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    Jacksnax: Phish Backwards Down the Number Line. NFN Trey Anastasio lesson.

    Nice tone too. What are you using for amp and pedals?
  2. F

    FS Red Plate Custom 100 Magica/Black Magic "T"

    Where are you located in case a local sale could happen?
  3. F

    Soldano 30!

    Is that a 2x12 cab you're running it through? What speakers? Nice sound! Does the Maxon just add some "chirpiness" to it?
  4. F

    FSOT Bray 2022

    Is this the Deluxe model with the footswitch for volume boost?
  5. F

    Sold Royal Amps MSG100, Jimmy Page amp

    Where are you located?
  6. F

    Sold Top Hat Supreme 16 A great steal at $SOLD

    I'll give you another bump by asking if there's any effects loop on the amp? I couldn't tell from the Top Hat site.
  7. F

    5 Years Gone. Prince.

    Same. It feels like that for Bowie, but not Prince. Time flies. COVID doesn't help.
  8. F

    Amp cuts out after few minutes of playing

    You should check with Andy Fuchs either by phone/e-mail/Gear Page. He's a nice guy and very responsive and knows his amps and others inside out. He's also a frequent contributor on here. He should be able to give you a few suggestions.
  9. F

    KDH takes on Rick Beato

    Yeah, generally the fair use analysis rests on weighing a number of factors to determine which side "wins." Beato's YouTube profit would certainly work against him, but from what I've seen he generally only plays snippets of the songs and that would favor him. The "teaching" aspect would also...
  10. F

    Fight of The Best Dumble Clones! Quinn vs Louis Electrics Cobra!

    Thanks for that detailed report, Jeff. I can certainly see how you could get lost in playing. I can almost feel in my fingers the way it must feel - the amp sounds responsive but produces a wonderful richly saturated tone that must spring off the fingers.
  11. F

    Fight of The Best Dumble Clones! Quinn vs Louis Electrics Cobra!

    Tag, thanks. To get some modulation effects with the Cobra, do you feel like you need a D-Lator of some sort?
  12. F

    Fight of The Best Dumble Clones! Quinn vs Louis Electrics Cobra!

    Yeah, I think that's why I'd be ok with something like an FX8.
  13. F

    Fight of The Best Dumble Clones! Quinn vs Louis Electrics Cobra!

    Thanks for the replies. Who is making a good D-Lator these days? I've generally shifted to something like the FX8 these days for most "effects" needs, so I think it might work as is. I believe the Fractal signal is buffered, or you can run it true bypass. The buffer doesn't affect the tone...
  14. F

    Fight of The Best Dumble Clones! Quinn vs Louis Electrics Cobra!

    Thanks. Just wondering if you wanted some reverb or modulation, how would you add it in for a live situation?
  15. F

    Fight of The Best Dumble Clones! Quinn vs Louis Electrics Cobra!

    To me this tone sounds great and what I'm looking for. I struggle to get through the pages of comments here to find the answers to the below questions, but I'm hopeful Tag or someone can help me out: 1. How loud is it at in this clip? I don't need a bedroom amp, but I also like to be able to...
  16. F

    Sold RedPlate Magica 50 head (trade for Carr Mercury V or Cutthroat Francene)

    Nice amp! Where are you based in case of a local sale?
  17. F

    FS Couple of amazing amps for sale

    thanks. I was referring to the voicing switch on the amp. I’ve read that it varied depending on the year and what the buyer wanted. Does it have 4 positions?
  18. F

    FS Couple of amazing amps for sale

    Thanks. Curious about the voicing configuration on the Quinn.
  19. F

    FS Couple of amazing amps for sale

    Where is the seller located? Just curious in case local sales can be worked out. Oh, and do you know which OD voicing option is on the Quinn? Is it 4 voicings?
  20. F

    Paul Gilbert on Page’s Heartbreaker Solo

    I love Page, but I've come to realize part of his charm is his "sloppiness" with technique. Engineers that worked with Led Zep have talked at length about all the numerous takes Page would do just to try to get something to sound clean. Frankly, even his early session work and work with the...
  21. F

    Sold Friedman WW20

    Where are you based in the NE?
  22. F

    Bruce Hornsby...................Good grief.

    I think it worked! My sequencer crashed my computer when I tried to program that song in.
  23. F

    Is Speed Shop Tweed Deluxe hype?

    Neil, I was going to write you a private message (i.e., start a conversation) but your box is full. Are you still liking the Speed Shop? I'm around the corner on Long Island so I was curious.
  24. F

    Could Neil Peart Have Sat In For Stewart Copeland.....

    This thread has only proven that I want Larnell Lewis playing drums in my band!