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    Guitar Pro 6 tab files for Metallica, Satriani, Vai and Eric Johnson

    Check out Ben Eller's video on Disposable Heroes.. I have to confess on that specifc tab the one I had already was already pretty good and I more or less just geeked out on tweaking the tone and pretending that I was in the Metallica studios dialling the "mix". I didn't go through note for note...
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    Is the CAGED system necessary- or even useful- for my goals?

    If you're not sure about it.. there's so many easy resources online that are free in order to "dabble around" a bit.. and then find out what works for you. Before going indepth.. It's really only a question you can answer for yourself (with experience of each one).. they all have benefits and...
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    Guitar Pro 6 tab files for Metallica, Satriani, Vai and Eric Johnson

    I've received some PM's over the last 12 months and decided to reupload the link, this time including a few new songs that I've done since then. Instead of posting the link via PM, I'll post it here so everyone can see it. It's a zip file with 8 GPX tabs for Guitar Pro 6. If you don't have...
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    AX8 - Headrush - Helix - HD500X - Shootout

    Technically, you are right. But I still got something out of part 1, the only thing lacking is the results. If he wanted to go back and rerecord them, and use high quality mp3's or FLAC, running them through a normal guitar signal and post them here I wouldn't complain. But I was still able to...
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    AX8 - Headrush - Helix - HD500X - Shootout

    The OP dialled them in differently in order to compensate, so that they would sound the same. So not sure why you are mentioning that because it goes against your point. He did that, and they still sound different. It terms of the whole arguing about what one person hears over another.. I've...
  6. C

    AX8 - Headrush - Helix - HD500X - Shootout

    That's the point. When everything is on 12, of course they will sound different. But when you compensate those settings and try to dial them in to sound the same.. and they STILL sound different.. that's when the shootout is actually letting you hear the actual differences.. because those...
  7. C

    AX8 - Headrush - Helix - HD500X - Shootout

    But it's the same for all 4 units, therefore.. for comparisons sake it still works. It's not ideal and I don't like any of the tones that much (they are ok), but for comparisons sake, the differences between them are still noticeable. So I'm not sure where the problem is.. other than being OCD...
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    AX8 - Headrush - Helix - HD500X - Shootout

    Speak for yourself. Just because one person requires eye glasses doesn't mean that everyone does. I'm 35 and have never needed eyeglasses, where as other people out there have needed them since 8 years old or even younger. I can't say if I've correctly labelled these as the right unit (I...
  9. C

    AX8 - Headrush - Helix - HD500X - Shootout

    edit - thoughts on part 1 of the shootout I hope that #1 is the HD500, I really didn't like it and I thought it sounded bad. Not necessarily the EQ but the whole vibe/feeling of listening to it. I don't know how to describe the feeling other than low fi and outdated and less natural. I'm...
  10. C

    Anyone been over to the Fender Forum?

    Not trying to be mean or hurt anyone's feelings.. but the idea of someone sitting around and waiting for 7 years for their Mustang to reach the promised land.. like waiting for a long lost lover to return.. when the amp is a Fender Mustang I or Mustang III, has got to be one of the most pathetic...
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    Anyone been over to the Fender Forum?

    Exactly. So the Fender forum seems like it's full of guys who buy a hundred dollar amp (or the few hundred dollar higher models), that's already been updated six years after it's initial release.. but they are mad because they expected that over 30 years it will turn into an Axe FX? And now...
  12. C

    Dialing in your tones... where? when?

    Over time you should be able to find some general guidelines as a blanket rule that gets you in the ballpark in terms of how the EQ changes, gain levels etc. Maybe the fine tuning wouldn't affect your bandmates so much, if it's brief. I haven't had to do this in a while but by memory, cutting...
  13. C

    New HeadRush Pedalboard

    Can you go into more detail about the switching problem/annoyance you had? There's no gap but there's something undesirable about how it switches? Is it the time that it takes, or the sound that it makes when in the 'in between' phase? Is it faster than regular preset switching for Helix/Ax...
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    Comfortably numb - live cover with Axe-Fx II/AX8/Helix

    Great song, great playing, great tone.. nothing else needs to be said.
  15. C

    Suhr Badger 18 vs Fractal Badger 18 Emulation

    Thanks guys. Lots of good ideas there. I likely wouldn't know how much CPU I would use until actually using the unit, but I also like to plan ahead for worst case scenarios. More is always better and is one less thing to worry about but I've never been a dual amp and 10 pedals kind of person...
  16. C

    Suhr Badger 18 vs Fractal Badger 18 Emulation

    Thanks for that. The main advantage I was thinking, I thought it could make presets easier in terms of programming them into the AX8 and leaving the drive pedal always on. For example having a Fuzz Face and an OD together in the loop and having them both turn on with a single press of the...
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    Suhr Badger 18 vs Fractal Badger 18 Emulation

    For general use of the AX8, would running a dirt pedal in the AX8 loop free up some CPU? The FX loop would still use some CPU right, but it'd likely be a lot less than a drive model? Because the drives, reverb and IR's use the most? For example running the Suhr Koko Boost pedal into the AX8's...
  18. C

    Kemper & Atomic Amplifire vs. 20 Year-Old Line 6 Pod - Has Amp Modelling Evolved?

    It's only 1 minute into the video.. but so far my first impressions.. The video.. I'd rather watch it than the discussion here. The video.. one minute into it, I can tell that they are having fun, not taking things too seriously and at the same time will get into some guitar geek stuff with...
  19. C

    Marco Getting his Eddie on with his AX8...

    I thought this clip sounded really great. Like.. really impressive.. regardless of whether it's 'authentic' or not. For my preference, I think it could be the best clip I've seen Marco do. PS.. I wish you guys could watch these clips for entertainment/love of music, instead of always being a...
  20. C

    VH Panama cover done with Helix

    Can't comment on your live stuff, but in that video the guitar volume strikes me as a little low and not as cutting as other EVH clips I'm used to seeing/hearing. Whether it's a combo of not enough treble/upper mids or just a lack of volume I'm not sure. But it sounds a bit hidden/lost in the...
  21. C

    I can't tell (amp in room/Frfr modeler)

    A lot of it is a feel thing, and I get the feeling the styles of music you play it doesn't matter so much. I'm not going to pretend to know what styles you play, but for example.. some pop songs with ambient chords in the background, much different compared to Metallica or EVH where the guitar...
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    Do you practice electric guitar unplugged? Is it a good idea?

    Hmm you found a more efficient less rambley version of what I was trying to say. I especially like your bottom paragraph, well said. Nice name too, I have the same name, spelt the same way.. haha.
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    Do you practice electric guitar unplugged? Is it a good idea?

    IMO, all of the best players in the world sound good unplugged (or the players I like to listen to). Can't say the same thing when it's the other way around. I'm sure there's exceptions though. Too much of it can be a bad thing, and it can somewhat screw things up if you NEVER play through an...
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    I bought a Helix LT to compare with my Fractal AX8

    Agree with those that say that sticking with one unit and spending more time with it generally pays off. You will extract more out of it, the longer you use it. Chopping and changing would drive me crazy. It takes quite some time to dial in things to how you like them, and the deeper you go...