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  1. F

    Strat bodies with swimming pool route vs 3 single coil route...

    I had a legacy with the swimming pool route, and it aounded just as good or better than any traditional -rite strat i've ever had,
  2. F

    How do boutique pickups (Lollar, Fralin etc) compare to traditional Strat pickups (SSL-1, Fat 50s)

    I don't think most audience members could tell much difference between one pickup or another. But we don't obsess about this stuff for the audience, we do it because it makes us happy. So if you're curious about boutique pickups, go for it. The good thing is, you can usually recoup over 50% of...
  3. F

    How come Jeff Beck never became a household name like Hendrix, Clapton, and Jimmy Page?

    I just think he's always strove to be a "pure" guitarist, regardless of genre. I don't think he ever wanted to sacrifice any of that focus to pursue a wider audience. If that's true, he stuck to his principles and became one of greatest players the world has known.
  4. F

    Sold B.K. Butler Tube Driver with Bias Mod

    Used less than 2 hours, never left my home. I bought it new from Butler on reverb but find myself over-invested and need to let this go. Includes original packaging and paperwork. https://reverb.com/item/14845178-b-k-butler-tube-driver-with-bias-mod-2019?publish_confirmation=true
  5. F

    Strange SG thoughts?

    Pretty dang strange.
  6. F

    Any of you blues players who play live with different tunings....

    I saw Ana Popovic recently, and she just re-tuned on the fly, several times, when she wanted to play slide, no big deal. Only took a minute or so and she would chat with the audience while doing it.
  7. F

    Best Strat Style under 1000 dollars.

    + Used Fender Am professional.
  8. F

    Guitar builders from Minnesota?

    I would check with Ted Vig over at Vig guitars in st. paul. Nice guy and very knowledgeable about all things guitar around MN.
  9. F

    How to deal with hand pain related to playing guitar?

    One guy I know swears by turmeric, the seasoning. You can buy it as a supplement or just go to a good spice store and buy some, mix it with water. It's also supposed help with muscle and joint pain all over. I haven't tried it yet myself though.
  10. F

    Why do I ‘need’ a Revstar?

    Because I'm selling one.
  11. F

    Fender strat - entry level custom shop or am professional

    I got an am prof a while back and have been very pleased with it, except I did put tex special in it because I like them (the stock pickups were not bad at all). Now I'm thinking about getting another one to put more vintage sounding pickups in. This strat stays in tune better than any guitar I...
  12. F

    Ilitch vs noiseless pickups - latest TGP thinking?

    I tried just about all the noiseless strat pickups out there, and was never satisfied. Then I tried the Ilitch backplate, and while it did remove some noise, I was disappointed at the noise I still got. (Quite possible that genius boy did not hook it up right, though I checked it several times)...
  13. thesepedals


  14. F

    Sold Yamaha Revstar RS620 $525 shipped

    $525 shipped in con. US for TGP'ers. https://reverb.com/item/14017426-yamaha-revstar-rs620-brickburst?publish_confirmation=true
  15. F

    Strat-single coil-sized humbuckers...your thoughts???

    Of course! Whatever you like makes sense.
  16. F

    Strat-single coil-sized humbuckers...your thoughts???

    Lot's of good suggestions. I've tried many of these, and they are all good. However, before you commit, you might want to check the routing on your guitar. Many strats these days have HB routing in the bridge. Then all you would need to do is get a HSS pickguard (pretty cheap). Personally, I...
  17. F

    what makes a great sounding strat?

    Be careful with the vintage style 3 way switch. I've had a couple I bought online and they were crap. Might as well go with the 5 way. You might develop a taste for position 2, especially if you play any high gain stuff at all. Many great pickups out there, too many to mention. It never ceases...
  18. F

    Best neck humbucker for splitting?

    Thinking of going to a 2 humbucker setujp for my strat, but still want to get good single coil tone from the neck pickup when I want it. What humbuckers sound good in a strat neck, both in bucker mode and single coil mode. I play mostly blues and classic rock, don't need metal tones. Let me...
  19. F

    New (Another) Gary Clark Jr. Signature SG - WOW!

    Some of my all-time favorite sounds were created using SG's: early Santana, Clapton ala Crossroads, Zappa, Robby Krieger, etc. But with the ones I've owned, I never got close to those tones at all. And I never got comfortable with the ergonomics, or lack thereof, of the SG. So I'll probably be...
  20. F

    Fender Twin Reverb...is it Worth it?

    I love Twins. They sound great on their own or with pedals, even at 'bedroom' levels (under 2 on a twin). That said, I don't own one any more because I am old and they are just too heavy to be practical.
  21. F

    Why are Marshall amp heads so huge?

    I think it's a holdover from the days when local bands could afford roadies to haul there stuff around. Marshall doesn't want to accept that we live in the DIY era.
  22. F

    Still liking your Mojotone Quiet Coils?

    Never liked the ones I had, but then again, I tried just about all the noiseless sc's out there and was never satisfied with any of them. I finally ended up with an Ilitch ssc pickguard, which I find much more effective than the backplate, for whatever reason. Dead quiet, even with my JHS Angry...
  23. F

    Sustain Block in a Duesenberg Starplayer TV bug or feature

    This is not likely to help you much, but I was in guitar store once where a guy was trying out a Godin Montreal. It had a similar "partial" sustain block, as you describe. He explained it as a feature. Apparently Godin says the partial sustain block allows for a somewhat fuller "true hollowbody"...
  24. F

    Sold 2017 Fender American Professional strat, sonic grey, maple fretboard

    Bought from another TGP'er but decided I am a rosewood guy. Beautiful guitar. $950 paypalled and shipped in con. U.S. for TGP'ers. https://reverb.com/item/11637759-fender-american-pro-stratocaster-2017-sonic-grey