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    Sold B.K. Butler Tube Driver with Bias Mod

    Used less than 2 hours, never left my home. I bought it new from Butler on reverb but find myself over-invested and need to let this go. Includes original packaging and paperwork. https://reverb.com/item/14845178-b-k-butler-tube-driver-with-bias-mod-2019?publish_confirmation=true
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    Sold Yamaha Revstar RS620 $525 shipped

    $525 shipped in con. US for TGP'ers. https://reverb.com/item/14017426-yamaha-revstar-rs620-brickburst?publish_confirmation=true
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    Best neck humbucker for splitting?

    Thinking of going to a 2 humbucker setujp for my strat, but still want to get good single coil tone from the neck pickup when I want it. What humbuckers sound good in a strat neck, both in bucker mode and single coil mode. I play mostly blues and classic rock, don't need metal tones. Let me...
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    Sold 2017 Fender American Professional strat, sonic grey, maple fretboard

    Bought from another TGP'er but decided I am a rosewood guy. Beautiful guitar. $950 paypalled and shipped in con. U.S. for TGP'ers. https://reverb.com/item/11637759-fender-american-pro-stratocaster-2017-sonic-grey
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    How do I make my oxbow Wah sound good with fuzz?

    I love the Oxbow, best wah I've ever had. But I'm running a newer muff pi into it, and the two don't play well together. With the muff on, the wah sounds raspy and nasty. If I run the wah first, into the muff, the wah effect gets buried. Is there a buffer pedal or something I need between the...
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    Online Suhr dealers?

    Of course I would rather buy in person, but there don't seem to be any dealers of Suhr guitars in the Mpls./St. Paul area. There are a couple who sell Suhr pickups, but not guitars. So If I'm going to buy online, any particular dealers anyone would reccomend? Preferably on Reverb. Let me know...
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    Thanks for not posting pix in your emporium posts!

    Or even a link to some pix. When there's no pix to look at, there's no chance of me responding like a drooling adolescent and deciding on impulse that I need to have it (whatever it is). I can easily blow past your post and go on to ones that have nice pictures!
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    How do you remove tremolo bushings (safely)?

    I have an American deluxe strat body I bought from a guy who had replaced the Fender trem with a Hipshot Contour. The Hipshot has different bushings, but supposedly they fit right in the fender holes. The hipshot is great if you do a lot of whammy stuff, but I prefer a regular two point trem I...
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    Sold Ilitch BPNCS noise-cancelling backplate for strat

    Black, original packaging inlcuded, free shipping for TGP'ers so $200 paypalled and shipped in con. U.S. https://reverb.com/item/10280541-ilitch-bpncs-silent-single-coil-system-2017-black?publish_confirmation=true
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    Sold Lindy Fralin Blues Special strat set - price drop

    Base plate on the bridge, I can include black or white covers, original box included. Free shipping for TGP'ers, so $225 shipped in con. U.S. https://reverb.com/item/10280476-fralin-blues-special-strat-set-black-or-white
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    Sold Squier Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster

    All the hype about these is true, quite an amazing guitar for the money. Unfortunately, the neck is a little thin for my aging fingers. It's in excellent condition, but I don't have a bag or case for it, but it will be packed well. Also, I do not have the trem arm for it. Priced accordingly...
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    PRRI head cab - where can I get one?

    Anybody know where I can get a head cab that fits a princeton reverb reissue head? Most of the usual suspects (Mojo, etc.) warn that their head cabs may not fit the reissue. Let me know. Thanks.
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    Sold Dimarzio Area 58 strat pickups (2), mint condition, black

    Bought new, installed once but not for me, full length leads, original boxes and packaging included. For TGP'ers, $120 for the pair, paypalled and shipped in con. U.S.
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    Pot values for HSS strat?

    I'm installing a high output humbucker in my strat bridge, and I'm wondering whether to use a 500K or 250K tone pot for it. In the past, I've always stuck with the 250K when I did this, and it sounded pretty good, just wondering if a 500K might be an improvement. I plan on staying with a 250 K...
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    HOF over real spring reverb?

    Been having fun with my princeton reverb. Just for grins, tried running my hall of fame verb along with the spring reverb on the PR. Keep the hof on the "hall" setting and the effect level fairly low (under 12 oclock). I'm really liking the combined effect. I get the richness of the spring with...
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    Widest gain range OD/distortion?

    Without having to flip a toggle switch or stomp a footswitch. Just one long, smooth progression from light OD to full bore distortion. Can be Marshall sounding, dmble sounding, or other. Oh, and it must sound fantastic, of course. Any such animal?
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    Tele with two buckers for under 1000?

    I know there are many, but which ones are best? Dont have much experience with teles, so I'm looking around.
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    Fuzz for low-volume playing?

    I play mostly at home these days, and even when I play out with people, it's at low volumes. What fuzz would sound good with my strat into a clean amp at bedroom volumes? I love fuzz, but it's b een my experience that most of them only sound good with a cranked amp. Any suggestions?
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    Sold BluGuitar Amp1 - $450 shipped

    Quite an impressive unit, lots of sounds and applications. Free shipping for TGP'ers, so $450 paypalled and shipped in con. US https://reverb.com/item/7446033-bluguitar-amp1
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    In praise of responsible pedal builders (Munder, Oxbow)

    Well, I bitch when customer service is not good, so it's only fair to speak up when it is good. I'll cite two recent experiences: I bought a Munder Heavy Cream overdrive pedal direct from Munder amplification. I didn't find much info about him on the forum, but the youtube vid of this pedal...
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    "Rot Rails?"

    Someone has a Seymour Duncan "Rot Rails" for sale in the parts emporium. I wonder if it was previously owned by Scooby Do?
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    Used Fender Custom shop necks on reverb...

    Anybody ever bought one of those used Fender CS necks that sell on Reverb, from the Stratosphere and other sellers? They're usually listed over $1000. I'm not that unhappy with the Am. Std. neck on my partscaster, but I just wondered if one of these would be worth it.
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    Strat string noise - grounding problem

    Lately, my strat has a buzz that goes away if a hold my hand over the strings, or even jsut the bridge, so I suspect it's a grounding issue. My trem claw is grounded to my volume pot, so what am i missing? I used to have a strat that had a ground wire running from the body to the volume pot, but...
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    Sold AMT Japanese Girl Wah

    No shipping $ for TGP'ers. Angry Charlie - SOLD AMT Japanese Girl optical mini-wah, bought new and never used outside my home. Includes original box. SOLD
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    Boz Scaggs Guitar - what is it?

    Saw Boz Scaggs live the other night, and it was a fantastic show. He played several guitars: a strat, a Les Paul, and one other one, an ES335 - style that appeared to be dark red or brown. It didn't look like a Gibson logo though, and I've been googling all over the place to try to find out what...