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Search results

  1. Berlin Chris

    Acoustic Treatment of my music room - on a budget.

    I work in a pretty small room. Door to my right, window to my left, a 6ft. table for computer etc, some space for a chair, my guitars, a bass plus there is a big book shelf behind me. Wooden floor. What are some simple methods for getting a better (more dry) acoustic situation in my room? Where...
  2. Berlin Chris

    Recording: your best teacher?

    I just recently started recording my new songs. I do everything myself. Writing, playing all instruments, sounds and do the programming. And I promised myself to make it better than ever before.... well, so much for the theory. God, how awful it sounds if I don't listen, really really *listen*...
  3. Berlin Chris

    Teenage Engineering :new modular machines

    Very intriguing! Super cool packages and design. https://teenageengineering.com
  4. Berlin Chris

    Short and funky version of "All Blues" (Bogner Caveman Amp)

    Strat into my old Bogner Caveman on the gain channel. Gain set pretty low and some boost from my Baldringer Dualdrive. Was fun to play!
  5. Berlin Chris

    Humble version of Satriani's " Cryin' "

    Always loved this tune, but it is really hard to play without rushing.... haven't heard the original in years, so I guess I am a little off in couple of spots, but it was not meant to be a note for note cover. Just having fun playing to a great backing. Gear: PRS CU24 with Dunlop Jazz III into...
  6. Berlin Chris

    Real Book Question: There will never be another you

    Hello question regarding bar 27/28/29 of TWINBAY. Ebmaj7 ...how can they come Am7b5 , D7 (or alternatively F13 for this bar) true........if.. Eb6 , Ab9#11 there will never.... etc. The Realbook suggests Am7b5, D7, before going to Eb, but why? To me it sounds...
  7. Berlin Chris

    Adding a middle single coil on a PRS DGT. How to?

    I know, I know... why change an already (pretty much) perfect guitar? But anyways, love my DGT, but I am too much of a Strat guy and I constantly miss the number 2 and 4 in-between sounds. A good approximation of these sounds would be good enough. I am not expecting a miracle here, but would be...
  8. Berlin Chris

    Bogner Caveman - clean channel video

    Bogner Caveman - made in the late 90s. 2 x 6L6, 2 x V30s Had some fun on the clean channel this morning. Just a few notes and chords... I still think this is an amazing piece of gear. That glorious feedback... Signal: guitar - cable - clean channel with (clean) boost and some spring reverb -...
  9. Berlin Chris

    *This* Sadowsky Jim Hall

    Oh man, I wish I could....
  10. Berlin Chris

    Stewart Copeland's music room: what guitar is that?

    Just watching this video and I was wondering what this cool guitar at the 15 minute mark is...? Never seen anything quite like it....
  11. Berlin Chris

    Throw a party, invite a band or a solo artist.....

    ....any band, any solo artist. Budget-, stardom- or popularity-issues aside. In your backyard, your garden or your garage, playing for your friends and family and have a drink together afterwards.... Who would it be?
  12. Berlin Chris

    Bluguitar Blubox Speaker emulator with IRs

    This could be an interesting product right there: Thomas Blug's speaker emulation with Impulse Responses of 16 different cabs. What I initially like the most is the easy-to-operate interface. Dial in your IR, fine-tune the mic position and bingo! No menus, no computer needed, but of course...
  13. Berlin Chris

    Happy new year (with a track)

    Happy new year to all of you. May it be filled with joy. Where I live we are close to approaching midnight. No big party today, just the kids and my wife, with just enough time to record a few bars with a John Mayer vibe. Great backing track from the tube. First take.... This was my...
  14. Berlin Chris

    my little kids made an ambient track - kind of.....

