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Search results

  1. M

    String prep for gigs.

    On a hot summer stage, I'll actually use fast fret on the back of the guitar neck so that it's slick. Works great.
  2. M

    Gretsch deal

    Congrats.. gretsches are great instruments. I have four myself. Enjoy.
  3. M

    Reverend Guitars: your favorite model(s)

    The only Reverend I've played is a PA-1. I liked it enough to buy it on the spot.
  4. M

    What was your first electric guitar?

    Bought this in '67. It's my first electric. Still have it, still original, but retired from gigging.
  5. M

    Goodsell amps!!

    I have owned three and currently own two - Valpreaux and Thunderball. Both beautiful sounding amps. And Richard G is a great guy. Also, he provides excellent service if anything on the amp goes wrong.
  6. M

    Who makes a good 5E3 without breaking the bank?

    Boot Hill. I have one that he built for me. It's a great amp.
  7. M

    Wow, I love these '57 Classics in my...

    I have an ES335 with '57s and I have no desire to change them. I also had an ES339 with them and thought they sounded great.
  8. M

    Played a D'Angelico EX-SS Today...

    What does that have to do with the comparison I made? I have a Gibson 335 produced in 2011. It's a great guitar. What I was stating is that my EX-SS is as good as my 335.
  9. M

    Played a D'Angelico EX-SS Today...

    They have four ranges - Master Builder, Premier, Excel and Deluxe, all with their own SS model. Although the picture is of an Excel SS, maybe GC confused it with one of the other ranges.
  10. M

    Played a D'Angelico EX-SS Today...

    I don't know what you're all smoking. I bought one in grey/black last year. There's nothing cheap sounding/feeling about the guitar. I would put it on a par with my Gibson 335s and 339.
  11. M

    Most comfortable electric sitting down

    I find telescope, LPs, Gretsch, ES style, most hollow bodies to be very comfortable. Stats not so much. Never having played one or even held one, I can't imagine a Flying V being comfortable.
  12. M

    Gretsch Duo Jet Help

    I have a Duo Jet and had the same problem you reported. The answer for me was a treble bleed added to the master volume. It was a simple and cheap thing to build and install, and corrected the issue.
  13. M

    NGD Fender American Standard

    I have the same guitar in the same color and it is fantastic. Enjoy yours. Congrats!
  14. M

    Why wont warmoth do nitro?

    Warmth does nitro finished necks.
  15. M

    Guild Starfire IV ST?

    I own an emerald green one that I bought last year. I think it's a great guita. The neck is comfy for me, as I don't like pencil thin necks. Fit and finish are excellent. Pickups sound fine after some needed adjustment. Nothing not to like.
  16. M

    Tilting amp stands?

    I just use a foot long piece of 2x4 lumber that props up the front of the amp. Much cheaper than $30.
  17. M

    Goodsell Amplifiers

    I never tried one of those. I have a Valpreaux and a Thunderball. The TB also can run with many different octal power tubes. It only has vol and tone controls and one speaker. Congrats. Goodsell amps are great.
  18. M

    Anyone tried a Little 59 or similar in the bridge of a Tele?

    I have the Little '59 in the bridge position of one of my teles. It's paired with a SD mini humbucker. Together, they sound great. The 59 is the only tele bridge pickup I like by itself. I am contemplating buying another one.
  19. M

    One amp...for five years....what would you choose ??

    Something from Goodsell or Carr.
  20. M

    What Guitar is Gene Cornish Playing in this clip?

    Haven't a clue, but it is a Gibson. They're my favorite group of all time.
  21. M

    What builders that command respect in terms of customer service on TGP?

    Richard Goodsell. CS is second to none. His amps are nothing short of excellent.
  22. M

    Should I trade my Gibson Vegas for a American Standard FSR Surf Green Strat

    While I agree that the Am Std is a great guitar, I have no idea what a Gibson Vegas is.