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    Question on multi-effects floor unit using 4CM method

    Ok, I'm trying to figure out the best solution for an all-in-one effects unit to use with my Wizard MC25 that can also switch the channels. Essentially, the MC25 has 4 separate inputs for footswitches on the back panel to control the 2 channels, boost, and FX loop. Here are some of the ones...
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    Looking for attenuator experiences

    All, I know there are many threads devoted to attenuators, but I'm looking for something specific so I thought I'd ask here. What are some of the best attenuators that can both attenuate the amp AND provide a cab simulated signal to your P/A? Essentially, you could get an attenuated signal at...
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    Anyone use Native Instruments Komplete?

    I've been looking to invest in a suite of plugins to give me a well-rounded set of samples to play with. Anyone using NI's Komplete 11 and have they been happy with it?
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    Recommend some good jam progressions?

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I am getting together with a friend to do a bit of "jamming" and we've never actually played together before. We were just looking to trade leads, so I thought I'd ask folks for some ideas. Immediate thoughts were Vai's "For The Love Of God"...
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    Thoughts on Drum Plugins?

    Looking to get a software plugin for drums. Ideally it would be to make home demos in my studio, but if it's good enough it might find it's way to the finished tracks. I would also like to be able to program it to cover some odd time signatures. I've heard BFD3 and EZDrummer are both good...
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    Sold Rare Two Rock Jade Head - 22W 6V6 "3-channel" Monster

    I'm not playing out much these days, and I've started to bond with my AX8, so I'm willing to let this go. It is freshly back from the Two Rock shop (nothing wrong with it, but I was out in San Fran for a few months and Two Rock is just to the north so I had them retube it and give it a...
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    How are you using your monitor live?

    For those of you using a PA speaker as your monitor, how are you typically using it live? I've got a CLR and I've been considering getting a tripod speaker stand to mount it so I can get it more up at ear level when playing and rehearsing. It would then be at around the same height as the...
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    Question about IRs

    I've been fiddling around with making my own presets in the AX8 and all of the tweakable controls can get a bit confusing. Now, I know I will need to tweak amp settings, but what about the IRs? When I load an IR should I expect to have to tweak those settings too, or can I leave those as stock?
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    Tips and Tricks: How you use your AX8 live

    Well, my AX8 arrived and so far I'm having a blast with it and my CLR amp/speaker. I was wondering how people set up there AX8 to use live? Do you create new presets? Scenes? I saw a bunch of blank presets so my initial newbie impression is to start creating my own presets, but maybe there...
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    Anyone compared AX8, Kemper, and Helix in their ability to record direct?

    I guess the title says it all, but I plan on using a modeler quite a bit in recording, and I was wondering how each of these devices sounded when recording direct. Anybody have experience here?
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    AX8 - Best way to record?

    So, I'm officially diving in and getting my AX8. Any tips and tricks to recording with the AX8? Are people running this direct? Does it require a good preamp? I'm also going to get a set of headphones so I can practice here in silence when my wife is watching some...err...less interesting...
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    AX8 - Will They Continue To Add Amp Profiles?

    This may be a stupid question, but having not owned a modeler before (and not finding much info on this online) I was wondering how often, if at all, the AX8 devices get new amp profiles. I assume there isn't a robust profile exchange like the Kemper as the AX8 isn't in that same profiling...
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    Sold FSOT - CP Thornton HTL Model *$1400!!!* (Looking For: Guitars, Modelers, Reactive Load, etc.)

    I've got a few CP Thornton guitars and it's time to thin the herd. I love the craftsmanship of these guitars. It's got the 12" fingerboard radius, and otherwise has the typical HTL dimensions and hard case that you can read about on the Thornton page...
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    Chicago - Welcome to the R&R HoF

    I didn't see anyone post this recently, but I am happy to see Chicago finally get their due. It has taken far too long. I was watching the below earlier today and when Kath took his first solo at around 4:30 in it reminded me of how awesome he was for someone playing in 1970 in a "rock" band...
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    San Francisco/Bay Area music scene

    Well, I've seen a few posts asking for information about the music scene in certain areas and I'm in a similar boat. It looks like I'm going to be relocating from New York City to San Francisco due to job relocation. I have had a small music studio in New York, so I'll be moving that as well...
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    Anyone try the new Kemper power amp version?

    I saw that the Kemper is now available (at least it is showing on Sweetwater) with the 600W power amp in either the rack or lunchbox form. Anyone tried it yet? I had been waiting to see what people thought of it.
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    Questions on Timeline versus Timefactor

    I've been looking for a delay pedal that I can specifically program in delay times because of some cover songs we are doing (think U2). I've been looking at the two pedals in my subject line, but I haven't been able to figure out which would be the better option for my needs. Any advice?
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    Two Rock Classic Reverb Advice

    Well, it finally happened. I've been playing my Classic Reverb with the same set of preamp and power tubes for the last 5 years, and it continued to sound good so I hadn't made any changes. At a gig last night, right near the end I started getting the dreaded crackling and volume swells...
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    Any pedal sound like an Eternity?

    I've got some problems with the way my Eternity E6 pedal works with the moudlation pedals on my board. Apparently its the high impedance that outputs from the Eternity (it has a 500k level pot), but when it is on along with any of my modulation pedals the tone gets brittle and thin -- it...
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    Anyone use 2 1x12 cabs instead of a 2x12?

    I've been thinking recently about making my rig even more compact by switching to 2 1x12 cabs to replace my regular rigs based around 2x12 cabinets. In my rehearsal space, I'd be able to use the 2 1x12s stacked, and also for larger gigs. For smaller gigs I could get by with just 1 of the 1x12...
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    Suhr Badger loud enough for full band?

    I'm curious as to whether people using the Badger have felt that it is loud enough to use in a full band context in small rock/pop gigs where the drums are not mic'ed. Can it cut through in a standard 5-piece band (Singer, 2 guitars, 1 bass, and drums), or would it struggle? I know this...
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    Need advice on pickups for SG

    Hi all. My 80's reissue '62 SG is in need of new pickups because the stock pickups have started to go microphonic. I was wondering what people might suggest as a good replacement. I would be willing to shell out for boutique pickups. Primarily I play 70's rock and hard rock (sometimes...