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  1. gumtown

    Boss Gt-1 live?

    Get a Boss FS-7 dual footswitch to go with it, as the existing GT-1 footswitches are a bit limited when 2 of them are used to change patch.
  2. gumtown

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Are you an Egg ? :rotflmao
  3. gumtown

    Boss SY-1000

    "Talk with Boss" this week was the SY-1000
  4. gumtown

    edit: M1 Macs working. Was: Do you think BOSS is even working on Mac M1 support?

    Here is the last Roland Corporation financial report before they delisted from the stock exchange https://www.roland.com/RolandComSite/media/global/release/pdf/2014/20140807.pdf Which includes all other ventures (printer, computer peripherals, musical, others) 3 months sales of 21 Billion Yen...
  5. gumtown

    edit: M1 Macs working. Was: Do you think BOSS is even working on Mac M1 support?

    Yes, so long as the USB-Midi device is supported by Mac M1, and is a decent quality type (Roland UM-One mk2 fits both requirements).
  6. gumtown

    edit: M1 Macs working. Was: Do you think BOSS is even working on Mac M1 support?

    Meanwhile you can use a compatible USB-Midi adapter into the GT-1000 midi ports. Re-compiling source for the M1 is not that easy, especially if using a 3rd party framework which needs to update its libraries first.
  7. gumtown

    edit: M1 Macs working. Was: Do you think BOSS is even working on Mac M1 support?

    For the M1, being a totally different hardware architecture from the intel chip, requires new hardware drivers rewritten from the ground up. I guess if history repeats, look back when Mac OS moved from OSx9 to OSx10, and the hardware changed from PPC to intel, how long did it take Roland/Boss to...
  8. gumtown

    Boss VE-500

    OK I caved in and have just brought the Boss VE-500 Vocal Performer. Let's see where it goes from here on... Roland GR-55 > midi > Boss SY-1000 > midi > VE-500 = world domination !!!! :Devil MMwwwaahahahahha !!
  9. gumtown

    The Official Boss GT-1 Thread.

    I can now say the Katana MK2 editor is done and available here https://sourceforge.net/projects/fxfloorboard/files/KatanaFxFloorBoard/Katana%20FxFloorboard%20for%20MK2%20Desktop/
  10. gumtown

    Helix 3.1?

    Bluetooth is on par with Dialup internet, its basically wireless RS232 serial port. Wifi with secure encryption would be good. But I am skeptical about any wireless connection to your gear for live gig use. Imagine your tones suddenly changing during a gig because someone in the audience...
  11. gumtown

    Boss VE-500 Vocal Performer Pedal vs. TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play Vocal Effects and Harmony Pedal

    All 99 User patches are accessible by midi PC. There is a VE-500 facebook page with discussion on that.
  12. gumtown

    Boss VE-500

    Just from looking at the VE-500 specs, the effects and reverb should have more depth as it uses the same new 32 bit converters and processing as the GT-1000, where the VE-20 is rather old and based on the 24bit chip like the GT-100.
  13. gumtown

    Can someone help me understand the Pocket Gt pricetag?

    I think ditching the "COSM" brand (although it never bothered me, its just a name) and using "A.I.R.D" and "Tube Logic" is enough to convince some that this is something else/new.
  14. gumtown

    Can someone help me understand the Pocket Gt pricetag?

    You talking about the Waza headphones right? :anon
  15. gumtown

    Can someone help me understand the Pocket Gt pricetag?

    I guess some of the stuff is aimed at markets that don't exist within this site. I assume these wacky devices are selling well in certain 'other' markets.
  16. gumtown

    Can someone help me understand the Pocket Gt pricetag?

    If people are still buying he ME-80 in high numbers, then why redesign the wheel or fix it if it ain't broke. All these products are basically off shoots of the GT-100 from 2012. The GT-100, then... GT-001 GT-1 GT-1B Katana Mk1 Katana Mk2 Katana AIR WAZA Headphones BR-80 GT-Pocket Are all...
  17. gumtown


    new a couple of months back ?, the GT-1 has been out for nearly 5 years. No new features have been added, so all that stuff was already there when you first had it.
  18. gumtown

    Boss VE-500

    Here I am, thinking of getting the VE-500, currently have the Boss VE-5, looking for something more programmable and can be controller real-time via Midi. My main vocalist was previously using the TC Voice Live Play unit, but it wasn't co-operating for him, and then tried the Boss VE-5 and...
  19. gumtown

    Boss SY-1000

    For EXP pedal switch, you can go 1 step further and attach a thin rubber block under the Toe (and/or heal) end of the EXP pedal, so that the last 1% of travel requires the rubber block to be compressed. Then set up an Assign to Toggle on the Wah effect using the EXP pedal as the Source and the...
  20. gumtown

    Boss SY-1000

    I still have not figured it yet. But I use an external expression pedal for my tone mixing, so dont have a need to use the GK3 mix switch yet. Same with the GR-55 too.
  21. gumtown

    Boss SY-1000

    The GK3 selector switch does not work as expected out of the box, quite a common question. Settings need to be changed.
  22. gumtown

    Boss Katana Mk II

    Don't expect any updates, despite there "being plenty of room for updates" does not mean any will actually happen. If you want to record direct, then Line Out will do, the Stereo expand option makes no difference in this case. You could also use the FX send, but depending on where it is placed...
  23. gumtown

    Boss SY-1000

    My current setup is a Boss SY-1000 and a Roland GR-55 (modified with a send/return loop to take a Tech21 Vt-Bass pedal in the loop), All my basses have a GK-3B external pickup or a GK-KIT-3B internal pickup kit, (also an array of guitars with GK-3 pickups too) the 13 pin cable runs into a DIY 13...
  24. gumtown

    Audio to MIDI plugin

    The FTP (Fishman Triple Play) can not be used with bass. I use the GK-3B pickup on bass with both the Roland GR-55 and Boss SY-1000, and have also used the midi out into a Roland Fantom XR synth rack module. On bass, pitch to midi is not that great for latency, the built in synths of the GR-55...