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  1. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    The Curator

    Today, you opened your email to discover a very interesting job offer. It seems the Smithsonian Institution has decided to create a new - and sizeable - exhibit called 'The Electric Guitar'. You (being perfect for the job) have been asked to curate the most comprehensive collection of electric...
  2. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Beautiful New TRC

    My buddy Dave Herring (owner of Seaford Music) posted a photo of a stunning Truss Rod Cover on his FaceBook page. It was a Maryland flag motif made from Ebony, white Mother of Pearl, yellow Mother of Pearl, and Red Coral. Man, I wanted one bad! So I contacted Jaime Aulson (of Aulson Inlay)...
  3. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Sweet Little '93 PRS EG-3 (Incoming)

    My friend Shawn once had a killer old EG-3 in Seafoam Green with pearloid plates. I really wanted it but had other priorities when it hit the chopping block. Then another friend of mine (also a PRS guy) told me his desert-island PRS was his EG-3. At that point I started a search for a clean...
  4. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Modify Baffle in Orange PPC112 (to 2x10)

    Anyone have any experience disassembling an Orange PPC112 to swap the baffle? Easy to pull apart or glued together? I am going to buy a new PPC112 (if I can't find an empty used one) and change it to an open-back 2x10.
  5. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Cardboard Pedalboard

    It's the latest rage. All the cool kids are doin' it. :P Post 'em if you got 'em! And it's powered! :) Here's version 1. And here is version 2 with a different signal path and cleaner cables.
  6. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Signal Path Suggestions?

    This is my first real pedalboard. I finally rounded-up the right pedals for my needs. I thought I had a grip on the signal path I was going to use until I watched a few videos. Now I'm thinking that I'm off base. Do I loop the HOF Reverb through the H9? Buffer up front? Looper and volume...
  7. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    A PRS Obsession

    I have a couple of Les Paul R9's. I love them both. I have a Westerly Guild D55 that is quite dear to me. My fretless Hamer bass thrills me. I am jones'ing for a Dan Armstrong, an old Telecaster, an early Strat. But it is PRS guitars that truly light my fire. I can't explain it. I'm not...
  8. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Guitar Chaser

    I confess, I've become a guitar chaser. At any given moment I can rattle off the next guitar I'm going to buy; right down to the color. At the moment, here are the guitars on my radar: 1) Early Dan Armstring (fat neck profile) 2) Bright Red Steinberger GM5T (Newburgh era) 3) Butterscotch...
  9. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Converting 110v Amp to 220v

    Hey fellas. I am told, by the techs at Orange Amplification, that I can convert my 110V amp (Hard Wired Tiny Terror) to 220 using the existing transformer. It appears that I solder up different cleats on the existing transformer and change out the fuse. Has anyone done this before? Any...
  10. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Rhine-Line Guitar Case?

    I have a spare guitar case and a buddy that does spray-on bed liners. I'm thinking that spraying the exterior of a standard case might be a cheap alternative to an Anvil (or similar) flight case. Anyone try this yet? Was it the rubbery (flexible) coating or hard coating? What were your results?
  11. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Missing My R9's

    I've been a PRS guy forever but my 1st real electric was a black beauty LP copy by Ventura. It's funny how a "1st guitar" leaves a permanent mark on the soul, innit? About 5 years ago I sold a pair of killer R9's to fund a big PRS purchase. Every electric in my house (except those owned by my...
  12. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Your Favorite PRS TODAY!

    We all know how it works... "favorite" guitars can change with the weather. What is your favorite PRS today! Remember, at midnight, you get to start all over again! :rockin Here's my favorite PRS today.