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    become a fan

    please :beer http://www.facebook.com/pages/Staten-Island-NY/Abstract-Studios/111793492262
  2. M

    My E is coming!!!!!!!

    I just got word from Sean that my Roadhouse E is done and is leaving tomorrow!! I can't wait!! :BluesBros
  3. M

    8thstreet.com, any good?

    Has anybody ordered from 8thstreet.com? They have the new EHX Pocket Muff for $43.00 (really cheap) and just want to make sure their a good company before ordering from them. http://www.8thstreet.com/product.asp?ProductCode=41738&Category=Guitar_Effects
  4. M

    Finally some love! Love Pedals that is!

    :D my first Love Pedals are on the way, an Eternity from Sean and a Dragon from a fellow gear page member. I can't wait!
  5. M

    Oct. GAS List!

    what are you guys GASin for this mounth? here's my list: Tonesafari Skreddy ? Lady - on the list ToneCzar Halophaze - on the list Klon - whats the current wait time? A/DA Flanger and an Epiphone Valve Junior Head.
  6. M

    New ToneFactor Pedal!

    http://tonefactor.com/proddetail.php?prod=Eleven Sorry if this has already been posted.
  7. M

    Did Zvex get rid of Laura? or did she get rid of her site?

    I don't see her site on the Zvex page any more. :confused:
  8. M

    iI just got an Echoplex!!!!

    Today i resieved my Echoplex EP3 which i bought from a fellow TGP member!! and let me tell you, it is just amazing!! For a while i was having some second thoughts about getting one, but i'm really glad i got it. The warmth is just :drool So if your thinking about getting one, "don't think twice...
  9. M

    The new EH Little Big Muff???

    Does anyone know if theres a sound difference between the soon to come Little Big Muff and the regular Big Muff??? becuase all that i can tell from looks is that there's a little change in shape and logo and its a little bit smaller and also the pots are placed differently, other then that it...
  10. M

    NAMM pedals 2 and if you know any pedals that are coming out post them here!

    Here are some EH pedals from NAMM and there time of release: there you can see a little of the little big muff and heres the list: if you know of any other new pedals to be released soon, post them here!
  11. M

    one of my pedalboards is finally complete!!!

    tell me what you think.
  12. M

    stuck between a phaser and a vibe sound.

    im stuck with what to get ehtier the Shannon Uni-phase, Retro-sonic phaser, or the Sweet sound mini vibe. *any one have any ideas or suggestions of whats better and any sound clips of the Shannon?? also does the Shannon uniphase slow down so that when you keep playing chords it phases in and out...
  13. M

    recommend me a good pedal to fill the spot.

    recommend me a good pedal to fill the spot on my pedal board, ethier one big pedal or 2 small pedals. heres a pic of my board now: thanks in advance
  14. M

    phaser time!

    whats a really good true bypass phaser? im looking at the HomeBrew Psilocybe Phase Shifter, but am wondering what you guys think is good and what you are using. thanks in advance.
  15. M


    anyone know another place other then musictoyz to buy them, because musictoyz doesnt have many left, and i dont have the money at the moment. thanks in advance.
  16. M

    George L's .155 or .225?

    whats the difference between the George L's .155 and .255? thanks, in advance.
  17. M

    strat mods

    what fairly simple mods could i do on a american stock strat? like what would adding 2 (making it 5) more springs in the back for the tremlo do for the sound? adding a pushpull pot? and what ever other mods i can do *one more thing, i have seen some people with a little toggle switch in...
  18. M

    black ice cube?

    ever herd of them: http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Electronics,_pickups/Components:_Black_Ice_overdrive.html it seems pretty cool. have any of you used one? well anyway my question is how would it be in the second tone pot on a strat, since the second tone pot doesnt work for most settings (with...
  19. M

    quick strat question

    i have a fender usa strat and i was just wondering when you plug in and put the bridge pickup on and turn the tone pots down or up or what ever if it changes the tone. cuase it doesnt on mine........
  20. M

    speakers and a twin reverb

    ok i have a 72 fender twin reverb and some people have told me that a twin reverb would eat celestion classic 30's up. so is this true? and if so what other celestion speakers and/or another brand would you reccomend for a 72 twin reverb. thanks.