
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    POD HD500 Screen Problem

    When I switched my hd 500 on yesterday, I noticed that the screen is showing perpendicular streaks or lines. It's in all patches...does anyone have any idea what the problem is and how to fix it?
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    Bret Mason's Last Minute Waltz

    Does anybody know where I can find any tabs or chords for Brent Mason's Last Minute Waltz? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yugTfHpIawY
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    Does this book exist?

    I am looking for a jazz resource/book that contains the most popular jazz standards, with chord digrams and TAB for the melody of the standard...does this book/resource exist?
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    Tweaking the Pod HD 500: Lessons learned so far

    Just wanted to share some of the lessons I've learned on my journey to tweak the pod hd 500. Several preluding notes first: 1. My point of reference is my tube amp/pedalboard rig. I'm used to the harmonically rich, warm, clear and sparkly yet not ice-picky top end, spongy feel of my tube amps...
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    When did Gibson start using veneered wood for their fretboards?

    Was it in 2012, or 2011? anybody knows which models as well?
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    Advice on buying a 335

    I'm interested in buying a Gibson 335, but there are several options out there; There's a 59 Reissue, a 63 Reissue, and the regular custom shop dot or block 335, there's 60's slim neck and a fat neck...any recommendations when it comes to a good 335...will a regular custom shop be as good as one...
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    My experience and some thoughts on the HD 500

    Just wanted to share my experience and some musings on the POD HD 500, if someone is interested in the product, or if someone is disappointed with it and planning to let it go. First, my background: I play different styles of music; rock, blues, RnB and soul, post rock, and some jazz. I have...
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    Advice on playing several styles?

    I find that my interest in playing guitar spans several styles, and I would like to eventually become proficient in these styles: Rock, Blues, RnB and Soul, Post-Rock and Alternative, some elements of Jazz... Looking at the guitar-playing landscape, I think that most great guitarists have...
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    Is there a delay pedal like this out there?

    Is there a delay pedal that has all of the following features ?: 1. Ability to store presets 2. Easy scrolling of the presets without having to hit two switches at the same time to get there 3. Ability to run two or more delays (not necessarily the same type of delays) at the same time ( for...