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Search results

  1. B

    Reverb's The Pedal Movie is out

    A few of us will!
  2. B

    Fellow Boutiquers, why have you taken the "road less travelled"?

    Man those UMA jetsons are cool guitars.
  3. B

    My new Frank Brothers Signature model (now with unboxing vid)

    Love the dark tortoise binding. Enjoy! I love mine.
  4. B

    Moist/wet routing question

    So I'm running two amps. Signals split early with a lehle p-split. No issues with ground loops or phase. One run has some verb at the end and an option for a subtle delay. The other run has most of the drive/modulation... Question is, if I was to run a stereo looper (eccos/ehx/etc) at the end...
  5. B

    Benson Amps Vinny-Owners around?

    I've got the head. Not the matching cab. I have a little 10" greenback in the cab. You can annoy your neighbors next door with it cranked.
  6. B

    Benson Amps Temperature Controlled Germanium Fuzz

    . So that what you've been using! I'd catch little snipits of it and say that's a nice fuzz...
  7. B

    NGD: Frank Brothers Signature Model

    I have the same neck profile and it's wonderful. Enjoy it. Mine has been a treat!
  8. B

    Collings I-35 LC Vintage

    MO is a long way from Denver. Without any big dealers out here it will be a while. In Atlanta for the weekend so I'm going to go play the i35-lc and i30-lc they have tomorrow. Probably going to have to be a road trip at some point to play one.
  9. B

    Collings I-35 LC Vintage

    I'm Thanks guys. I'll keep an eye out.
  10. B

    Collings I-35 LC Vintage

    So for all you Collings experts, when is a realistic expectation to actually play one of these? Fall? Next year?
  11. B

    New Frank Brothers incoming

    Glad you finally got it! Mine sat in Detroit for 10days earlier this month but no drama after that. They are amazing guitars. Really enjoying mine.
  12. B

    Delay with ability to sequence the repeats?

    Jam delay llama extreme has a sequencer on the repeats in one of the extreme settings. I believe it was 5 different modes.
  13. B

    /13 naming convention.

    Most of them are initials of the person they were originally designed for and the the wattage
  14. B

    Mesa Fillmore 25

    quick question...is there any lag when switching channels with the footswitch? I had a rectoverb YEARS ago that had that annoying trait.
  15. B

    24.75 scale acoustics?

    yeah "affordable" is relative. Let's say under 1500.
  16. B

    24.75 scale acoustics?

    Anybody know of any short scale acoustics, other than the taylor GC series, that are affordable?
  17. B

    Sick Sick Soloway

    absolutely beautiful! love it
  18. B

    Return of the Toneczar Powerglide

    1/06 here. got the email as well. actually almost forgot about this until a couple weeks ago....:dude
  19. B

    Lentz family album

    finally got around to taking some pics of my #1
  20. B

    Kings of Leon Gear

    i saw them on the last tour and the lead singer was playing thru a ac15 and the lead was playing thru a ampeg combo. wasnt close enough the see any pedals. B
  21. B

    It's hard not to like an SG

    Dave that is a beautiful SG! faded cherry is the best! I played on in a shop a couple months back and really wanted to buy it but didnt have the scratch. one day... B
  22. B

    Getting the best out of a strat. HB or Not?

    you could always have it wired so position 5 is middle and bridge in series to give you a really wide range bucker.
  23. B

    KARL Question.........

    thats my favorite part of that pedal. those velcro speaker ripping supper fast atteck no sustain sounds! if you set the intense knob to noon-ish you should be able to get some less ringmod tones when you dip the volume a bit. anything below 8 or so starts to spit out and glitch. play around...
  24. B

    What's the best Gilmour type overdrive other than the Tube Driver?

    my top fuel kicks ass and can definately get gilmour tones. only had it a week but it sounds like a perfected big muff. useable sounds all over the knob spectrum. my favorite pedal right now... until i get my screwdriver! b
  25. B

    15-30 watt, beautiful clean, pedal monster, combo

    also.. I have a 1x12 cab cab from pete for it with his custom weber speaker. the kind of cab and speakers you use will go along way in determing how it sounds. I have used it with a couple different cabs and speakers. it sounds good with all of them but I prefer it with the cage speaker. the...