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  1. Daka3

    Telecaster and Esquire

    Esquiers and Juniors are cool. If they make me play cooler, all is even more cool! I used to rock an SG Junior, and while the tuning couldn't get totally on point, the tones were truly to die for. I'll own an Esquire some day.
  2. Daka3

    School me on using a Tele

    I really like tex-mex (Fender) pickups. The bridge is plenty gnarly for faux-humbucker tones, while still being plenty twangy when you dime the controls. The neck actually out-strats most strats I’ve tried. Really useable pickups that dial back beautifully.
  3. Daka3

    Does anyone make an LP Bonabyrd copy?

    Most people hate ‘em, but I’m with you. I’d buy the Epi version in a heartbeat. Especially in Pelham.
  4. Daka3

    Tension woes: 335 is ... hard to play.

    OP here. I really like my standard 11-49 set that I use on all my electrics. I raised the tailpiece a tad more, topwrapped and got my hand strenght up. Now, I roll with this fine instrument. Thank you so much everyone for your constructive solutions. The problem is lessened, but the mystery...
  5. Daka3

    Played the new Epiphone LPs and a few Gibsons...

    Exactly. Not reassurance, and certainly Not ragging on Gibson, I love my Gibsons dearly, just a general sense of mild astonishment and, well, gratitude towards a series of affordable instruments that turns out to be really great. It certainly opens some doors for new players. This can only be...
  6. Daka3

    Played the new Epiphone LPs and a few Gibsons...

    Nah, buy Gibsons. They're great - sometimes. Point is, the new Epis have considerably upped their game. I'm holding, as I type this, my new 2020 Riviera, and there are many damned good reasons I'm reluctant to let it go. It simply sounds and plays wonderful right out of the box. Like really.
  7. Daka3

    NGD: 2015 Fender Road Worn 60's Stratocaster

    The Road Worns really are all that. Play it in good health!
  8. Daka3

    Epiphone Riviera Semi-Hollow

    I love the White guard too. It looks beautiful to me.
  9. Daka3

    Epiphone Riviera Semi-Hollow

    Got mine a few weeks ago. Great guitar, needs nothing. Plays and sounds really well right out of the box. Stays in tune, looks cool. What more do you want?
  10. Daka3

    Production PAF pickups that are unpotted?

    Seths. Just thank me later.
  11. Daka3

    Anybody Else Prefer Epiphones to Gibsons?

    My 2020 Epiphone ebony flying V and 2020 Riviera are both outstanding and solid instruments that Sound and play really great. I enjoy playing Them every bit as much as I enjoy my Gibsons.
  12. Daka3

    NGD: Epiphone 2020 Riviera - video added!

    Just a quick post-honeymoon necro update: The Riviera on the job. This past weekend, I put my new Riviera through two rather demanding days of recording in the studio, first day an entire concert, recorded for streaming later, consisting of original tunes, very diverse in their genre...
  13. Daka3

    Epiphone Casino / Riviera 2020

    Okay. I can’t find anything wrong with mine either. Posted this on the NGD thread, Gotta post it here too. Love my new Riviera, simply put. Nothing wrong, plays and sounds beautiful, right out of the cardboard box! Pickups Sound wonderfully sassy, check it out:
  14. Daka3

    Ernie Ball Super Slinky or D'Addario ???

    Diehard D’addario 11-49 ‘till they carry me off the stage!
  15. Daka3

    NGD: Epiphone 2020 Riviera - video added!

    I just had the chance to sit a while w/ my new Riviera! I’m overjoyed with it. Here’s why:
  16. Daka3

    NGD: Epiphone 2020 Riviera - video added!

    I liked them! Thought they sounded exactly like good dog-ears should. Dynamic too, but hey - to each, and all that. Dynamite duo you picked up there.
  17. Daka3

    NGD: Epiphone 2020 Riviera - video added!

    Thank you! My good friend picked up the worn olive drab Casino earlier this week. He brought it over for me to check out, and it was a killer guitar. Right out of the box, no nothing. Played and sounded awesome. The worn finish might not be for everyone, but I liked it. Neck is kind of thin, but...
  18. Daka3

    NGD: Epiphone 2020 Riviera - video added!

    Any idea what parts of your bridge came loose? Thank you.
  19. Daka3

    NGD: Epiphone 2020 Riviera - video added!

    Indeed. And it does Seem to work. Spank and snap abounds on those wound strings. Again, I aint changing NUDDN!
  20. Daka3

    NGD: Epiphone 2020 Riviera - video added!

    I just wanted to try it, but it was obvious after a few moments that I had to do some reshuffling and Pick it up! So be warned!
  21. Daka3

    NGD: Epiphone 2020 Riviera - video added!

    I love my Gibsons, really. But clearly, a major transformation has been taking place with Epiphone since the overtake of Gibson by the post-Henry management. Previously, my reaction to by far the most Epis I tried, was one of indifference. Simply put, the vast majority of the 'old' Epis seemed...
  22. Daka3

    NGD: Epiphone 2020 Riviera - video added!

    Haha, don't you worry. I'm not about to change NUDDN on this here puppy. As I said, I can cope with the Frequensator Mojo.
  23. Daka3

    NGD: Epiphone 2020 Riviera - video added!

    You could easily swap it for a normal trapeze - or, indeed, a bigsby. Stop TP you’d have to drill for.