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Search results

  1. J

    School me on Brownface amps.

    Very very nice in all respects!
  2. J

    Suhr goes shred

    I recall over the last couple of years photos from NAMM showed pictures of companies rehashing this stuff in a big way, as though it was something new. It always seemed like, this was all they had to offer?
  3. J

    Suhr goes shred

    What exactly is different about this that hasn't been done before a million times since the 80's that makes it so unconventional?
  4. J

    Joe Bonamassa 2012 rig rundown (Trainwreck content)

    The Trainwreck was surprisingly the least favorite of all of them. Also liked his sound better before this rig.
  5. J

    Need help with id of Marshall

    I would paint his house for a rig like this. 2 coats!
  6. J

    Pimp my attenuator! (Alex's attenuator content)

    I like it a lot!
  7. J

    gil yaron les paul. killer. believe it.

    I've never heard this term before, "pump and dump".
  8. J

    Premier Builders Guild "confusion" issue....

    I like JG. You couldn't have called it more wrong.
  9. J

    Premier Builders Guild "confusion" issue....

    Threads like this will hurt your investment of said guitars.
  10. J

    Unboxing the Gustavsson Bluesmasters.......how cool is this???!!!

    Collectors/investors do have an interest in keeping values up. There are many ways to do this here, and not in the dealer section.
  11. J

    Your Thoughts On A Guitar With These Specs...

    Michael Stevens :bow
  12. J

    Your Thoughts On A Guitar With These Specs...

    Sounds incredible to me. Who's in line for building such a monster?
  13. J

    Gustavsson Bluesmaster...old wood tone....how does he do it?

    I'm curious as well, and can it be quantified via blind testing?
  14. J

    Introducing the Telstar...the PERFECT "T" and "S" style marriage!!!

    I wouldn't exactly call this vintage. It looks pretty Frankenstein hodgepodge really, especially with that Floyd bar.
  15. J

    My dream amp: does it exist?

    I don't get this 1x12 thing.
  16. J

    RATT and Dave Grohl are teaming up

    This is my take on Ratt as well. Thanks for this.
  17. J

    The new Grosh strat bodies on Facebook...

    Does anyone think the word Retro is just way overused? How many people or companies can jump on this bandwagon?
  18. J

    Anyone wonder....?

    TGP rules are you can't start a thread about yourself or your company on the Small Builders Forum, but you can do this on the Builders & Retailers Forum. But because there is much more visibility on the Small Builders forum people circumvent the rules by having someone else start the thread...