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    How to install a trim pot to lessen the output of a neck pickup

    I just got some expensive noiseless Jazzmaster pickups from a major boutique pickup manufacturer - but have found the neck p/u has much higher output than the bridge. I have tried switching them around, lowering the neck and raising the bridge, to no avail. I want to put a trim pot on the neck...
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    How to use external reverb in an Allen and Heath Z10-FX Mixer

    This is newbie question I have an Allen and Heath z10-FX Mixer - I'm rehearsing and recording with an acoustic 'trio' - very atmospheric - I want to replace the on-board reverb with something a little better - I was actually thinking of using a Neunaber Stereo 'wet' reverb - a guitar pedal...
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    Atomic Amplifire corrupted firmware update?

    Hi folks...Asking if there's a way to physically reset the Atomic Amplifire? The editor can't refresh it. It's in a hung state from what appears to be an interrupted firmware update.
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    Powered speakers for your modeler - another option

    I use and Atomic Amplifire - prior to that a POD HD500 I have never used either live - I guess anyone who uses a modeler finally reaches that giant 'elephant in the room' conversation of "how the hell am I going to amplify this thing?" - Tom King had the same question when he first bought a POD...
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    Another K&K Mini preamp question

    I recently sent my j-45 off to get a K& Mini installed and the Element removed. I posted an earlier thread where I couldn't get the Element to pick up the high E. As all my other guitars have active preamps I was wondering if I need 'something' to make this optimal. I already have TC Bodyrez...
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    Ongoing Bridge Piezo issues with a J-45 - L.R. Baggs Element

    I have an 2008 Gibson J-45 that has always had a problem with the high 'E' not being properly picked up by the L.R. Baggs Element peizo pickup. I have brought it to three different repair people - they have tried shims, re-routing the cavity - even an entirely new UTS pickup strip provided by...
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    Digitech Vocalist Live Harmony Question

    I just got one of these units to replace a TC Helicon Harmony Singer - as I wanted the Gold Channel option and the tape slap back the TC didn't provide in that particular unit ( I have owned all of these at one pint or another - still have a Boss VE1). Digitech's support page isn't working -...
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    Can anyone identify this acoustic guitar

    I found it in Pauls Boutique - a used guitar store in Ken Market in Toronto. It's a jumbo (I can't tell if it's laminate or not) it has a UTS pickup...it actually has a HUGE sound. Weird logo that says 'Carter 13' - and a very shy web presence.
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    Tech 21 Power Engine Tweeter Mod - same on the Mustang IV?

    I put this thread in the 'modelling gear' rather than 'amps, speakers and cabs' section, as it discusses amplifying modelers (Amplifire, Helix, HD500, AXE Effects, Kemper). I have always wanted to try out a Tech 21 Power Engine with my Atomic Amplifire (HD500 before that). I finally picked one...
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    Takamine preamp question

    I just got a 1989 Takamine EN30C (my second one of these) The last one was a 1991 version - this one has the 3 band 'brownie' preamp. The battery leads were pretty corroded - so I cleaned them off with contact cleaner and a Dremel tool... still, It makes a lot of intermittent static noise - pops...
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    Wet Dry Wet - Amp suggestions?

    My guitarist is putting together wet dry wet system – he’s abandoning his Marshall JCM 100 and Bluesbreaker running dual mono. He’s purchased a Marshall JVM215c tube combo as the dry crunch amp, and he’s looking for two ‘satellite’ solid state amps to handle the stereo effects like M9, Alter...
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    I want to add another output jack to my Fender TLAC Hybrid - Help!

    ....and I've never done anything like this before. I got a 91' Fender TLAC (Telecaster Thinline Acoustic Hybrid) in a trade - it's a really fantastic guitar, made in Japan for a couple of years in the early 90's. They made some other versions of the Telecaster 'Acoustasonic' later. This has an...
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    Yamaha THR Cabinets for Modelling?

