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  1. howthewestwas1

    FS 1960s Gibson dogear P90 - clear bobbin *Price Drop*

    Reads 8.2k on my multimeter. 10 inches of lead. Bridge position, dogear baseplate. $275 paypal/shipped to lower 48, obo. Thanks!
  2. howthewestwas1

    My most jaw dropping and anticipated NGD in some time - Dennis Fano/Novo content ***Video added 4/2/21***

    I've been a major Dennis Fano fan ever since owning a PBG-era RB6 years ago. I unfortunately had to let it go to fund part of my current collection. I am constantly drooling over the Novo instagram feed but never quite found the right guitar, at least not one that matched my RB6 spec-wise...
  3. howthewestwas1

    My special 1956 special *new clip added 2/6/21*

    Amid the ongoing discussions extolling the charm and mystique of, or vilifying the hype and inflated value of vintage instruments, I wanted to contribute a bit more to all the enthusiasm. I have posted this guitar in threads in the past - briefly, I found this one on Craigslist several years...
  4. howthewestwas1

    My vintage ES-330 quest - awesome dot neck, p90, vibe-filled and geek out content ***12/12/20: new video***

    My journey with the ES-330 started several years ago after I acquired a 1960 example that, in hindsight I should have never let go, but did when I came across another example from the same year but with the full 59 neck. Long story short, after buying/selling a few more dot neck versions over...
  5. howthewestwas1

    Looking for opinions on this old P90

    This is the bridge pickup on a player grade 1961 es-330 that at some point had the electronics swapped out. There isn't quite enough slack to pull the pickup out for better pics but the base plate certainly looks old and lead coming from the pickup (under the black rubber shielding) is the old...
  6. howthewestwas1

    Sold 1958 Gibson ES-225 TD - all original, stunning tobacco sunburst ***Price Drop***

    Here is a wonderful example of a 1958 ES-225 TD in a stunning tobacco sunburst finish. It is all original including the dual dogear P90 pickups (bridge 8.7k, neck 8.23), wiring, pots, bumblebee caps, gold bonnet knobs, long wraptail trapeze bridge, tuners, switch tip, pickguard and strap pin...
  7. howthewestwas1

    asking prices for vintage es-330s

    Is it me or have the asking prices for pre-1965 ES-330s gone way up over the last few years? I have a 2017 Vintage Guitar price guide and from I recall prices for sunburst models were easily under 5k. Now everywhere I look shops are asking well over 7k for them. I know shop prices tend to be...
  8. howthewestwas1

    Sold Collings 290 Aged Pelham Blue w/ Throbaks & wraptail

    Up for sale is a spectacular example of a 2019 Collings 290 in their aged pelham blue finish. This one sports Throbak 52/54 P90s and a Schaller wraptail bridge. It has the full standard C shape neck. It is pretty much in mint condition and comes with a high quality Ameritage case and all the...
  9. howthewestwas1

    My new birth year, modded, semi-hollow tone machine - 1985 Custom Shop ES-335 w/ Tim Shaw PAFs***Now with video***

    I posted about this guitar in the ES335 thread recently but have since modded the guitar and have new pictures and so here we are. I've been waiting for the right birth year Gibson to come around for some time and recently came across this sleeper that turned out to be just an absolute knock...
  10. howthewestwas1

    Collings 290 (Throbak P90s) vs 1956 Gibson Les Paul Special - VIDEO

    I've been meaning to do this for some time and finally had a window to quickly grab some footage while the kids were out of the house. Here is a quick and dirty side by side comparison of my two favorite electrics. Here are the specifications. 2019 Collings 290 -Throbak '52,'54 P90s (neck...
  11. howthewestwas1

    Sold Swart STR Tremolo + Alnico Blue ***Like New***

    Back on the makret after last buyer backed out. This amp was purchased new from a Swart dealer 1 month ago and is in essentially brand new condition. This one has the upgraded tuxedo enclosure with a 12" alnico blue speaker. It's is very loud and wonderfully showcases the dynamics of its single...
  12. howthewestwas1

    Sold Creamtone M-69 Pickup Rings + Les Paul Absolute Vintage Pickguard

    I purchased these for a project that ended up not happening so I'm selling these essentially brand new parts for a discount. *** BOTH SOLD PENDING PAYMENT*** M-69 Pickup Rings for Gibson Guitars • Absolute Vintage Collection • Bone White Cream - LIX Patina aging Asking $130 paypal/shipped to...
  13. howthewestwas1

    Sold 1966 Fender Vibrochamp (VINTAGE) - fully serviced + NOS tubes +original cover

