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Search results

  1. tonydetiger

    Pedal sequence for Acoustic board

    I've gotten my pedals for my acoustic board, and I’m curious about what sequence they should be set up in. Here’s what I have: - LR Baggs Session DI - Korg Pitchblack tuner - TC Electronic HOF Mini reverb - TC Electronic Ditto looper - Mooer Mini EQ I’m building this to go to the sound...
  2. tonydetiger

    Recommendations for an acoustic fly rig

    I'm looking for suggestions. I have a gig at a small concert venue with its own PA and sound engineer. They can provide a simple DI to the board for my acoustic-electric guitar (PRS SE Angelus). I wanted the ability to improve the acoustic signal with a preamp, maybe add a looper for help...
  3. tonydetiger

    How to remove a layer of paint without ruining the finish?

    I have a Reverend Bayonet with a paint stripe that a previous owner added. I guess he tried to create the illusion of binding or accentuate the neck pocket. He's added mint green accents on the upper and lower horn. It doesn't look bad, but you can tell it's not a factory job. It's been...
  4. tonydetiger

    Anyone seen U2 on Tour this year?

    My father in law is coming to visit us in Music City this May. He’s coming the weekend of the U2 concert. He’s told me he wants to go, as he’s never seen U2 before. Of course this concert sold out in 30 seconds, and I’m having to use resellers. There are seats available behind the stage that...
  5. tonydetiger

    Production Tele with body contours

    I like everything about a telecaster, except the lack of forearm and body contours. It seems like I can’t find a good one with out A) buying an import model that’s a boat anchor, or B) spending over $1100 for a Fender signature model. What options are out there for a production model Tele with...
  6. tonydetiger

    Sold Tele bridge pickups Seymour Duncan Dimarzio

    Telecaster bridge pickups for sale. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound for Tele (Lead/Bridge) - SOLD This one is practically new in box. Never been mounted. Mounting hardware included. DiMarzio Area T Hot bridge pickup SOLD Has been mounted before, previously soldered. plenty of length for...
  7. tonydetiger

    Sold Partscaster Esquire Tele for sale Warmoth Bareknuckle

    Having to make room in my collection for a recent purchase, and this one doesn't get the love it deserves. Partscaster built in a Tele/Esquire setup. Warmoth Swamp Ash body (4lbs 1oz) Forearm and belly contours Contoured Heel Finished in Satin Metallic Sunburst Maple Neck with Rosewood...
  8. tonydetiger

    Pickup question for partscaster Tele

    I picked up a great swamp ash body in Warmoth's showcase recently. I'm making it into an Esquire. I have 2 pickups I'm interested in for the bridge. One is the Dimarzio Area T Hot, and the other is a BKP Piledriver. I want a pretty aggressive sound, and I want this Tele to handle everything...
  9. tonydetiger

    Sold PRS SE One Korina

    Making room for some new additions to the collection. PRS SE One Korina. All korina with a rosewood fretboard. 25" scale, 12" fretboard radius, 22 frets. PRS wide fat neck profile. This is one of the earlier SE models with the moon inlays. It's all original with no modifications. Fantastic as...
  10. tonydetiger

    Sold Reverend Sensei RA FM

    Putting my Reverend Sensei up for sale or trade. Korina body with flame maple top. Neck is korina with ebony fretboard. 24 3/4" scale. 22 frets. Neck radius is medium oval. Features Railhammer Chisel pickups with volume, tone, and bass contour control. Guitar is in great shape with no dents or...
  11. tonydetiger

    Les Paul questions

    im getting into the idea of owning a Les Paul. I tried out both Epiphone and Gibson versions. After playing a few that sounded great but weighed a metric ton, I found a few that I liked. I've found that I need - it has to be chambered or weight relieved, it has to be a carved top, and it needs...
  12. tonydetiger

    Need some help finding a custom neck builder

    im in the process of finally turning a body I had made into an actual guitar. It's a chambered telecaster body made out of cherry. It's chambered for weight relief and has forearm and belly contours. What I'm hoping to find is someone who can made me a Tele neck out of cherry. I'm not going...
  13. tonydetiger

    Affordable Telecaster with contours

    im looking for suggestions on Telecasters/Tele style guitars with comfort contours. At the very least, it needs a belly contour. Anything in the $500 and under mark?
  14. tonydetiger

    Sold PRS SE Zach Myers - $600 OBO

    i bought this PRS SE Zach Myers a couple of months ago. I took a chance on this one hoping it would fit my needs. But, the control layout is all wrong for me, and I just can't get along with it. I ordered this one from Germany, as they got a special run on the colors that I really wanted. This...
  15. tonydetiger

    Can Anyone Identify This Ibanez?

