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    New Nut Files look promising.

    This guys seems to like them...
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    New Nut Files look promising.

    I just bought a set of these but haven't tried them yet. The look very promising and were affordable compared to SM's diamond nut files... On backorder at SW but I found a set at ZZounds...
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    I done lost my mind

    Amazing Hogy!
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    Fret End Filing Advice PLS!

    Bumping this for any more suggestions....
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    Most overrated vintage guitar?

    I played a '60 and a '65 Strat last weekend at a well known dealer in NYC... Both played like crap. The '65 was the better guitar but both had very old strings and were not setup. It is beyond me why some (most) dealers don't take the time to make vintage guitars play as well as possible... I'm...
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    WTB Vintage 50’s Les Paul Special TV Yellow Single Cut

    Please PM me if you are interested in selling. Thx!
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    La Bella Benders Strings - Anyone tried them yet?

    I just put a set of these on a Les Paul and I am very impressed! Brought the guitar to life. Love the tension, harmonics and feel. Very loud unplugged. Normally use D’Addario .10s. .
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    Fret End Filing Advice PLS!

    OK, thanks , I have those... I also have these... wonder if they would be helpful https://www.stewmac.com/luthier-tools-and-supplies/supplies/sanding-and-polishing/kovax-tolecut-finish-repair-system.html
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    Fret End Filing Advice PLS!

    Thx! What's a finishing cloth?
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    Fret End Filing Advice PLS!

    How do I file/smooth this part of the fret without marring the finish? The tangs are all flush and not sticking out... it's the bottom part of the fret that I feel...
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    Sold Line 6 Sonic Port Mobile iOS Guitar Interface - $39

    Barely used Line 6 Sonic Port Guitar Interface Asking $39 Shipped and PP'd. FEATURES 2-in/2-out audio interface with 24-bit/48kHz audio quality 1/4” guitar/bass input with 120dB of dynamic range 1/8” stereo line input 1/4” mono-stereo guitar/line-level output 1/8” stereo headphones output...
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    Sold iRiG HD2 Guitar Interface

    Barely used iRiG HD2 Guitar Interface. Includes cable for iOS devices. Asking $75 Shipped and PP'd. Features The sequel to the best-selling iRig interface 1/4” instrument input for use with guitar, bass and other line instruments 1/4” amplifier output for use with an external amplifier...
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    Sold BYOC Build Your Own Clone Crown Jewel Factory Built w/ 6 Boost Modules & Dry Blend Knob

    Mint condition BYOC Crown Jewel Boost/Distortion Pedal w/ Dry Blend Knob (assembled by BYOC). Includes 6 Boost Modules - LPB Module (needs assembly) Linear Power Booster - Treble Booster (based on Dallas Rangemaster) - Electra (based on the Electra Distortion) - Hard Clipper (this module is...
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    Sold Gibson Custom Shop 60th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul V1 VOS - Deep Cherry Sunburst

    It’s a V1 neck but not as thick as an R9. I’ll check the date on the card when I get home from work. Probably dated ~ 1/20.
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    Sold Gibson Custom Shop 60th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul V1 VOS - Deep Cherry Sunburst

    Just bought a McCready LP so unfortunately have to sell this amazing guitar... As-New, No Issues, No Dings, Dents or Fretwear. 100% original. The neck is outstanding! .870” at the 1st fret and .980” at the 12th. No shoulders and feels great. 8lbs 5oz Asking shipped and PP'd - No Trades Please.
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    Tom Bukovac: people who want original frets on their vintage guitars aren’t thinking about it correctly.

    All I want is for the guitar to have that singing/vibrating ‘feeling’ when chording in the first position... It seems like the G always has to be slightly flat and I guess the 5ths B and E to be in tune to the G... Don’t know... Some guitars just have that intense vibration when chording in the...
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    Tom Bukovac: people who want original frets on their vintage guitars aren’t thinking about it correctly.

    Can you expand on this? I find intonation maddening.... Better to be flat than sharp?
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    Vintage Strat setups

    I straightened the neck to roughly .004” and lowered the action to ~5/64’... feels great and very playable... good tension and good harmonic ‘halo’ from the 5 springs... Done... for now :cool:
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    Vintage Strat setups

    I'm back again... sorry to keep this going... :cool: I tried the "more wraps" method... 3 post lengths on the E, A B and E strings... Could only get 4 post lengths on the D and 5 on the G... It did provide a stiffer feel... can I say 'better'? Not really... just different. It took a good 45...
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    Vintage Strat setups

    Yes, I too noticed the softening of the notes (perfect description btw) and I also wasn't thrilled with it. Felt looser. I am going to try the McCready style of more wraps to try to tighten up the tension and feel... In another search I found a thread on the Tele Forum where Rob DiStefano (I...
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    Vintage Strat setups

    I'm just not clear on the string tree... do I want it to exert downward pressure (i.e., wind strings up on the posts) or is it OK if it is barely affecting the angle to the post (if I wind the strings down). I could try a smaller spacer?