    For your consideration is wonderful 1966 Fender Vibro-Champ. I acquired this amp in its original condition. The amp was built in December of 1966 - tube chart reads PL and serial # is A10916. It was serviced by Pete Cage in 2014 including new caps (originals will be included), bias resistor...
  14. howthewestwas1

    Sold 2019 Collings I-30 LC Jet Black - Aged Lacquer - Throbak P90s

    I am the original owner of this fine guitar, purchased new the day after it hit the showroom floor at a local Collings dealer. It has been well cared for and is in superb condition. This one sports Throbak 55/56 P90s in the custom made Collings pickup covers, full 50's neck profile, subtle...
  15. howthewestwas1

    Sold Collings 01T + K&K mini + handmade case (2018 NAMM model) ***Price Drop***

    ***SOLD*** This is the very first production Collings 01T that was debuted at the 2018 Winter NAMM show and is the actual guitar pictured on the Collings site for this model. It features the typical traditional line package - 1 3/4" nut, 2 5/16" spacing on a cut through saddle, extra light...
  16. howthewestwas1

    My new Collings 001-14 Fret Traditional - simply amazing

    I became the proud owner of the new Collings 001 14 feet Traditional last week. This is the actual guitar they showcased at NAMM last month and it is really something special. This one has a sitka top, mahogany back and sides, 1 3/4" nut, 2 5/16" bridge spacing and utilizes hide glue...
  17. howthewestwas1

    Found my favorite OM yet! Bourgeois content within, including lots of pics and vids

    I became a first time and very proud Bourgeois owner last week after taking receipt of this fine specimen - a 2019 Bourgeois Vintage OM with Aged Tone (torrified) Adirondack spruce top and East Indian Rosewood back and sides. I have long been a short scale sitka/mahogany player so this was a...
  18. howthewestwas1

    Sold Waterloo WL-14 X-Braced, Truss Rod, SMALL NECK - 2019, near mint - clip added

    Here is a near mint condition 2019 Waterloo WL-14 that I purchased new from a local authorized dealer earlier this year. It has the standard specs - sitka top, mahogony b/s, 1 3/4" nut, 2 3/8" bridge spacing, x-bracing and truss rod but sports the small neck option. The neck is still a full...
  19. howthewestwas1

    Sold 1960 Gibson ES-330 TD + Bigsby + original case

    The downsizing continues. I'm offering up my 1960 Gibson ES-330 TD in Sunburst with non-original but period correct B3 Bigsby. Pickups/pots/tuners are original but I believe the pickguard is a (very good) repro. The guitar is in excellent, crack free condition with some finish burn on the...
  20. howthewestwas1

    Sold Martin 1937 000-18 Authentic - Shadetop

    Up for grabs is a 2008 Martin 1937 000-18 Authentic in rare shadetop finish. These are arguably the best modern day Martins built to date. As one would expect from the authentic series, this guitar is made with traditional appointments including a beautiful Adirondack top, very light build, hide...
  21. howthewestwas1

    Found my new desert island guitar - Collings content

    I haven't been this pumped about a guitar acquisition in some time so I wanted to share. I took delivery on this fine specimen earlier this week and am gracious that the fine folks at Collings went above and beyond to have this completed despite their NAMM preparations. It's a 290 model in...
  22. howthewestwas1

    Sold Collings Handmade OM/000 Case

    For sale is a fine example of a Collings handmade hard case for an OM/000 acoustic guitar. This one is in excellent condition, bearing only a few exterior bumps/nicks. These beautiful cases that are not only feather light, but sturdy and highly functional. The gorgeous crushed velvet lining...
  23. howthewestwas1

    Considering selling my 1956 Gibson Les Paul Special, seeking advice

    Hey everyone, Apologies in advance if you've seen this post on another forum. Just trying to get some additional opinions. Thanks to those who have already shared their thoughts. I've been on the fence about this for a while but circumstances have come up such that I am considering selling my...
  24. howthewestwas1

    Sold 2017 Collings OM1SS Torrefied Sitka + Handmade Collings Case

    On the fence about this but I am listing my 2017 Collings OM1 Short Scale, featuring a tight grained torrefied sitka top and mahogany back and sides and custom pyramid bridge which yields a beautifully and rewarding touch sensitive guitar. This has a 1 3/4" nut, standard modified V neck from...
  25. howthewestwas1

    small body shootout: Collings OM1ss vs Martin 000-18 Authentic

    I've finally been able to acquire two dream guitars and spend some time comparing some of their nuances. I'm primarily a fingerstyle player and don't have a particularly strong touch so I've been on the hunt for the ideal small body, short scale spruce/mahogany setup and have arrived at the...