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Search results

  1. NoahL

    Gibson Nighthawk pickup question

    On the original Nighthawks with the slanted bridge humbucker, is it a conventional humbucker or just two Fender-style single-coils in series? I know the Duncan reissues offer JB or 59 "voicing," but I wondered about the original. I've seen these called both M Series and NHT Series, but one of...
  2. NoahL

    Dumb question, but which way does a Tune-o-matic Bridge go?

    Isn't there another consideration, which is if the slot has been pre-filed so that it "falls off" toward the tailpiece, you don't want to turn the saddle around so the fall-off is toward the pickups. Of course you can adjust so the fulcrum point is in the right spot, but you won't get the...
  3. NoahL

    Ybarra pickup wiring question.

    Why is that not true on a volume pot? The answer must be simple, but I'm curious.
  4. NoahL

    Adding fallaway to upper frets...

    That's a fairly radical solution no matter what. More for situations where an old guitar has a hump at the body, I think. I read your other post. If as you say the relief is still only .010" (width of a high E string) AND you haven't filed the nut slots yet, your strings might not have enough...
  5. NoahL

    Ybarra pickup wiring question.

    I opened up a strat with 2011 Custom Shop AY pickups. They meter at 5.2 each. Found a 500k tone pot (literally meters 504k) and a treble bleed. The guitar sounds more Stratty than any I've played. Real stringy and acoustic, super-quack, all that. But it IS trebly (maybe that explains the magic?)...
  6. NoahL

    G&L bi-cut neck with hairline crack at the seam

    Not surprised. I'll do the glue unless there's a better suggestion. Thanks for the reply, WhoIs.
  7. NoahL

    G&L bi-cut neck with hairline crack at the seam

    35-year-old bass. G&L used to make necks with a seam longitudinally slightly off center. Supposed to strengthen and prevent warping. Well, the neck had too much relief, and I had to add a washer on the truss rod to get it right, and maybe I had to tighten it a lot to finally get the relief...
  8. NoahL

    Bass scale question

    Great answer. No wonder the guy gave up on the project and tossed it into eBay. Thanks, Walter.
  9. NoahL

    Fret Leveling Question

    All things being equal, and assuming a perfect new setup, won't a guitar with shallower frets and .11s seem harder to play at first because the shallow frets don't give you as much leverage around the "fulcrum" so to speak? I'd think that making the frets shallower would feel kind of like going...
  10. NoahL

    Weird Wiring Issue In Used LP

    Does bridge-only sound different from middle position? If not, there's something wrong at the switch and the neck pickup and controls aren't out of the circuit. The switch could be defective and the leaf spring associated with the neck isn't being pushed out of the way as it should when the...
  11. NoahL

    Broken Duncan Pickup Leg

    If the leg came bent and one tweak broke it off, it's defective, I'd say. The legs should come plumb and the steel should not be that brittle. Duncan shouldn't quibble one bit.
  12. NoahL

    Bass scale question

    would a 25.5"-scale bass be playable without stringing it with piano wire? I ask because a guy here is selling a failed Tele>bass experiment and I assume he discovered the geometry was impossible?
  13. NoahL

    are these pots re-usable?

    Do you have a meter? Hook it up and measure the ohms at 10, 9, 8, etc. It should taper the same as a new pot. If it doesn't, all the soldering has fried a bit of the resistor element inside. I've had old pots like that and instead of sucking all the solder off I've heated it up and smeared it...
  14. NoahL

    Oil finishing raw neck - do fretboard as well?

    Once on impulse I tung-oil-varnished a rosewood board along with the rest of the guitar. Fewer coats, though, and wiped off thoroughly. It was lovely -- smoother, prettier, more like a maple board in feel. Since then I've seen several posts from guys who say they do it with every rosewood board...
  15. NoahL

    I have I have a theory

    Correction: hypothesis:). The more you crank the truss rod, the more tension that wood is under, right? SO: the more you have to crank the truss rod to achieve the right relief, the more "alive" the neck is. Let's explore. Sometimes people feel a guitar has a "dead" neck, right? Are these often...
  16. NoahL

    Will a Fender Telecaster Neck Fit on this Body?

    Interesting that Peavey makes/made guitars that take Fender necks. My 1978 T-60, their first guitar, is the same. Is there a reason to match another maker's neck specs? Especially since Peavey's T-60 was their own CNC design. They could have made it any specs they wanted. Not complaining! Just...
  17. NoahL

    Question about worn saddles

    I'm fixing a Korean Hamer for a friend and it's a fabulous guitar, just like every Korean Hamer I've come across. (Thanks, Jol. Sup?) But the tuneomatic saddles are those pot-metal-looking things that have the letter A stamped on half and B on the other half. And they are grooved unevenly, so...
  18. NoahL

    Cheap Neck vs Expensive Neck?

    So far I haven't read anything that would dissuade me from getting a used MIM/MIA neck. I'll cut a new nut regardless, and if maple is maple and the neck's not twisted and the truss rod works, it's not worth the extra $200 for a different logo or the supposed advantage of nitro tint or whatever.
  19. NoahL

    Cheap Neck vs Expensive Neck?

    Smaller in what way? Thinner?
  20. NoahL

    Cheap Neck vs Expensive Neck?

    I appreciate that. But my question has to do with used necks, because I need a replacement. Apart from harder fretwire (which is important), what's the difference between a used US Tele neck and a used MIM or Squier? What am I getting with a $300 US vs a $100 Indonesian? More resonant maple? A...
  21. NoahL

    Lowest/Thinnest wraparound bridge

    Pigtail is much more $ but beautifully made, and the design puts all the downward pressure on the saddle, where I think it belongs, and you can notch the saddles just like on a ToM. I like the Wilkinson, but each string follows a groove until it reaches a small permanent lip that acts as the...
  22. NoahL

    Cheap Neck vs Expensive Neck?

    Let's say you removed all the variables: same nut, same tuners, same finish. Two maple necks, both old enough not to warp from greenness. Basically two identically cut pieces of maple, but one is from a 2010 US Tele and the other from a 2010 Squier. What's gonna be the difference? Harder maple...
  23. NoahL

    Wiring question

    I wired a bridge humbucker in parallel and with a coil split. The neck is a P90. When I have the humbucker in the regular parallel setting, its tone is weak and thin. The split position sounds good. Should I reverse the wires on the un-active coil of the humbucker? Gonna try that but any advice...
  24. NoahL

    Very small truss rod access hole?

    I'll do just that. I adjusted it with the strings quite slack. Thanks - will report back.