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    G&L Legacy - help please!

    Thanks for all your help. The seller and I are going to chat tomorrow and come up with a solution. He is the original owner so I think we just have a badly fitted guitar.
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    G&L Legacy - help please!

    The neck has no overhang and I believe only the older Legacy models were three bolt. I wonder if the body could be a Tribute body. I do have the guitar’s certificate and everything seems to match. So when the neck was shimmed 0.02” it caused the low E string to intonate so that it’s saddle was...
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    G&L Legacy - help please!

    OK...sorry for the delay...little spare time. - Removed shims - Lowered the bridge pivot posts all the way then raised them a quarter turn each just to back them off from the felt washers a bit - Adjusted saddle heights about 2.5 full turns across the board as a starting point...height looks...
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    G&L Legacy - help please!

    Yes, definitely understand what correct intonation should look like, which is why I noted the position of the saddles. I've never seen a guitar intonate like this before. And I did put on a new set of strings. No Micro-tilt adjustment on this guitar. I guess I've gotten lucky and always had...
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    G&L Legacy - help please!

    Yes, it does. Seems legit to me.
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    G&L Legacy - help please!

    Ok - First off, I got rid of the noise. Someone had put copper shielding tape on the backside of the pickguard, soldered a wire to it and that wire was wrapped around one of the pickup selector screws. I just removed the wire and that did the trick. First thing I did was cut two playing cards...
  7. E

    G&L Legacy - help please!

    It is at 2/16...it was at 3/16”. Do you agree that playing cards make good shims? What have you used? If it were a bad connection, wouldn’t the noise be consistent and not correlate with the volume of the string? The quieter you pick, the quieter the noise is...and vice versa. I have not...
  8. E

    G&L Legacy - help please!

    Originally the bridge height was set to 3/16”, but G&L said that was an older spec, and that this one should be at 2/16” (at 3/16” the height of the action was ridiculous). I understand what shimming the neck pocket will do, but I don’t like the idea. From what I understand the necks and...
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    G&L Legacy - help please!

    I recently purchased a 2011 USA Legacy in mint condition. I want to love this guitar but there are some issues. I’ve already spent some time on the G&L forum but am getting little traction because the site just isn’t that busy (also I posted in the correct forum instead of the “general” forum...
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    Gotten myself into an overdrive pickle...

    Good posts. I plugged into the Marvel 3 for just a sec this morning at a very low volume and holy smokes...this thing is awesome and definitely has a sound none of the other pedals can duplicate. I can't wait to delve more into it. One if get coolest things about it is that it has a lot if...
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    First Marshall (DSL40C)

    I personally have not had good luck with greenbacks in an open back 112 cab...have you? They just sounded flubby when I tried them. Now, in a closed-back cab they are great!
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    Gotten myself into an overdrive pickle...

    And I bet this is an all-too-common phenomenon here on TGP. I'll cut right to the lesson: it's probably better to be satisfied with what's already working "well enough" than to burden oneself with the anxiety of finding "the perfect tone" (which doesn't exist...lol). The ridiculous amount of...
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    Strange "Whine" from Bogner Ecstasy Blue Pedal??

    Battery worked fine...no whine. Still not the quietest pedal ever but not too bad. Strangest thing...I swapped to a different plug with the One Spot and no whine either.
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    Strange "Whine" from Bogner Ecstasy Blue Pedal??

    Oh that's terrific. That is something I never expected to hear regarding Bogner. But I guess one should never buy into the self-projected image of a company (marketing). I'll contact them to see what they say. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll help. Can't help but think that the seller...
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    Strange "Whine" from Bogner Ecstasy Blue Pedal??

    I just got a used Ecstasy Blue pedal in the mail. Physically it's in excellent condition. I've already found a couple of great sounds in it too. But, when I switch to the variac mode, it introduces a significant high-pitched whine or squeal to the signal that is not present in any other mode...
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    Tell me more about the Mojo Hand Rook.

    Hi...I know this is a late post here, but I just brought this pedal home. Picked up one in near mint condition from a nice music store in NOVA. Anyway, I don't find the Rook side of the Royale to get "well over" unity gain. Running into a fairly clean amp with the toggle in the upper...
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    How does the Boost side of the Rook Royale Compare to the Exotic EP Booster?

    Both are based off the Echoplex preamp, and I have been interested in the RR for awhile now. However, I just borrowed my fiend's Xotic EP booster and LOVE what it does to my dirty channel. Does the RR boost side sound nearly identical to the Xotic??
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    Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Delay on the Way

    It breaks up very quickly, which I like, as such I recommend putting both delays in the loop…why would it's placement in the loop preclude it from taking residence on the board??
  19. E

    What sounds you using that nobody else is using?

    I would tell you but then I'd have to kill you.
  20. E

    What can the Whammy V do that the Pitchfork can't?

    In the end the Pitchfork will cost more when paired with an expression pedal, but the fact that you CAN blend the dry signal in is a winner for me. Does the Whammy still win? I think I pretty much only care about octaves and non-blended whammy stuff. But you never know what you'll be into...
  21. E

    What's in expression pedal?

    Why should I pay $80-120+ for an expression pedal when the Moog is $40+?? Oh…heh heh…also, can I mod my L6 exp to RST? They come ST.
  22. E

    If not Timeline then what delay?

    WHAT are you looking for in a delay? To me, the E2D is worth the price of admission even if you only use straight delay sounds. The regular delay with no modulation, filtering, etc just sounds freakin GREAT! A couple buddies of mine have Flashbacks and my E2D laughs in their faces!
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    Help me decide between two used Teles

    Yeah they are both CL finds…quite a distance from each other or I would just would have tested them both out in person without posting. But I suppose I will take this advice and go treasure hunting. :D
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    Why can't Marshal just build what we want? A Class 15

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Except I prefer orange clean on the JVM. ;)