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    Boss DD-5 on the board causes OD's to "pop"?

    I had some issues recently with some of my overdrives popping loudly when engaged/disengaged. I tried all sorts of things from replacing patch cables, to power supplies/source. I even bought a looper which might now be on the block... Tonight I removed each pedal one by one, and as soon as I...
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    Value Check - Old Fulldrive 2 Custom

    I have this 2005 Fulldrive 2 Custom/Cream and I've had people make various offers off the cuff for it but I don't really know what it's worth. Closed sales/auctions have been very difficult to find. Does anyone have an idea? Also, does anyone know what the squiggle next to the board means...
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    Tele/ASAT GAS... need your pics (trans black/smoke burst)!

    I've always wanted a nice double-bound tobacco burst tele... but something changed recently and I'm really digging the transparent black flame or smokeburst finishes. I'm considering routing some funds away from my Timeline pipe dream and into a G&L ASAT Bluesboy Semi-Hollow Tribute. Does...
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    NGD for one of you? PRS Double Dragon in DFW

    I'm not associated with the seller in any way - just saw this on CL and thought some of you might be interested. I don't know what to think of that price as I'm neither a collector nor rich. http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/msg/2376434052.html
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    Help me drag all my gear around

    I'm used to carrying gear. I've always been the gear-carrying type. However, now that I'm playing regularly again I'm getting a little tired of the 3-4 trips for load-in every time. Where I'm playing there's no back door, so it's a fairly long walk in and out. I'm typically carrying: Amp...
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    NGD - Hollowbody search comes to and end.

    A good friend of mine has been my go-to for gear for a few years now, and I've never been disappointed. Since my family moved further north this year, when I started looking for a new thinline he took up the search back in Austin. When I told him the features I was looking for, he suggested...
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    DeArmond Starfire Special value (with picture!)

    I finally located a Starfire Special locally and sat down to play it today. The only shortcomings seemed to be related to strings and setup which is to be expected after 6 months on the wall. It had great acoustic resonance and was only a tad bit boxy in the practice amp that was available -...
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    Tell me why I shouldn't buy a '68 335

    I was looking for a 335-type guitar for a "big" birthday coming up. I'd looked back at Heritage (I'm never not looking at Heritage), Hagstrom, Tokai and others, when an original '68 335 w/ Trapeze in tobacco burst showed up locally. It's about twice as much as I expected to spend, but not...
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    Speedy, descending solo/outros?

    I'm looking for a few good examples of descending solo riffs like this one, in Mayer's Belief: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZHnVvy_Hxg#t=4m35s (It should be queued up at 4m35s when you click.) I know there are a million more examples of this, but that's the one I heard this morning and I...
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    G&L Dual-Fulcrum Tremolo question

    I've got a G&L S-500 that I love, but I don't really use the tremolo much because it's too aggressive for my playing style. I'm not really looking for surf tones or dive bombs. I'm more of the ambient, delay-ridden type, so I'd kind of like a more subtle Bigsby-esque approach. Does anyone...
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    Musical Reverse Delay tips

    One of the things I've always appreciated is a guitarist's good, musical use of a reverse delay, especially when it's 100% wet. As little as I've played with the Reverse delay, I've never been able to get it into a territory where it was more than just messing around and something that I'd...
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    TIM is lonely, needs an OD/dist buddy

    You all know the story: I got a TIM, I love it, I never turn it off. The problem is, I'd like another gain stage for something that either gooses the TIM, or a separate drive that sounds good stacked. My OCD is right out - I will be selling this one. I never got the Drive knob past 9...
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    Looking for a cheap grab-and-go, low wattage practice tube amp?

    I'm looking for something small I could take to a lesson (up a few flights of stairs) and use for recording at home. I've got a Port City Twelve head and 1x12OS cab that aren't exactly large, but are hard to carry with a guitar. I'd assume a combo is the way to go, under 5 watts (less?)... any...
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    TIM question - date/serial?

    I just purchased a TIM here on the forum, and the inside of the bottom cover doesn't have a signature/date like some of the others I've seen. Is there a reliable way to date it?
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    Drive/dist suggestions for S-500 (strat) and 6v6 amp

    Disclaimer: I know you guys are going to mention some pedals that I'm going to end up wanting, but that's a risk I'm willing to take. I run a G&L S-500 (think hifi strat) into a Port City 12-watt 6V6 head. I play straight or ambient rock and christian contemporary stuff (Hillsong, Copeland...
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    Need a new pedalboard - worried about PT2 size...

    My home-built pedalboard has been great. I went for the pumaboard type look, installed neutrik jacks and an AC outlet for my PP2+, but over time it's had enough modification that things aren't quite holding up as I'd like them. This would usually mean it's time for home-built board #2, but my...
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    Trade evaluation - your thoughts welcomed!

    I have a great PRS CE-22 for trade and I received an interesting offer that I can't quite figure out. PRS: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2448/3799386494_4376bb623e.jpg 2001, moons, dark cherry burst finish, trem, r/w board, w/f neck I've been offered this Tele: ASAT...
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    Value for a used, year old ES-339?

    I'm looking at a trade for a used, "nearly mint", year old ES-339 30/60 neck in red, for my 2001 PRS CE22 via Craigslist. Can you guys help me determine where the value is here? It seems that they should be in the same ballpark, with possibly the PRS holding more value. Thoughts? Pics of my PRS:
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    Dedicated Recording Device/Digital Studio Suggestions?

    My normal recording setup has been an SM57 on the amp, into a Presonus Firebox, into an aging PC. Acoustics go direct into the Firebox in stereo (Baggs dual source, split). No matter what software I used, I continued to have glitches and audio bleed, as well as full skips as the CPU tried to...
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    REQ: Drop filling poly chips with super glue?

    I recently traded for a nice PRS CE-22 and it has 3 very small chips in the poly along the front edge of the binding. They don't go into the color or finish, so I'd just like to smooth them out. The largest of the 3 runs about 1/2" long, and sits right on the upper bout where I rest my forearm...
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    New PRS: 3-way toggle switch that fits the existing rotary pot hole?

    I updated the topic to reflect the real need here: a 3-way toggle that doesn't require reaming/drilling. Links appreciated! I just picked up a beautiful '01 CE-22 in a trade right here on these forums, and while I love the guitar and the tonal options, I'd like to have the ability to select...
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    Replace my POG with the Digitech Whammy?

    First off, I love my POG. I write a lot by setting the 24-second loop on my DL-4 and doing a progression or simple riff that I'm thinking of. Then I'll go back with the POG and add a pretty authentic bassline. However, I rarely find myself using the organ sound or 12/18 string sounds...
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    Heritage 150P, Poplar opinion?

    I'm looking at a Heritage 150P in a trade I've got working right now. Unfortunately I can find more information on scooters than guitars on google while looking for info on the guitar. I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on these, or Poplar bodied Les Pauls in general. The one I'm...
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    Confession of a shape player (and some questions)

    I confess. Although I've developed some patterns and learned some "boundaries" to play within in certain keys, when it boils down I am a shape player. That is, I know where the boxes are, I know where the wholes and halves are to fit into the key I'm hearing. I've played guitar for around 15...
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    The wait is over -- new amp! (Port City content)

    After a couple of months of searching and a few weeks of waiting, my amp and cab are finally here. My wife and I are expecting our first child, so I was looking for a lower wattage head/cab setup to replace both my Fender Twin and Mesa Mark III. I worked with Joe at South of the River Guitars...