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  1. Daka3

    NGD: Epiphone 2020 Riviera - video added!

    Man. Those new Epis. Tried it, had to have it - and no regrets. I traded an SG Junior in, and walked out with the Riv. Three hours into ownership, I'm overjoyed that I did. Went straight home and slapped my strings (11-49) on it. Plugged it in. Frist impressions: It's a really solid instrument...
  2. Daka3

    NPD: Mr. Black Mini Reverb

    Hoohah! This little thing sure as anything I can think of sounds, well, really, really good. Just got it for the mini, toss-and-go-board that I use frequently for all sorts of stuff, where I need to travel light(er). Slapped it on, (squeezed it in, rather) and my jaw dropped in amazement...
  3. Daka3

    NGD: Epiphone inspired by Gibson Flying V Ebony 2020 - review. Image added!

    Came today, incredibly, made on the 15th of january 2020. Long way from a troubled home, now the whole world's in trouble. This is my quarantine diversion, and I've been looking forward to tinker with it. First impressions: It came out of the box with perhaps the most ridiculously high action...
  4. Daka3

    Incoming: 2020 Epiphone Ebony V

    Thomann has had this thing backordered until late May, but I guess someone's gotta be on the ball at the factory in China, despite pandemics and everything, because the word just came in that it shipped today! Why? Why? Well, I'll tell ya' why. First of all, those 2020 Epis come across as...
  5. Daka3

    Tension woes: 335 is ... hard to play.

    Okay, so I love my '86 335. I want to play the thing as much as I can but, in short, it's stiff. The tension somehow feels much harder than, say, my LP - same scale length, same string set, same setup. This bothers me. I can feel my hand tiring when I play it, but I can't stop, because the thing...
  6. Daka3

    The Mooer Black Secret ... seriously cool.

    Ordered this little thing as a kind of experiment, being a diehard RAT fan, I wanted to test it up against my whiteface reissue and my '86 smallbox blackface. It does good! In fact, I just might like it even more than the whiteface. The BS seems to be more responsive to guitar volume...
  7. Daka3

    TC Vibraclone, first impressions.

    This thing is sounding ... well, actually, not too damn shabby! The good stuff: Warm sounds! Good tremolo and chorale. Really useable, musical sounds. No-frills interface, really easy to get dialed in quickly. Sounds good around the dials, not limited to one or two sweet spots. The more...
  8. Daka3

    El Cap headroom?

    sometimes I feel I’m overloading my Tech21 boost DLA, a delay unit that I otherwise really love. The repeats simply get too loud when I boost into the pedal, and this makes the wet/dry balance hard to nail. Last Night I heard a great player Use the El Cap. It does Sound beautiful, and it made...
  9. Daka3

    The more things change ... (Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini content)

    ... The more they stay the same. After touring around with some different overdrive solutions for my small board (which, incidentally, I use more and more), I have come to the following conclusion: The TS recipe not only works, for my needs (classic rock-y blues-y stuff) , it kicks the good ol'...
  10. Daka3

    Epic re-NPD: Foxrox Cap'n Coconut 2

    I have owned one before, and sold it, dumbass that I was. Now, the day of joy has come: I acquired another one. Lord have mercy, this thing just fires on all cylinders. It just sounds so CRAZY good, all three effects, almost no matter what you do with the settings. Musical, edgy, warm and just...
  11. Daka3

    Drivetrain tales: How I learned to stop worrying about having enough drive and let my tone breathe.

    Recently, I started writing, rehearsing and gigging with my own trio project. The material has a definite bluesy slant without being confined to all blues-structured tunes. I sing and play different electrics, though mostly PAF-based stuff. The following will not apply to heavier tones, of...
  12. Daka3

    Hooking up a JMP 2003 to a 4/12 and a 2/12

    Can this be done? 4/12 is a 1960 super lead 16 ohm Marshall. 2/12 is a JCM 2000, also 16 ohm. I want to run them together, mainly to let the open-back diffusion from the 2/12 into the stage sound, but with the thump of the closed-back 4/12. Top is a 1980 JMP 2203. How would you hook 'em up...
  13. Daka3

    Feelin' the Seth Lover love for my Explorer.