    So, my kids (2 and 7 years old) hammered on my Ableton Push, managed to record around 500bars, dialed in this strange backwards-type sound and went away to play something else. Loud, as always.... I stopped, listened, cut out 4minutes of their stuff, took the guitar and boom! Here is me, trying...
  15. Berlin Chris

    the mechanic vs. the musician in me

    My jazz playing sucks! I am only good when I can let go, when I feel it. Swing, pocket, laid back feeling and yes, command over what I am doing. Ever too often I find myself playing too fast, too "guitaristic", too many scale, too many mechanisms instead of playing music - and I just want to...
  16. Berlin Chris

    Just bought a SUGI - incredible, exotic & toneful

    So, I was shopping for a Collings I-35 or a SoCo (LC) a couple of days ago. Drove a couple of hours to the exclusive dealer in Germany and called it a "guitar-day". I checked out a whole range of Collings guitars and I would have taken the SoCo Deluxe (not the LC, much to my surprise). But...
  17. Berlin Chris

    Need a little help with using my efx loop

    Hello, I have never had an amp with a serial efx loop before. My new amp has send jack/return jack, no level controls. And I am having a problem here. When I insert a stompbox (ie. Wampler Faux Echo) into the loop the amp gets significantly louder and it seems to loose some dynamics. As if...
  18. Berlin Chris

    Boss Chorus Ensemble: is there a similar but "modern" version?

    Lovers of the old (heavy and bulky) Chorus Ensemble: I am looking for an equally warm, lush sounding "modernized" version with small footprint and improved noise level, if there is such a thing. Footswitches for On/Off and chorus/vibrato along with separate dials for both efx are crucial to me...
  19. Berlin Chris

    Mothers Finest Live. Yeah!

    I've been looking through my CDs today and found MF Live from 1979. Damn, it is from 1979. What a freaking great album, but it is quite irritating that the CD has a different order of songs than the LP which I heard throughout the 80s. Remember that stuff? Baby Love, Can't fight the feeling...
  20. Berlin Chris

    Santana-style with ELEVEN RACK

    The 11R continues to amaze me. It's the sh*t - plain and simple. I found this great backing of "Life is a lady/ Holiday" and simply gave it a go. It was so much fun for a couple of reasons. - "Life is a lady" was one of the first *real* guitar instrumentals I transcribed all by myself and...
  21. Berlin Chris

    That elusive "FORD"tone with an Eleven Rack

    So, I tried to get it - the FORD tone. Well, at least my version of that infamous "chirp". For me it works nicely, although it was a bit stiff to play through my home stereo. Settings: Digidesign´s own "DC Vintage"amp with the built-in tube screamer, some very short slapback delay for a fatter...
  22. Berlin Chris

    Playing and Recording with Midi-Guitar

    Hi there, I have a Godin LGXT and an Axon Guitar-to-Midi device. My goal is to be able to play (and record) all types of plug-ins instead of the cheesy built-in sounds of the Axon. Now, playing any single sound through my DAW is of course easy, but I have some problems with that. When selecting...
  23. Berlin Chris

    Do these changes look familiar to you?

    Been working on Joe Diorio´s Fusion Guitar recently. Great book btw. He uses standard progressions for the solos he presents, but unfortunately I only know a few of these progressions. So far I identified Stella, ATTYA, Modern Blues, Blues and Blue Bossa. Others also seem familiar to me but I...
  24. Berlin Chris

    Shell Pink anybody?

    ...because I just got a new one. Made in The Netherlands by Erik van der Haar. It´s brandnew and it´s mine. Oooh yes! 60s Strat-style, light alder, medium-sized neck, beautiful relic job (not too much, thank you) and great sounding. But most of all it is finished in shell pink. I would have...
  25. Berlin Chris

    Strat trem bridge with narrow(er) string spacing?

    Hi there, I love the feel of tune-o-matic bridges which I am sure has a lot to do with the narrower string spacing of 52mm. The traditional Strat trems have about 56mm, some of the newer ones (ie. Wilkinson) have 54mm, but I haven´t found anything even narrower than that. There is another...