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    Goodsell Service

    I know it's been said in other threads how good the service is that Richard Goodsell provides, but, I also wanted to share my experience. A few months ago, i purchased a Valpreaux 21 via the emporium. It quickly became my favorite amp. From its stellar cleans to its great breakup, the amp...
  2. M

    Tone Monk Phoenix

    I have an opportunity to buy a TM Phoenix. I don't see much discussion of this pedal. Any opinions?
  3. M

    Tele Bridge Pup Advice

    I put an SD SM-1 mini humbucker in the neck of a telecaster build, which I am very happy with. I have a nondescript Fender bridge pup (pulled from a Classic 60s tele, that I find lacking. I need a beefier sounding (darker) pup that will match well with the SD that will fit in to the existing...
  4. M

    Ravish Sitar

    Sounds pretty good. I think I want this. http://www.ehx.com/products/ravish
  5. M


    I have been a Fender/Gretsch player for over 40 years. Last week, I had some spare time and decided to go to my local GC and check out some LPs. Tried a bunch and really bonded with a Studio Deluxe 50s (Iced Tea). Thought about it for a few days, and decided to pull the trigger last...
  6. M

    Glen Campbell - Sad News

  7. M

    Powering Pedalboards

    I have a pedalboard pro, and use a lot of pedals on the board. I use a BBE Supa Charger, but it is limited to powering at most eight pedals, less if I run any pedals at 18v. I've never seen any pedal boards with multiple power supplies. What do you all do Two Supa Chargers, or...
  8. M

    So few used Fender Pro Jrs.

    There's a scarcity of PJs on either eBay or CL. Why is that?
  9. M

    Fret Sprout

    One of my telecasters recently developed a bad case of fret sprout. It has a maple neck with a rosewood board. Will this correct itself in the warmer, more humid summer months, or do I need to file down the frets? Thanks