    Lots of Seth-threads, but none about Explorers with Seths. Here goes: Got a sweet 120 anniversary Explorer that I originally decked out with some PAF-type pickups from a smaller winder who shall remain nameless in this context. Suffice to say they were A5 units with a typical PAF-wind in the...
  14. Daka3

    NGD: 1986 Gibson 335 Dot - pictures added.

    Finally .... FINALLY I got it toghether and part-traded (don't ask) some stuff to pick up a pristine-condition '86 335 DOT that I'd been eyeballing for ages. Yesterday, I took it to my trusty friend and repair guy, and after he tightened the neck and filed the nut some, it plays like proverbial...
  15. Daka3

    NGD: Epiphone Bonamassa Firebird 1

    Yesterday, I wrote this in another thread: Right. I just tried one gold and one sunburst at my local store. Big mistake. Now, I gotta deal with that, because they were both awesome soundng guitars. Tried them through a Supro 25 watter, a Blues Junior and a Katana 50 combo (awesome, by the way)...
  16. Daka3

    Going to FOH via a Radial JD1 - thoughts?

    This might be the pinnacle of all stupidity, but here goes: Next week, I'm booked to play a gig that requires me going to FOH. The venue has no mikes, and the ones I normally use will be unavailable, because they're out on the road with another act that day. I own a Radial JD-1. This box also...
  17. Daka3

    Tex-Mex Thankfulness!

    Just fired up my Fender 50's Road Worn Tele for the first time ... in some time. Jesus Jetskiing Christ! Those Tex-Mex Tele pickups just sound terrific, no matter what I do to them. All three positions shine, tone control goes from snarl to rip and all points in between. Can't for the life of...
  18. Daka3

    Accept no substitute. When you want to wow every motherf ....

    Yeah, we all know the AK47 lines from Pulp Fiction, but I thought about the pedal equivalent. It goes like this: When in doubt, and when you want to bring something absolutely reliable, that is just bona-fide and certified to work on every motherf ... In the room, what do you do? You can bring...
  19. Daka3

    The Pelham Wall!

    My good friend and luthier Andreas Borne built my the V and the FB1. These guitars have been discussed in other threads, and they are my two main squeezes these days. But now, there's stiff competition in town, and it's Pelham too! The Explorer started life as a 120 anniversary model in wine...
  20. Daka3

    A3 humbuckers similar to custom buckers and SD Bonamassa set?

    Turns out I like the lower-wound A3 sound, but Gibsons Custombuckers can't be bought separately, and the Duncan JB set is quite expensive. Does anyone have a recommendation for an A3 wind similar to these two? I like the clarity of the A3 sound. I'm not a magnet swapper, by the way, but I'd be...
  21. Daka3

    Faber Master Kit on Gibson Explorer 120 - short and ranty review.

    Couldn't abide by the Nashville bridge on my new Explorer 120. (Yeah, I know. No NGD thread, but I don't have the time for these things always) The Nash seems plinky to my ears and I never could stand the look. Yeah, shallow, I know, but that's how I roll. Anyway - ordered a Faber Master Kit...
  22. Daka3

    Gibson Explorer 120

    I have a line on one of these. It's from february this year and barely used. I'm sorely tempted. Talk to me, Explorer 120 owners.
  23. Daka3

    CC Love thread. Yes, again.

    Carbon Copy, oh, my Carbon Copy. No other pedal can do what you do. Today, I confess, after auditioning two other relatively high-profile delay units, I bit the bullet and purchased my second CC. The first one is being driven around on another board as we speak, and I have a 'loose' gig...
  24. Daka3

    NAD: '80 Marshall JMP Mk2 Master lead 100w top.

    Holy Schmoly! This thing sounds like every favorite hard rock album of mine. Just got it. It's in pristine condition, recapped but with the original Drake trannies. The tolex is like new! It was allegedly owned by an editor (!) who never gigged it. Do I feel lucky? You're damn right I do.
  25. Daka3

    What lower budget pedal resembles the Timmy?

    My Timmy is acting up a little bit on me. Loose switch, cold solder or something. It's becoming unreliable, and sometimes my signal drops in stregnth and sometimes, it even drops out periodically. I'm fixing to get it fixed, maybe even ship it over to Paul C. Thing is, i'm in Europe, and I...