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    Glenn Pearce Tone Question

    Agree with all of that! Wonderful memories.... It would be great if this thread could be resurrected with some updated info on Glenn's current rig, concerts or recordings, etc...
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    Memphis 335 quality control. Horrible???

    Like many who have stated in this thread, once you find the "ONE" Gibson ES 335, it's like no other semi hollow, if you are looking specifically for the classic 335 sound. I went on a hunt to try to find an ES 335 and played and owned many different brands and versions of what Gibson offers...
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    Playing partial chord(higher strings) shape progressions in one position

    You will find it explained in this course...available as DVD's or download http://www.musicademy.com/musicademy/store/uk/christian-guitar/intermediate/intermediate-electric-guitar.html
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    Line6 Helix

    I searched but couldn't find the answer for this question...does the new floorboard helix have true bypass? (Like the M13, M9... if someone wants to use it only for effects in front of the amp)
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    What would you do? (Gibson 339 content)

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions...keep them coming...
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    What would you do? (Gibson 339 content)

    I recently acquired a Gibson 339, as I have been wanting to add a semi-hollow, smooth Jazz type, sound to my options. I love everything about the guitar: the exact sound I was looking for, rich harmonics, smooth tone, very comfortable body size, a beautiful rare color, called Triburst, dark...
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    Does this pedal exist?

    No suggestions?
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    Does this pedal exist?

    Is there a pedal that can produce a violin sound? By that I do not mean the Eric Johnson type of sound, like some pedals do. I know that the Axe Fx has a patch for a violin sound, also the roland synth midi units can do it, but is there a pedal that does it without midi?
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    Glenn Pearce Tone Question

    Here is a recent link to a MWS concert that Glenn is playing on...there are some nice close up's, and he is using the fiesta tyler as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60jiydJtNvI
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    Simble pops when engaged?

    Curious to find out what you did. Just got a simble pedal... LOVE its sound, but it pops...any suggestions?
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    Presonus Firebox compatible with Maverick?

    Just purchased a new iMac running Maverick. I have a presonus firebox and use Logic Pro 9. It seems that the iMac is not picking up the firebox. Does anyone know if they are compatible or not?
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    Les Paul for Jazz

    And this is one of my favorite Jazz tones from a Les Paul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6tmYPhfp-8
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    Les Paul for Jazz

    Great input from everyone...yes, you can play Jazz on any guitar, but I guess my point was that you can play classic Jazz on a Les Paul, and it would sound very close to the classic Jazz sound played on a hollowbody guitar. The Litenour video demonstrated that. The L5 he played in the beginning...
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    Les Paul for Jazz

    I have been finding out more and more how great a good Les Paul guitar could be for Jazz...I find that I love to use my Les Paul's for Jazz and also found these interesting videos: 1. Lee Ritenour: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3w_SH6S_Jo He plays the same part twice: first time from...
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    Bret Mason's Last Minute Waltz

    Anyone tried transcribing it before?
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    Amp rattling: is there a cure?

    2 of my combo amps (Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and Blues Jr.) rattle when turned up and when I hit certain notes, specially with overdrive (example A and B notes on Low E string. After trying to make sure everything is tightened, I am pretty sure that it is the back cover rattling against the chasis...
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    Which Dimarzio Bridge pickup for strat

    Dimarzio Virtual Solo...everything you describe
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    Suggestions for 12ay7's for Fender amp

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions..
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    WGS ET 65 or Celestion G 1265?

    Trying to give my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe more clean headroom, and a speaker that sounds smooth...now choosing between the Warehouse Guitar Speakers ET65 and the Celestion G1265... They should be in same ballpark...I would love to save some money and get the WGS ET 65 as I heard great things about...
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    Suggestions for 12ay7's for Fender amp

    I am looking to buy 12ay7's preamp tubes for my Fender hot rod deluxe to increase headroom (among other things like new speaker, new power amp tubes). 2 questions: 1. What are some good 12ay7 brands to consider that will have a warm smooth tone 2. Should I get all the preamp tubes as 12ay7's or...
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    Need more headroom for Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Tweed?

    What would you guys suggest for a speaker that has a lot of headroom,and takes overdrive pedals really well without being harsh or fizzing?
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    Need more headroom for Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Tweed?

    For the above suggested speakers, should i get the 8 or 16 ohm versions? I am assuming the 8?
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    Need more headroom for Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Tweed?

    Thanks for the suggestions, besides the preamp tubes, I'm thinking of celestion vintage 30's...how much does it change the sound of the amp, especially when psuhed with overdrive pedals?