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  1. TaronKeim

    NGD Taylor 352ce 12 string

    it is similar to detuning the oscillators on a synthesizer, the sounds thickens up because you're reducing the instances of phase cancellation, especially with the unison strings - you have to do it by ear though + it really depends what else you have going on, sometimes it is less than a cent...
  2. TaronKeim

    Favorite Klon Klone 2021 Edition

    my bad! they sure sound similar enough for me |tjk
  3. TaronKeim

    What is the favorite acoustic that you've ever played?

    waterloo ladder-braced wl-14 w/ no truss rod - unbelievably responsive + expressive, everywhere you played along the string length had a vastly different tonal shade - the v shaped neck felt so good for my preferences, especially for over the top thumb fretting - by far the best fingerstyle...
  4. TaronKeim

    Taylor 618e

    thanks for letting me know your experience with it - i'm definitely getting it as a strummer, i have a great fingerstyle guitar, but am a hybrid player, so if this one sounds/responds even just a bit better than most big ol'jumbos when squeezed into that roll, i'll be happy - was yours a maple...
  5. TaronKeim

    Favorite Klon Klone 2021 Edition

    the oxblood is a klon... |tjk
  6. TaronKeim

    NGD Taylor 352ce 12 string

    old recording trick is to tune the octaves and unisons just a cent or two flat vs. the standard strings, just a massive jangling tone - in my experience the taylor 12s sound amazing that way + play ridiculously easy |tjk
  7. TaronKeim

    Favorite Klon Klone 2021 Edition

    the keeley oxblood can be made to sound pretty much identical to the mick side and is what it was based on |tjk
  8. TaronKeim

    Favorite RAT clone

    huge fan of the rat portion of my life pedal v2 - something about the low-end + the lower gain range sounds a lot better than most rodent units to me - the bass is both bigger + tighter w/ really clear high-end |tjk
  9. TaronKeim

    Taylor 618e

    i can hear a growl + pregnancy in the mids in the clips that is sort of the trademark love it or hate it characteristic of maple, but with more sparkle and overtones than maple usual has, which to me is perfect, that fat growl records great + cuts amazing in the mix thanks for you input - i...
  10. TaronKeim

    Can't love my NG

    play it + enjoy - especially if the top has nice tight grain and it sounds good the nitro will yellow/darken over time and make it appear more brown/black |tjk
  11. TaronKeim

    Taylor 618e

    thinking of ordering one of these sight unseen - i have a lot of experience with taylors and sj200s - the idea of a big bodied full strumming sound with crazy dynamics + headroom available, plus still sensitive enough to do fingerstyle on [unlike most sj-style guitars which the top doesn't move...
  12. TaronKeim

    Don't care what anybody says; the little guy in the red hat can farkin' play

    man, anybody who has bad sh#t to say about this is just an a-hole what a wonderful send-up to george + platform for prince to show-off/enjoy his induction at the same time there is a nurtured naivety in all the true greats, no matter how practiced or technical they get, they are able to tap...
  13. TaronKeim

    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    right? amazing instruments, i have a gold top sg w/ p90s en route, should see it next week those flying samurai guitars are something! |tjk p/s i sort of cheat a little, i'm the manager of a piano dealership, so the yamaha staff discount on guitars is incredible:D
  14. TaronKeim

    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    more guitars in the last 6 months than i've bought in the last 10 years - the jazzmaster has some killer birdseye on the neck + will be getting mojo foils, a new pickguard and a full mastery setup |tjk
  15. guitars


    my whips
  16. FSR American Pro

    FSR American Pro

  17. FSX5


  18. Yamaha Mike Stern 1611

    Yamaha Mike Stern 1611

  19. TaronKeim

    Boss TB-2W (Boss ft. Sola Sound Unite)

    got a july ship date for mine at long + mcquade as well! |tjk
  20. TaronKeim

    Who to Commission a Custom Esquire From?

    it seems pretty condescending to me trivialize bolt-on guitars as "even robots can make good ones" and then explain that most differences are subjective and have to do with tone + feel [no sh#t] in a forum for gear hounds, and specifically, a section to do with custom builds where buyers are...
  21. TaronKeim

    Who to Commission a Custom Esquire From?

    i've seen a lot of Tuttle's but have never got my hands on one - what guitar of his do you have? |tjk
  22. TaronKeim

    Who will refuse to watch "The Pedal Movie" on principle alone?

    paid to own it, plan on watching it again + wanted to support the effort that went into making it - i hope all the builders and researchers were compensated too; it was a great watch + hearing about the sense of community around builders/builders + musicians was heartwarming |tjk
  23. TaronKeim

    Who to Commission a Custom Esquire From?

    thanks for mansplaining to me how to shop for a guitar + explaining the completely obvious when it comes to options + manufacturing |tjk
  24. TaronKeim

    DR Z EMS new videos

    both of these are killer - tonewise the evh one is fantastic, so chewy i am really curious why this amp doesn't get more attention |tjk
  25. TaronKeim

    PRS SE Indonesia vs Old Korean ones?

    just prs, other companies have some more consistent indonesian lines, like the premium series from ibanez but others are even worse - it is really line/price specific though, throw the same money and training at an indonesian factory/team as a korean or japanese factory and give them a couple...