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Search results

  1. J

    anyone have an amp butler?

    wish I could afford to hire one, cause there'd be lots to do
  2. J


    i'm trying to decide on getting an univibe type pedal, and from what i've read am considering a megavibe, but i've read that there have been communication issues in the past. is this still a problem, or is it smooth sailing getting one from kr?
  3. J

    62 Blonde Bassman

    i have a chance to get a 62 blonde bassman. the 2x12 cab does not have speakers what would be a good choice? ASW Scumnico Vintage P12N Celestion Blues others?
  4. J

    Mullard GZ34 Question

    Anyone describe the difference between the old Mullard GZ34 with double O ring getters vs a single O ring getter?
  5. J

    Vintage Marshall Repair

    Anyone stand out as being the king of 60's vintage Marshall repair?
  6. J

    KT77's or EL37's in your Marshall?

    I'm wondering what real nos GEC KT77's or Mullard EL37's would sound like in a Marshall 50 watt. Anyone give these a whirl? Didn't Marshall use KT77's for a while? Also, I think that the EL37's would be an in between of the KT66 and EL34,... kind of the best of a parallel universe.
  7. J

    Hey what happened to the Skyway Thread

    I's just getting ready to post and poof!