    I stopped at Guitar Center today, and they had this guitar in their used section. Ibanez, double cut/SG style body, mirror pick guard, humbuckers that remind me of either EMG's or older Schallers.
  16. tonydetiger

    Question for Ibanez Talman Owners - Trem Arm

    I bought a used Ibanez Talman Electric guitar. It's missing the tremolo arm, and I wanted to find a replacement. Is it a 6mm with threads, or is it a pop-in arm?
  17. tonydetiger

    G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Bluesboy - $375 OBO

    G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Bluesboy guitar in Lake Placid Blue finish. Basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard. 25.5" scale, 22 frets. MFD single coil in the bridge position. Paul Gagon designed humbucker in the neck position. Steel bridge with individual brass saddles. 1 volume, 1 tone, and...
  18. tonydetiger

    ESP LTD ST-203FR - $350 OBO

    Tried this one out, but I don't get along with Floyds as much as I used to. ESP LTD ST-203FR. 25.5" scale, alder body, maple neck. 42mm but width. Has the thin U ESP profile to it. Feels like a Strat neck with a 12" radius. Loaded with a Floyd Rose Special bridge. Pickups are a Seymour...
  19. tonydetiger

    Ibanez Talman Artcore TXD71 Semi Hollow Guitar - $300 OBO

    Offering this one up for sale. Ibanez Talman Artcore TX71 semi hollow guitar. Maple body and neck, rosewood fretboard. 12" radius, 22 frets. Ibanez ACH humbuckers. This one has simplified controls - part of what drew me to it. I'm not a fan of the 4 knob set up. One tone, one volume, and a 3...
  20. tonydetiger

    Reverend Owners - Questions about Bayonet and Kingbolt models

    I'm retooling my guitars, and two of the newer guitars I have my eye on are both Reverends. One is the Bayonet, and the other is the Kingbolt. I don't have a way to try before I buy. No dealer locally that has either in stock. I also haven't tried any Reverend guitar. My key things are...
  21. tonydetiger

    Ibanez Talman TC420 - $250 OBO

    Putting my Ibanez Talman TC420 up for sale. Finished in Raspberry Metallic (Burgundy Mist would be it's closest match). 22 frets, loaded with 2 Kent Armstrong P-90's. 1 volume, 1 tone, and a 3 way switch. I think this one is from the year they did resincast bodies, and it has a maple neck...
  22. tonydetiger

    Ernie Ball Musicman Reflex - $1250 OBO

    I'm revamping my collection, and I've decided to put my EBMM Reflex up for sale. Chambered basswood body, mahogany tone block, flame maple top. Birdseye maple neck with rosewood fretboard. 25.5" scale, 22 frets. It has a slightly larger body than the Axis, and it also has a forearm contour...
  23. tonydetiger

    How "Semi Hollow" to go?

    I'm still trying to make up my mind on which semi-hollow to get. I know I want semi hollow as opposed to full hollow. I play some heavier rock at times, and I don't want to fight a ton of feedback. My question is: How semi-hollow should I go? The one I played locally is this one -...
  24. tonydetiger

    FS: EVH Wolfgang Standard $500 OBO

    Making room for another new guitar, and I've voted this one off the island. EVH Wolfgang Standard in Trans Black. This is the Indonesian import model, but I think it's pretty darn good. Stats are almost the same as the USA/Japan models, except the pickups are not EVH's and it does not come...
  25. tonydetiger

    FS: PRS SE One Korina $325 SOLD

    In the mood for something different, so I've elected my PRS SE One to move on down the line. This is the Korina model. 100% stock. I did add strap locks, but I'm putting the originals back on before I ship. The action is low and it plays well. Zero fret buzz and the fret life is good. I have...