    I just noticed Yamaha has a new amp and Cabinets in the THR Series - they have a 1x12 and 2x12. Has anyone had a chance to try one (or two) for Modellers? ( I have an Amplifire )
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    Looking for a really simple 3 button stomp for a Rock-a-Billy Rig

    My Guitarist moonlights in a Rock A' Billy band. They gig quite a bit and he wants to simplify his board. He was asking what a good three button multi effects unit to provide Slap Delay, Tremolo and perhaps a boost and/or reverb. He's using a Fender Deville. He doesn't need any drum machines...
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    Amplifire Effect Chain Question?

    I'm picking up the AF tonight from the post office. Being pretty excited is an understatement. I have a question about how I should manage my effects. I have an HD500 I want to use for some time based effects, a TC Electronics Alter Ego Delay and a Neunaber Stereo Wet Reverb. Should I put the...
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    Amplifire - is one it's way - a few questions

    I bought an Amplifire 5 days ago online but didn't get an acknowledgement from Atomic that they shipped it. After an email inquiry, Tom King I (I assume the owner) said it was shipped that day and tracking information would be arriving shortly. Anyone else had delays in shipping? Emailing...
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    Give me a reason not to throw my POD HD500 in the river

    I've had line 6 gear since the first 'Red Bean Pod' came out in the 90's - I drove around to several stores until I found one that wasn't sold out - I think I've owned just about everything they've made. I sort of have a love hate relationship with their stuff. I've tried the Tech 21 Sans Amp...
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    New Allen and Heath Mixer - now no track separation GB/Logic 10

    This is going to sound like a Garageband 101, or recording 101 question but I've recorded hundreds of tracks successfully in the past. Then I swapped an old intermittent Mackie out with an Allen and Heath Z10FX. Now my DAW has track bleed. Now every new track I record is also recording the click...
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    Impressions of the Martin OMC 160 GTE with Roland Preamp

    I was wondering if anyone has any impressions of the Martin OMC 160 GTE with the Roland 'COSM' - preamp? - I never was aware of Roland making acoustic electronics before - in Martin's none the less. I'm no stranger to mic modelling technology (I use a DTAR Manma Bear - prior to that an Aura...
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    Sigma 000MC-1STE Review - a cheap guitar adventure

    This arrived from Renfew Ontario two days ago via Ebay and Canada Post - got it for $289 +$40 shipping. I have been looking for a 000 sized guitar with a cutaway. I played few Martin's - I just couldn't afford them. I'm a Tak collector - so the Takamine Facebook group told me about a so called...
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    Nylon string mystery

    I'm primarily a steel string player - but I have a Nylon string Takamine EC132SC - which is one of the nicer Japanese solid backed versions. I like this guitar for one or two specific songs. However nylon string guitars are still a bit of a mystery to me. I can go to a store and $3000 Ramirez...
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    Takamine EAN40c - has anyone else realized how good they are?

    I managed to pick up an EAN40C on Ebay from a Pawn shop in Florida this spring for $300! This Little EAN40c has some massive pick damage (soft cedar top and no pick guard) but that just gave it a little more Mojo and it didn't bother me at all. I'm amazed how good this little guitar is...I...
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    Acoustic 9 sting? - fill the remaining 3 holes?

    I recently took the E, A, D three octave strings off a Takamine EAN40 12 string Guitar - making it a 9 sting - I bought this guitar on Ebay for 300$ and took my chances - for what ever reason it has always been a 'dog'. I've owned some really nice 12 stings with past (Martin, Guild, Takamine)...
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    D-Tar Equinox/Mama Bear signal chain question

    I recently got a D-Tar Mama bear on Ebay after reading the threads on this forum. I was so impressed with with it did to my amplified acoustic tone (previously using an Aura Sixteen) I immediately bought another one AND a D-Tar Equinox from Kijiji from the next Province for a great package deal...
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    Inexpensive OM Cutaway - Alvarez?

    I've been wanting to get an OM cutaway, but actually want to stay well below $600. I know I'm limiting my prospects. I like the Martins but I can't stomach the HPL bodies and compressed paper necks. I was talking locally with a guy who has a Breedlove OM Herringbone Plus for $650 (however no...