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Search results

  1. transmission

    Basic Audio Super Fuzz or Smallsound/Bigsound Buzzz

    Considering picking up one of these two Super Fuzz based fuzzes, anybody had the pleasure of trying both side by side? How do they compare? I'm aware the Buzzz has the Starve control and eq toggle (how does it change the eq?), so will offer more variety tones. However, the main thing I'm...
  2. transmission

    Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water - K-Field Modulator

    I enquired today about this upcoming release from Fairfield Circuitry, and got the following response, 'We're finishing up the second generation of prototype, the pre-sale and promo videos should be announced in a couple of weeks.' The info below was posted by Fairfield a while back on another...
  3. transmission

    Powered Cab or Practice Amp - for studio/light jamming?

    Which way to go? I would like some options for home studio jamming, writing and recording. I am primarily a guitar player nowadays, but started out on bass. I don't currently have a bass amp, but I do have a Sansamp BDDI that has served me well for many years. I would be happy enough to use...
  4. transmission

    Wide Range Humbucker Repros

    Has anybody here compared any of the boutique repro WRHBs side by side? Or compared them to the real 70's originals? What were your impressions? Looking specifically at the following, though the top two are front runners, Novak, Creamery, Lollar Regals, Mojotone. Cheers
  5. transmission

    Mobius - replacing with individual effects (Trem, Chorus, Vibrato, LoFi)

    I have a Mobius, which I enjoy somewhat, however there are a number of modes that don't interest me much and I wonder if I would get more out of a few individual effects. I think I really only want to replace; Chorus, Vibrato (true pitch vibrato), Tremolo and LoFi (destroyer mode). Anybody...
  6. transmission

    Delay: Meet Maude vs El Capistan + An Other

    Looking for opinions on how these two compare, how much overlap there is etc? I will have a two delay setup (maybe even 3) on my board, one before dirt, one nearer the end. My plan was to have the El Cap (played but don't own) at the end, with something simpler earlier in the chain. Now got my...