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Search results

  1. Luke V

    Boss Nextone Special 80W 1x12 Combo Amplifier Black

    Anyone check this out yet? Seems very cool to me. I did a search and nothing came up.
  2. Luke V

    Who has or had a Strat with a P-90?

    Who has a Strat with a P-90 in the bridge position? A normal sized one, not Strat single coil or humbucker sized. It seems like it would be a great mix with standard single coils. I've been contemplating a Strat with a humbucker, but now thinking that a P-90 might be the way to go. If you have...
  3. Luke V

    '73 beater Strat, to rout or not?

    I have a '73 beater Strat that has a terrible refin and looks like crap. I'm thinking about having it routed for a humbucker in the treble position and having it painted Olympic white or possibly fiesta red. I have 5 other nice strats that are sss. I'm not sure if it is considered vintage, but...
  4. Luke V

    First gig with new PA, RCF content:

    Well, we finally played our first gig since February and it was the first time using my RCF HD32 Mk4 speakers with RCF 705 ASII sub. I had so many people tell me that it was the best the band ever sounded, including band wives and of course they had no idea that the setup was new. I also had...
  5. Luke V

    So, I pretty much decided to go with RCF for my new PA

    I've been doing a lot of research and pretty much decided to go with 2 RCF HD32a-MK4s and a single 705 ASII sub for my cover band. We do small bars, 100-150 people for most of our gigs. We have a lead singer, guitar, keyboards, sax, bass, and drums, all will be mic'd, and everyone sings. I have...
  6. Luke V

    I killed my Octavio...

    I plugged into my pp2 without using a reverse polarity cable and it quit working. I bypassed what I think are the circuit protection diodes, d1 and d2, and it still won't work with a battery. It passes a signal when bypassed. Any ideas? I have a gig tomorrow and hope I can get her up and running...
  7. Luke V


  8. Luke V

    Anyone have info on the release date for...

    the Marshall Slash AFD 5 watt? Seems like it's going to be a cool little combo. 1 el34 and a 12" speaker. I am definitely going to get one when they're released.
  9. Luke V

    This looks like an interesting concept.....

    Chandler GAV19T amp: http://vintageking.com/chandler-limited-gav19t?utm_source=Big+List&utm_campaign=a5acbda56d-Microphones_and_Chandler_Amp1_7_2013&utm_medium=email
  10. Luke V

    Family photo... semi-hollow content

    339, Midtown, 335, Epi P93, and '82 335. I love semi-hollows. Just got the Midtown Standard today. It sounds great when cranked but the tone rolls of big time when you roll back the volume. I will be changing out the pots and cap. I was pleasantly surprised that the neck is not as thin as I...
  11. Luke V

    Loved Dave Grohl's ...

    acceptance speech. Wish I had a link. We will be talking about this tomorrow. I have no computers in my studio, I'm very old school so it really hit home with me. I've said it before, when it comes to music, perfection is over rated.
  12. Luke V

    Love the Willy tune...

    on the Chipotle commercial on the Grammys. Liked the commercial too.
  13. Luke V

    Anyone seen this yet? I'm really digging it!

  14. Luke V

    Gibson Midtown anyone?

    Anyone checked these out? http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-limited-run-midtown-standard-electric-guitar Looks very interesting to me. Don't like the white spped knobs or white pickup rings but I'd love to check one out. The Pete Townsend SG looks very interesting too.
  15. Luke V

    So what's been your best amp purchase of 2011?

    Mine is a Suhr Badger 18. Great overdrive that cleans up when you roll back your guitar's volume and the power scaling is amazing. This thing sounds great at bedroom levels as well as rocking it hard on stage. It sounds fantastic with the stock v30.
  16. Luke V

    NAD: Badger 18

    Got my Badger 18 last Friday and Hermida cab with a Scumback M75-65watt on Monday and I also decided to get the Suhr 1x12 cab with stock v30 which arrived yesterday. Man does this thing sound huge, the way that the amp reacts to the volume control on the guitar is a dream. It really thumps with...
  17. Luke V

    Saw Trower last night...

    it was kind of hard to see his pedals, they were behind his monitor but from what I could see he has a tu-2>the fulltone cocked wah thing>MDV-2>Fulltone Clyde wah>then whatever Fulltone dirt pedal, probably RT od. All pedals were Fulltone except the tuner. He was using what appeared to be a...
  18. Luke V

    Anyone seen this?

    It's finally available. http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-MAR-C501H-LIST?src=WNWSLTTRE110502H&utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=Inhouse&utm_campaign=110502
  19. Luke V

    Does any make a pedal that...

    Does anyone make a pedal that is a channel switcher with separate fx loops for A and B with only one switch? I would like to run, say a comp. and boost in my clean channel, and have my ods and wah in the dirty channel. So just by hitting the channel button I can have my tones go from one preset...
  20. Luke V

    Anyone diggin' the Top Hat Club Deluxe?

    I was thinking about getting a Fender DRRI, but decided to go for a Club Deluxe, the newer model. I haven't been able to play through one though. Any opinions or comments from guys that have tried or own one? Thanks