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    Guitar Pro 6 tab files for Metallica, Satriani, Vai and Eric Johnson

    I've received some PM's over the last 12 months and decided to reupload the link, this time including a few new songs that I've done since then. Instead of posting the link via PM, I'll post it here so everyone can see it. It's a zip file with 8 GPX tabs for Guitar Pro 6. If you don't have...
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    USB Interface for AX8

    I have a Roland Duo Capture Ex, and was wondering if I purchase the AX8 at some point in the near future, if this interface would be fine, or if it has some kind of downside that would make another interface a better choice? It's worked fine so far for my (very limited) uses of it. But I've...
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    The Ax8 gap of silence when switching between presets/scenes

    It seems dependant on CPU usage more than anything else based on what I've read but I've never used one before and just going on what others have said. I'm looking at maybe getting an Ax8 in the near future and wanted to ask about this issue and hear people's thoughts if they've tried a rig...
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    Helix Fuzz face model..

    I'm thinking about trying the Helix in the near future.. I've heard some demos online, some sound good, others less so. IR seems to make a big difference, as does the ability of the user to dial in a sound, which is true with any modeller. But one thing that surprises me is that the Fuzz face...
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    LP neck twist

    How common is it for a Les Paul's neck to twist and is there anything you can do about it to prevent it from happening?
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    Amplifire and extension pedals

    Is it possible to use Amplifire with an external pedal for presets, while using the 3 onboard for stomp box mode? Or the other way around, in using the external pedal for stomp box mode, and using the onboard switches to change presets? Or is it external expression pedal only?
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    Katana 100W head into a cab

    I have a 2x12 cab with a Vintage 30 and a Reaper HP. The Reaper HP is 50W and the Vintage 30 is 60W. They are 16 ohm speakers and in parallel run into an 8ohm socket in the back of my amp (usually). Is my cab a 50W cab or a 110W cab? And if I were to run the 100W Katana into this cab, would...
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    SS frets and resale value

    If you have a decent USA strat or LP, or PRS etc.. and you have it refret with stainless steel frets, do you think it hurts or helps resale value? Usually frets wouldn't matter that much either way but the fact that they'll last so much longer should add to value right? But what if the fret...
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    Do modern Fender pickguards age?

    I got a MIJ strat a few years ago and it's pickguard ages beautifully and naturally. I also got a Fender aftermarket white pickguard a few years ago and it hasn't aged at all. At the same time I got the white knobs, and switch tips and they've aged naturally. But they don't match the...
  10. C

    Strat quality in the last 30 years

    Was there a golden period during the 90's or 00's or in the last 10 years? In terms of the standard USA models or the Deluxe or Elite models? Or have they always been hit or miss? From reading on here it seems the last 5 years they've become really good but were they ever bad?
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    Ocean Turquoise strats

    I'm looking at a few USA Standard strats at the moment and one that has caught my eye is an Ocean Turquoise. I've never seen Ocean Turquoise in person, how does it look? Is it like a dark metallic blue, or is it a lighter green/blue that comes off as a light coloured guitar? The pics I've...
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    Ibanez RG refret options

    What size frets do you guys recommend for stainless steel refret of a Wizard neck? I've always liked medium jumbo of Fender in terms of being a combination of bigger than vintage but not huge. I can get along with jumbos, but I have a heavy touch and it can affect intonation. The easiest...
  13. C

    Routing a larger tremelo cavity

    I have an Ibanez RG that was upgraded with a new FR, and the bridge doesn't fully fit in the recess. I can get away with using it, but the intonation range of the low E is a bit limited. Is it possible for a luthier to route out a slightly bigger hole, without damaging the look of the guitar...
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    Suhr SSV/SSH+ pickup set

    Does anyone have any comparisons they could make to these pickups in terms of Dimarzio or SD equivalents? I'm pretty much convinced on the SSV in the neck, but for the bridge I'm torn between the SSH+, the Aldrich bridge or something else. I want a good split sound, I want versatility, and a...
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    Suhr vs Dimarzio HBs

    I'm looking at getting Suhr SSH+/SSV combo for an Ibanez RG vs Dimarzio Evo2/Gravity Storm. Does anyone have any experience with these? I have the Suhr Aldrich set, and a Norton/Air Classic set. I expect the SSH+/SSV to be similar but a little bit less hot and a tad brighter. And the...
  16. C

    Single coil choices for H S H guitar

    I want to use either Dimarzio Evo2/Gravity Storm or Suhr SSH+/SSV combo in a superstrat I have, but I've been trying to choose a single coil that will work well with them. There's the Evo single coil, which doesn't sound good on it's own but sounds good when combined with HBers.. it's 12k or...
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    Satriani Flying in a Blue dream live GP6 tab

    I've transcribed a few songs that interest me in the last few months, and in the EJ Trademark thread someone posted a vid of Satch playing this song. I've always wanted to learn this one but thought that figuring out all the notes was too much of a headache (I've half learned it in the past)...
  18. C

    Eric Johnson SRV live 2006 GP6 tab

    I posted Steve Vai Sisters, and EJ's Trademark, I decided to do this one in the last week or so. I'm never happy with the tabs that are posted online, or even the official transcriptions. I like the live versions because you can see the video and use your ears. It's been good ear training and...
  19. C

    Ibanez pot shaft length

    Does anyone know the required shaft length for Ibanez RG guitars? I know that the whole size is a little smaller than US based pots, but I usually fix that with a pencil and some sandpaper. But I want to buy some push pull pots, and have a hard time understanding if they'll fit or not. To...
  20. C

    Pull pull pots - CTS vs Dimarzio vs Bourns vs Alpha

    Does anyone have experience with all of these and know the differences in terms of the feel or the taper or the reliability? I have experience with CTS regular pots (like them) and Dimarzio push pull pots (like them) but not the others. Does anyone know what the Bourns are like?
  21. C

    Eric Johnson Trademark live 2006 GP6 tab

    Based off of this video.. Just sharing it for anyone who wants it. Everyone always learns or does video covers of the album version. There was a Lick Library DVD that took many years for Rick Graham to complete and it's hard to find accurate EJ tabs out there. He also plays this song...
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    Suhr pickups packaging foam

    I got some Suhr HB's a few years ago and the packaging includes a plastic box with two pieces of foam inside where the pickup sits in the middle. I used the top layer of foam, to cut ir out in the shape of the pickup (a rectangle with a pickup sized hole in the foam) to put inside of the pickup...
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    5 way superswitch wiring diagram

    Anyone know of any wiring diagrams for a H S H guitar? I would like to have - 1 - Bridge HB 2 - Bridge inner coil + middle 3 - Both HB's inner coils 4 - Neck outer coil + middle 5 - Neck HB With a push pull on the tone knob, to split the bridge and neck HB's.
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    Steve Vai Sister live 2016 tab

    For anyone who wants it. You need GP6 to open it though. Based on a few live clips from 2016 like this video.. This one has better sound quality but it's only 3 mins of the song. Link - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=57786873201882931655 I enjoyed tabbing the rhythmic side...
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    Can anyone figure out what these notes are?

    I've been tabbing out this version of the song and it's been going well I'm almost finished but this part has me stumped. If anyone has a guitar in hand and can help me figure this out it'd be much appreciated. It's only a few seconds. You even get a clear view of what he's doing with both...