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  1. Plexihead

    Ceriatone joins Game of Klones (Now it's called Centura)

    I might grab one of these if the sound is there. Always liked that case, never should've sold my original silver Klon, bought it directly from Bill.
  2. Plexihead

    Fulltone Black Mini DejáVibe Volt Question

    Supposedly there's a new grey one coming, might want to hold off until it's gone through it's paces by the first number of people willing to take the plunge.
  3. Plexihead

    Shin-ei Vibe-Bro

    There's a good chance this Vibe-Bro does not use photocells, one would think it would be a major point in it's ad-copy.
  4. Plexihead

    Fulltone FD2 Comp-Cut in a smaller enclosure?

    The FD3 would've been perfect if it was made to the exact specs of a '03 toggle cc/flat/vintage in the smaller case and 2B boost. So Fuller was half way the there with the FD3, got the case size and the boost right, but the overdrive side could've been better. I still like the FD3, but it...
  5. Plexihead

    Scalar Designs Thread - Share experiences of these strings on your guitars

    Well I'll have to try the new Scalar strings. Used SOB for years and really liked them, if the Scalars are even better then I'll be sold.
  6. Plexihead

    Some Effects placed after Fulltone SSTE function oddly

    Most likely the SSTE's buffer is affecting Malekko, I personally would always place the SSTE last in the chain.
  7. Plexihead

    Fulltone MDV3 Mini DejaVibe 3 Thoughts?

    I use a MDV-3 with a 50 watt non master Marshall w/4x12 and I find it has plenty enough throb for me. But yeah, if mostly playing at low volumes then there are others that have a deeper throb. For the most part I've found Fulltone gear is best at loud rehearsal/gig volumes. If looking for plenty...
  8. Plexihead

    Fulltone SS-TE Solid State Tape Echo

    What roller do you have on your SSTE, the original, replacement, red?
  9. Plexihead

    Fulltone SS-TE Solid State Tape Echo

    Just go for it dude, it might turn out you prefer the TTE anyway even if the SSTE works perfectly, and if so you can sell a working machine with piece of mind. With the tape designated for the SSTE and the red roller the SSTE sounds great for me, I also did bend the felt arm as pictured in the...
  10. Plexihead

    Tube Tape Echo - tape question

    In my experience of previously owning a TTE, the lighter colored side goes against the heads. I always did it that way and it worked perfectly ever time.
  11. Plexihead

    Tube Tape Echo - tape question

    The way the tape comes out of the right side of the cartridge naturally is how it's placed through the tape path.
  12. Plexihead

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2016 Edition

    Guess I'll answer this... that's a NYC Pedalboards board. Looks like it's the version where the pedals can be angled or flat.
  13. Plexihead

    Fulltone SS-TE Solid State Tape Echo

    909one - Curious on what pinch roller you've tried on your SSTE, did Fulltone send you out the red one? windjamma - Yeah I found out about the felt thingy on my TTE, it can't have too much pressure, actually too little is better than too much. Have had my SSTE now for 3 1/2 weeks, so far so...
  14. Plexihead

    Fulltone SS-TE Solid State Tape Echo

    Doubt it, no manufacturer would want a new product release have problems pop up after a number have been sold no matter how minor... but a price increase on a single unit that is way behind fulfilling orders, you bet.
  15. Plexihead

    Fulltone SS-TE Solid State Tape Echo

    You guys who haven't changed the kit/cartridge really should, it's only two posts, rubber roller, spring (if needed) plus cartridge. I've had my SSTE for a week now, works perfectly and sounds awesome, especially when using it with a loud 50 watt Marshall & 4x12 w/G12M's. I should've kept my...
  16. Plexihead

    mdv-3 deja vibe

    It should equal 18V, you can always use a multimeter to check. I will likely be doing the same if I don't purchase a power supply with a dedicated 18V tap.
  17. Plexihead

    Fulltone SSTE price increase notification

    The price increase might be a way to catch up to demand, as mentioned in this thread some have been waiting since May. Anyway, I managed to grab one at the $900 price over the weekend, should receive it sometime in the coming week (hopefully before the new years break). Really looking forward...
  18. Plexihead

    maxon vintage series technical question

    A security torx T-10 works on my AD-999, this particular torx is the one with the hole in the middle.
  19. Plexihead

    Fulltone SS-TE Solid State Tape Echo

    It looks like it was the roller (poor rubber which caused it to go "out of round" which in turn made the warbling), and the tape cartridge (looks like cartridges produced in the past 6 months or so had a couple of inches too much tape in them). Too bad that the SSTE launch was kinda ruined by...
  20. Plexihead

    Which currently made Univibe clone sounds as good as a 70s Trower recording?

    ^ Laughable... of course it is, Fulltone gear just isn't for the cool kids on this site.
  21. Plexihead

    Fulltone SS-TE Solid State Tape Echo

    ^ He's talking about the cartridges (re: lowered price/3 month warranty) Still have yet to grab an SSTE, hopefully sometime in the near future, but with the Christmas season approaching it'll likely have to wait until the first quarter of '16. So many wants, so little cash.
  22. Plexihead

    Fulltone SSTE - Solid State Tape Echo - Review and Thoughts

    No, it disables the echo, not the preamp.
  23. Plexihead

    Will the real Bill Finnigan please stand up?

    Ok, I'd even go to $369 ;) But you're likely correct, the original case must cost a good buck, and although Bill made the originals in his home, doubt he'd want to get back to doing that, so he'd have to pay to have 'em built... nice to dream though, never should've sold mine.
  24. Plexihead

    Will the real Bill Finnigan please stand up?

    I'd buy one again, and I'd also pay ~350... Bill should give 'er a try, re-release it in the gold case with the original knobs & horsie in oxblood... :dude
  25. Plexihead

    Klon - First Impressions

    ^ Yep, kinda pointless.