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    Gear Talk Expo 2013?

    I can't go but I bought a couple of tickets when I found out I could win junk even if I didn't show up! They've got some RIDICULOUS stuff being raffled off. Edit: Just saw the video you posted - pIBlxGaAO54 was my fave :D
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    Boss DD-5 on the board causes OD's to "pop"?

    I had some issues recently with some of my overdrives popping loudly when engaged/disengaged. I tried all sorts of things from replacing patch cables, to power supplies/source. I even bought a looper which might now be on the block... Tonight I removed each pedal one by one, and as soon as I...
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    Strymon TimeLine + DMC MIDI Controller Videos

    Sorry, in response to the previous poster's question - the XL is not available yet, correct? Still eager to send in my DMC-3 and upgrade!
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    Praise & Worship players...show me your rig!

    Promote religion? Subliminal? Troll fail. A guaranteed weekly, well-paying gig where nobody spills beer on stage or tries to stab you? Plenty of secular musicians take advantage of the opportunity without belief coming into it. It's a gig, it's a style.
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    Value Check - Old Fulldrive 2 Custom

    That's the funny thing - most of the white/cream ones DID have white knobs!
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    Value Check - Old Fulldrive 2 Custom

    @Frosted: just why they're different. I find it hard to believe he didn't bulk order the white knobs and just had 4 black sitting around. Maybe it's a mundane reason, but you don't know unless you ask. @drbob: I know he is, but it would be nice if he could publish the information once and for...
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    Value Check - Old Fulldrive 2 Custom

    I'm really curious about the black knobs b/c I've never seen one like it - obviously not a big deal but it makes me wonder. The only person who I think could tell me is Mr. Fuller, but I already covered that bit.
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    Which to keep: Klon(e) or Timeline

    Very confused as to what's happening here. Have you talked to Strymon & the Klone builder? That's not right.
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    This1sMyne... anyone else order anything recently?

    I've bought from Dan three times in 2012 and have received every order at my house (SC -> TX) in 2 days.
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    Value Check - Old Fulldrive 2 Custom

    I have this 2005 Fulldrive 2 Custom/Cream and I've had people make various offers off the cuff for it but I don't really know what it's worth. Closed sales/auctions have been very difficult to find. Does anyone have an idea? Also, does anyone know what the squiggle next to the board means...
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    please help! do i need a buffer pedal on my board?

    I just bought a T1M buffer from Dan this morning (and it shipped). I run a 15' George L cable into 10 pedals (including a volume pedal), into another 15' George L cable into my amp. I'm probably overdue.
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    Mike McCready PJ20 Pedalboard 2011

    Yes - great original style Rockumentary. It made me go back and buy the Ten re-release with remastered track and the MTV Unplugged DVD included :D.
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    Anyone else having trouble contacting Dan at this1smyne the last few weeks?

    He updates Facebook regularly to talk about any delays as far as parts, the aforementioned internet, etc. He tells you straight up that he ignores the "how about now?"-type checking in emails, because if he stopped to answer them all he'd never do any real work. My emails and texts have been...
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    Strymon TimeLine + DMC MIDI Controller Videos

    Deal! I agree the DMC-3 is filled to the brim, but I didn't know you were developing an XL - I love the 3-button profile, so adding that space sounds perfect. I don't see it on the site yet - any idea when you'll have it prototyped? +1!
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    Strymon TimeLine + DMC MIDI Controller Videos

    Man, I talked to him about the same expression wheel idea and as far as I got was "the DMC-3 is too crowded". Hopefully there's a return/restock option if a DMC-3-XL comes out, because I'd much prefer one of those! Still loving this controller each week - can't wait for Strymon to patch the...
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    How to keep pedal knobs in place?

    Take the knobs off. You're probably not going to be able to turn a post with no knob on it. Or, gaffer's tape like everyone else.
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    Strymon Timeline vs Line6 M5 (DL4)

    The Timeline does delay awesomely. The M9 does delays very well and a few other effects well, too (trems/EQ/verb). I had an M9 and really enjoyed it, but I only used verbs and delays. Since I got the Timeline I don't miss it at all. The M5 seems like a waste to me - so many options but only...
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    Strymon TimeLine + DMC MIDI Controller Videos

    I thought you might - we've definitely shared some territory in your Youtube clips. Had a big POG until a few months back, and was VERY close to a Blue Sky... but can't justify it with the sounds I currently get. I'd be all over an El Cap, too, if not for the Timeline.
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    Strymon TimeLine + DMC MIDI Controller Videos

    My instinct is to say "100!", but I'd be surprised if I needed more than 20 for a single gig. For some reason I started my patches at 49 and have been working my way down. I should probably copy those to 1-10 anyway. I keep >50 in stock format in case I want to go back without restoring. I...
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    Strymon TimeLine + DMC MIDI Controller Videos

    What does that look like as far as switches/modes go, if you don't mind describing it? I've got the stock setup: Blue - patch up/down (A's & B's) Green - rec/stop Red - reverse/half speed
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    Strymon TimeLine + DMC MIDI Controller Videos

    Is that all software based or were there hardware changes, too? I'd be interested in hearing about how tap/etc works!
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    Strymon TimeLine + DMC MIDI Controller Videos

    Gigged the DMC-3 this weekend for the first time. Overall - it was great - did exactly what I needed. One minor feature I accidentally discovered - the first time you use the controller it defaults to patch 63? Maybe that's just me and some way I'm misusing it. Also, if you change patches...
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    What's In The Mail, Part 4

    Disaster Area Amps DMC-3 midi controller for the Timeline. Dunlop Heavy Wall Pyrex slide :D
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    Strymon BSR Questions

    Yes it can be subtle, and yes check Strymon's site. You can even set the pre-delay.
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    Strymon TimeLine + DMC MIDI Controller Videos

    That's the one. Matthew just shipped my DMC-3 so I'll be rolling with it for this weekend's gig!