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Search results

  1. TaronKeim

    Taylor 618e

    thinking of ordering one of these sight unseen - i have a lot of experience with taylors and sj200s - the idea of a big bodied full strumming sound with crazy dynamics + headroom available, plus still sensitive enough to do fingerstyle on [unlike most sj-style guitars which the top doesn't move...
  2. TaronKeim

    Carr Impala + Pedals

    really digging the idea of this amp but there are not a lot of clips of it and i've read mixed things on how it takes fuzz pedals and some drives experiences with it and thoughts on the amp as a whole? |tjk
  3. TaronKeim

    Who to Commission a Custom Esquire From?

    i'm looking for relic'd nitro finish, roasted maple neck, rosewood board, painted headstock, probably double bound, left-hand bridge on a righty setup, stainless frets or no deal - not sure about body wood yet, but definitely a one piece body i don't want to do the fender custom shop + all the...
  4. TaronKeim

    Dr.Z Nova + Pedals

    tell me about your Nova in general, how do you like the master on it, are you digging the tones you're getting with it? but, also, how is it taking boosts/drives/fuzz? in some of the videos, i've heard some really unpleasant high-treble trash + artifacts, especially that premier guitar vid...
  5. TaronKeim

    Tell Me About Your Victoria Golden Melody

    JUST WANT TO HEAR ABOUT OWNER'S EXPERIENCES AND THOUGHTS WITH THE AMP NOW spoke with mark today about ordering a golden melody - i've played one before a few times and loved it but the stock speaker isn't my favorite, bet it sounds great in a band mix, but i'm using this amp in my studio and...
  6. TaronKeim

    Koll High-Rise

    any owners out there? not much in the way of clips online i had a guitar saul made me for years that is still the best tele i've owned + can't imagine him making anything less than stellar for a drive pedal how's it clean up with your guitar volume? how's it sound/feel dimed? what's the eq...
  7. TaronKeim

    matchless c-30 (hc/sc/dc) series: how well does it take pedals?

    i see an hc-30 in my future - i've played one multiple times + it is definitely my dream amp [chime-y dirty cleans, a vast array of edge of breakup tones + wicked touch sensitivity are my requirements + the c series does it all in spades] but haven't had a chance to run my...
  8. TaronKeim

    recommend me p-90s with these qualities please

    so, i have a goldtop sg1802 on the way + it comes stock with seymour duncan p90-3s in it, which have ceramic magnets//are hot as f#ck - 12k + 14k neck and bridge respectively i'm going to give them a try when it shows up, but i've had the sd p90-3n in a guitar before and found it lacking for...
  9. TaronKeim

    experience with electronic audio experiments longsword?

    i really dig john's stuff but haven't heard many examples/experiences of his newest v4 longsword - anyone have one? what do you think of it + how are you using it? |tjk
  10. TaronKeim

    WILD FUZZ CONTENT: MAE - Mask Audio Electronics - Maybe?

    just put an order in for one of these bad boys - huge fan of alec's work, both the black math + eldritch blast (collab w/ john of electronic audio experiments) have been mainstays of mine all year for making noise/destroying signals can't wait for this over-the-top riff machine to show up...
  11. TaronKeim

    juke warbler 1210

    hey all, been a long time since i've been around these parts, gearing up + building a studio and i need an amp! anyways, i had a 1210 back in the day with the older style master volume and kt66s - tons of clean headroom, not much for drive and i never ran it with pedals. now, speaking with...
  12. TaronKeim

    meditative noisy experimental electronic sh*t w/ guitar loops + pedals

    og member coming back to the fold walked away from making noise for 10 years... currently working towards doing it all the time missed ya'll + hope you like |tjk
  13. TaronKeim

    Top Album Lists and Reviews of 2010

    Its the second annual Facebook Top Albums of the Year with me and my friends, so I thought I'd share and see if we could do the same thing in thread format. Short but sweet reviews are a must, otherwise it just turns into list after list of sh*t nobody will listen to. _TJK* My List and...
  14. TaronKeim

    Soloway Swan question (Seven string specific)

    Hi there, I've got an LN7 (seen here) and am curious about the string spacing as I am thinking of replacing the pickups. I've dropped Jim an e-mail but know he is busy with a guitar show and some heavy family stuff so I thought I'd reach out to TGP and see if anyone knows the specifics. _TJK*
  15. TaronKeim

    Classical Guitar - Nail Care Advice

    Just starting to take my nail grooming more seriously and was curious as to what professionals recommend. I'm not playing a nail destroying repertoire but would like a more finished edge on my nails for smoother attack. Also, how many of you use hoof strengthener and things like that? I...
  16. TaronKeim

    William Walton's Five Bagatelles - written for Julian Bream

    Just discovered these pieces recently - considering their popularity I'm surprised I haven't come across them earlier. What amazingly composed music! I'm absolutely enthralled by the tone (mood), movement and application of technique in all 5 parts. I'm ordering the sheet music as soon as I...
  17. TaronKeim

    Moog E-1 Guitar

    ...they released a full production model at a much lower price point than the Paul Vo Edition of the instrument - with both hardtail and tremolo bridge setups. http://www.moogmusic.com/moogguitar/?section=product&product_id=21344 _TJK*
  18. TaronKeim

    (Help!) Serial Composition for Guitar (Help!)

    I've been studying 12 Tone/Serial Composition for the last year or so and have found a severe lack in material for guitar recital (solo/duet pieces specifically). I have recently found out that Denis ApIvor saw this "lack" and wrote a book specifically for serial composition on guitar, which...
  19. TaronKeim

    My CD Order: Get turned on to some new music!

    So my CD Baby order showed up today and I'm so stoked because it has been stuff I've wanted for the last couple of months but had to refrain from picking up. I've had to cut my album purchasing back a fair bit because it was getting out of control for my financial situation ($400 a month and a...
  20. TaronKeim

    New Adam Rogers: Sight

    New trio disc on Criss Cross Jazz, had no idea it was in the works. I usually enjoy his small ensemble stuff more than his trio work but from the clips, Patitucci, adds plenty of harmonic counterpoint to hold my interest. Equal number of covers/standard to originals on it as well. Thought...
  21. TaronKeim

    Steinberger ZT-3: Anyone played one?

    ...looks like a stellar design with an improved TransTrem, great body shape and a killer pickup system - anyone playing these? http://www.steinberger.com/ZT3.html _TJK*
  22. TaronKeim

    TGP: Metal Head Club

    ...since the last metal thread went missing, thought I'd start a new one. Here are some full album streams of what I've been listening to the past couple of months: Tombs - Winter Hours Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution (April 14th) Obscura - Cosmogenesis Buried Inside - Spoils of...
  23. TaronKeim

    Anyone into Richard Pinhas?

    ...Just recently discovered him... amazing French guitarist inspired by Fripp and Eno equally (as well as Phillip Glass). His modern output, Metatron and Keio Line w/Merzbow especially, are fantastic. He loops incredible dream-like textures on guitar and synth adding to them over time until...
  24. TaronKeim

    Cocobolo Neck

    ...Just curious if anyone has a guitar with a solid Cocobolo neck and fretboard... one piece or multiple...etc I was thinking the tone might be just what I'm looking for, I've tried an Indian Rosewood neck with Brazilian board, and the harmonics on it were crazy; I like the way Cocobolo...
  25. TaronKeim

    Fuchs Clean Machine

    I've seen a few dealers with them now but have yet to hear very many first-hand experiences with them, and Andy still hasn't posted any clips on his site - minus the Tomo tracks from NAMM. Anyone bought one or had a chance to play one for a bit? What did you think of it? _TJK*