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  1. 6AM

    Is buying a used amp worth it?

    I'm glad people buy new amps, otherwise there would be no used amps to buy. With the financing that Sweetwater and MF offers now, buying new is more attractive than ever. In the past, it really didn't make much sense to me. I have owned over a hundred amps over the years (it might even...
  2. 6AM

    Bad Cat Hot Cat questions

    I've had multiple original Hot Cats. The Tone control works a little weird in that as you turn it up (clockwise), it actually starts sucking low out out. I believe that's a Vox thing since all Sampson designed amps work like that. On the older Bad Cats, the reverb only worked on the clean...
  3. 6AM

    Give me your suggestions Keeley and Bogner compressor users

    I used to be a high gain sorta guy and now that I'm older I'm more of a low and mid gain sorta guy. When I started decreasing the gain I missed the compression and sustain from the higher gain, so I bought a Xotic SP. This was okay, but I needed to fiddle with it a lot which got annoying. I...
  4. 6AM

    vintage Sunn model T sounds

    I wasn't suggesting that Fender reissue the originals, I was suggesting that the reissue their reissues.
  5. 6AM

    What famous band members are from your town?

    Cannibal Corpse 10,000 Maniacs (close enough to Buffalo)
  6. 6AM

    vintage Sunn model T sounds

    Other than for fans of the band, I don't understand why Sunn Model T's are desired amps. They're just loud, clean amps. They don't do anything special or sound all that good. I also don't understand why Fender doesn't start making the reissues again.
  7. 6AM

    Soldano SLO-100 Super Lead Overdrive at Sweetwater

    So, the Depth mod is standard now? That's good. I've always found the SLO to be useless without it.
  8. 6AM

    Top Hat Emplexador review and experimentation

    Just picked up a 50 watt script logo. Damn, this amp is fun to play. It's amazing that it can do Plexi to JCM800 to more modern sounds in one amp. This is one of the few amps where I want to crank the midrange on it. It's also the loudest 50 watt amp I've ever owned.
  9. 6AM

    Amp Woes

    My initial thought was a bad preamp tube.
  10. 6AM

    The Official BAD CAT Thread

    I just want the NAMM footage.
  11. 6AM

    The Official BAD CAT Thread

    Still no Lynx-X videos?
  12. 6AM

    How aged is TonePros "Aged Nickel"

    I'm looking to replace the wraparound bridge on my PRS with nickel bridge that isn't shiny. Anyone know if TonePros "Aged Nickel" looks more like raw nickel or more like it has been at the bottom of the sea for a few decades?
  13. 6AM

    New amp.. Bad Cat BC50 head

    Might need new tubes. Is that amp cathode biased?
  14. 6AM

    Is there any reason to be skeptical of this L.P.?

    Saying that you should ignore an item that employs 70 year old technology because the picture of it appears to be taken with 20 year old technology is the first sign to ignore your post.
  15. 6AM

    Is there any reason to be skeptical of this L.P.?

    You guys crack me up. "The pictures so bad so avoid!" As if everyone who sells a guitar will be able to take nice high resolution pictures. Just because it's 2019 doesn't mean that everyone knows how to use the technology in their hands. Just look at social media. It's either real or best...
  16. 6AM

    "You don't play Bass like a Guitar player!"

    Sure. Yngwie Malmsteen is talented, too, but I don't want to listen to that, either.
  17. 6AM

    "You don't play Bass like a Guitar player!"

    Honestly, I hate this kind of bass playing.
  18. 6AM

    Cruelty Killed Hootie & the Blowfish?

    Did cruelty kill Disco? Did cruelty kill Limp Bizkit? Who cares. If you're a punchline, then there's probably a reason for that and if your music gets overshadowed by it, then your music just wasn't good enough to begin with.
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  25. 6AM

    Am I getting ripped off?

    You don't know the value of it. Should I be surprised that you also wouldn't know the model? :dunno EDIT : You're not the OP, how is it your guitar? I'm confused.