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Search results

  1. J

    I need a guts shot of bottom amp in a Premier 88N

    I'm looking for a guts shot of the bottom amp section in a Premier 88N. Thanks for any help!
  2. J

    Need a Premier 88N schematic

    I'm looking for a schematic for a Premier 88N. I can find the model 88..but it is a bit different than the 88N. Thanks in advance!
  3. J

    The Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator is fabulous!

    I've been through alot of chorus pedals. Just wanted to give big props to Pigtronix. The Quantum Time Modulator is awesome! Tons of tones, slight color to full out crazy modulating chorus. Anyone else finding chorus bliss with the Quantum?
  4. J

    preamp topology- will this work?

    I'm starting with a 18wattish PI/power amp. What I'm looking to do is have a single input, feeding a 12ax7 and a EF86 (internal grid link) then run the two tubes into separate volume controls and a single tone. The goal is to be able to mix the two preamps via volume controls. Would a 5E3...
  5. J

    How to wire a Treble cap "Shift" switch

    Looking to switch in a Pf cap across the treble cap in my tone stack ala Boogie's "shift". Any way to do it without a LDR and not pop when switched in and out? Thanks
  6. J

    Getting 9-10v off the cathodes to use to power a Germ pre

    I wanna add basically a treble boost pedal into the front end of my amp. Right in between the input and the 1st 12ax7. My big issue was how to power it. I was advised that taking the voltage off the cathode bias, which in my case is 10v. Should be just about right. I was also told I may need to...
  7. J

    vintage mxr line driver/ noise gate question

    Will this pedal take 12v or 18v..it seems to dull the sound when in line instead of drive it. The line driver is supposed to be always on. Any good mods? Pete Cornish told me that the vintage Line Driver is excellent.. but i don't hear it.Maybe mine is a lemon?
  8. J

    help with boss pedal issue CS-2

    My Boss CS-2 has a slight lag when you turn it on. Almost seems to cut the signal for just a slight amount of time before it kicks in. Any suggestions?
  9. J

    vintage MXR Noise Gate Line driver questions

    What are the functions of this pedal besides the noise gate feature. When bypassed, is there a buffer always on hence line driver or is the line driver function just the parallel XLR jack on the output? Thanks!
  10. J

    vintage MXR Line Driver/noise gate questions

    I can buy a old Noise Gate/Line Driver from a buddy. If I did, I would use it at the end of my chain with the threshold up as a mute. My question is about the line driver part of the pedal. Does the buffer sound any good? Thanks!
  11. J

    Vintage Technology's Tracy Sands contact

    Any got a e-mail or phone number for Tracy Sands. Thanks!
  12. J

    looking for a SRV sounding Tele neck pickup

    Looking to replace my neck pickup in my tele. I've been reading about the strat sounding tele neck options. Mare Stelly, HD Mini Strat, Hamel Tall..Analogman Big T. For those who have been down this road, which will get me closer to the live SRV tones like Pride and Joy. Stringy, warm and fat...
  13. J

    Traynor Bassmaster questions

    http://www.lynx.net/~jc/740104_YBA1.gif Here is the schematic that is close to my amp. The main question I have is about the cap/resistor filter network between the 2nd and 3rd gain stage..right before the tone stack. What does this do to the sound? This filter along with the plate driven tone...
  14. J

    AC30 standby issues

    I have a reissue AC30 that just stopped working during a show. It turns on and after 60 seconds or so the standby light comes on. No sound and the standby light will not go off. When u turn the amp off, the standby light stays on for a good 2 min. I am getting heater voltage but the tubes are...
  15. J

    Whirlwind Perfect 10 EQ

    Anyone have on of these. Wondering about noise level. It is noisy like a unmodded boss?
  16. J

    Help with AC30

    I have a AC30 reissue, it quit working all of a sudden. Now no sound and the standby light stays on..even when the amp is turned off and unplugged. Any suggestions? Tried new tubes, recto and checked all the fuses.
  17. J

    Need some Eveready 411 15v batteries for a pedal..Source?

    Can anyone help me find some 411 batteries. Its for a Vintage Technologies BFD Trem.
  18. J

    help with Egnater Renagade

    What would cause a amp to smoke and burn at the power tube plate. All the screen resistors measure ok, caps and diodes in the power supply measure ok. When u turn it on (with a variac) as soon as some voltage hits it, the amp hums and crackles. Even at like 10-20v AC in. Changed the tubes..same...
  19. J

    Musicman 65 tremolo problem..lost of volume

    I have a Musicman 65 head. With the tremolo engaged..the signal drops when the tremolo control is at center intensity. Also when you footswitch the tremolo off there is a volume jump compared to when its on. Any thoughts?
  20. J

    Any great pedal or vintage stores in Albuqerque?

    Passing through Albuquerque, any good guitar stores, looking for pedals and cool vintage stuff. Thanks!
  21. J

    Tele neck on stra body, tremolo and neck questions

    I want to put my 1969 Fender Tele neck on a strat body. Other than the neck pocket modification, is there any issue with the tremolo with the Tele neck or is the neck pocket mod all i have to do. Thanks!
  22. J

    Help with Power Supply -voltage doubler 1st cap value

    Here is a schematic of a amp I'm working on, The power supply I gather is a voltage doubler. With the 2 -100uf caps, since they are in series, is the total value 50uf or does the voltage doubler change the normal series/cap value rule? Also if it is 50uf and I want to raise it a bit can I just...
  23. J

    Clarostat RV3 pot ID...lin or audio?

    I have 5 of there old Clarostat 1meg pots. Really nice 1/2 watts. I am having trouble finding out how to tell if they are Audio or Lin taper. The code on the back is RV3AUSC105A and under that 140327. Any idea how to decipher the code. Thanks!
  24. J

    any one on here in New Orleans or Meairie?

    Got any cool pedals? wanna get together for a pedal jam? I got a Cornish G-2/SS-3 if u wanna demo it. Love trying new pedals!
  25. J

    reducing low-lows in amp..cathode bypass or coupling cap?

    What will take away the most low freq low end? A lower value coupling cap out of a stage or a lower value cathode bypass cap. Thanks!