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Search results

  1. tonydetiger

    Floyd 'like' Vintage Trem Replacements

    Personal experience with the Super-Vee Blade Runner. I have it on a Music Man guitar. The bonus with the Blade Runner is that you can order it with a shorter/more shallow block. Some EBMM guitars don't have deep trem cavities. I'm looking at ordering another for a Sterling Petrucci that I...
  2. tonydetiger

    what!!!!!!!!!! come on PRS....Who would pay this?

    There are plenty of dentists and lawyers out there with expendable income.
  3. tonydetiger

    Sterling vs Music Man materials

    They do runs of certain model with Dimarzios loaded. The AX40’s, Luke’s, and certainly JP models had special runs of the US model pickups. I own 3 Sterlings - 2 Cutlasses and 1 Valentine. The hardtail bridges are fine. I don’t notice any difference in performance in those. The tremolo bridges...
  4. tonydetiger

    Help me bring my Tele into the modern age...

    Schroeder tele bridge - a good blend of classic features and modern appointments. Has the flat plate of a modern bridge, and brass saddles with enough rim to appear slightly like an ashtray bridge. Hipshot locking tuners - the staggered tuners eliminate the need for a string tree If the nut...
  5. tonydetiger

    Tele body with comfort contours? Yes or No?

    I own the black one with the rosewood fretboard. I love it, but find myself wanting the burst one with the maple neck. It’s the only sub-$1000 T style guitar I’ve found with contours. I also have 2 T style partscasters with belly, forearm, and heel contours. I practically worship ergonomics as...
  6. tonydetiger

    Which Signature Models of Millennial Musicians do Millennials Like Best?

    I have the Sterling model. 100% happy with it.
  7. tonydetiger

    Which Signature Models of Millennial Musicians do Millennials Like Best?

    I’ll second this. The newer JV with the tremolo in Toluca Lake Blue is drool worthy. I’ve settled for the Sterling model, as there’s no way in hell I could afford the US model.
  8. tonydetiger

    Tele humbucker parts build advice: shielding

    I've built partscasters in T style setups with both humbuckers and single coils. My latest is a Warmoth build with a T body, roasted maple neck. I'm using hum cancelling single coils (Dimarzio Area T neck and bridge). Between the pickups already being hum cancelling, and the shielding on...
  9. tonydetiger

    Tele humbucker parts build advice: shielding

    I shield the control cavity, the pickup cavities, and use the shielding to help hold the bridge ground wire in place under the bridge. I also shield the pick guard. I’ve had good results with the copper or aluminum shielding tape.
  10. tonydetiger

    Les expensive guitar and upgrades?

    I’m in the category of modding an affordable guitar rather than spend way more on the pricey model that still may or may not have what I’d like on it. My example: I love the Music Man James Valentine. But the prices on those are over $2000. I bought one of the Sterling JV60’s with a trem...
  11. tonydetiger

    Need a Guitar for Praise and Worship Music...

    Is it circumcised?
  12. tonydetiger

    Pedal sequence for Acoustic board

    I've gotten my pedals for my acoustic board, and I’m curious about what sequence they should be set up in. Here’s what I have: - LR Baggs Session DI - Korg Pitchblack tuner - TC Electronic HOF Mini reverb - TC Electronic Ditto looper - Mooer Mini EQ I’m building this to go to the sound...
  13. tonydetiger

    HH TELE to P90!

    Seymour Duncan offers “triple shot” pickup rings that wire into the pickups. They let you switch between humbucker, P90, and single coil. You can also use 2 3 way mini switches, which would require drilling holes to mount them.
  14. tonydetiger

    HH TELE to P90!

    I don’t have any experience with Phat Cats. My one jump into humbucker sized P90’s was the Railhammer Hummcutter P90’s. I don’t know how faithfully they reproduced P90 tone, but they covered a lot of ground. I felt like they were somewhere between a P90 and a wide range humbucker. I used the...
  15. tonydetiger

    Low volume guitar players tones blows in Nashville bars !

    I'm just waiting for the moment when all the bars downtown synchronize and perform "Wagon Wheel" at the same time.
  16. tonydetiger

    Budgeting for an Acoustic - help me articulate to my spouse

    A used PRS SE Angelus can be had for $450-550 used. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of guitar you can get if you expand to the used market. Get the most bang for your buck and keep your wife happy.
  17. tonydetiger

    best smaller/parlor acoustic? sub 400

    I'd also throw in the Breedlove Passport Traveler. Probably not a true parlor guitar, but the 3/4 size and full scale would make it work. I owned one when I traveled for work, and it was a great guitar for the money. They're $399 new, but I got a used one for around $250.
  18. tonydetiger

    Recommendations for an acoustic fly rig

    What kind of life between charges are you getting with the Volto?
  19. tonydetiger

    PRS SE One - New to me

    I used a concentric pot in mine. It worked fine. I wired mine so that the outer as the volume, and the inner/upper as the tone. I have seen others use mini pots and drill the pick guard to add a tone pot. I’m not a wiring expert, but couldn’t you wire a resistor on the hot wire to bleed off...
  20. tonydetiger

    Acoustic for an electric player

    I would also throw in Breedlove and PRS acoustics as a possibility. I found Breedloves to be a good blend between Taylor and Martin. And coming from electrics, I found the neck remarkably easy to play. I bought a PRS SE Angelus a few months ago after trying a few other guitars. They are...
  21. tonydetiger

    Recommendations for an acoustic fly rig

    I like the idea of an all-in-one solution. The AFR doesn't have a looper. For the price, I'd be tempted to use the Boss AD-10. For less than the cost of the 3 pedals I'm looking at, I can get a preamp, DI, Tuner, and looper in one pedal. It also appears to work with a 9V power supply, so the...
  22. tonydetiger

    Recommendations for an acoustic fly rig

    I'm looking for suggestions. I have a gig at a small concert venue with its own PA and sound engineer. They can provide a simple DI to the board for my acoustic-electric guitar (PRS SE Angelus). I wanted the ability to improve the acoustic signal with a preamp, maybe add a looper for help...
  23. tonydetiger

    Aftermarket case for EBMM Axis?

    So, any aftermarket case is going to have extra room, both at the headstock and lower body bout. MusicMan headstocks are shorter than Fender, and the bodies are slightly smaller. The Musicman case is going to fit the best. But I've taken up the extra space by using a couple of microfiber...
  24. tonydetiger

    Your Main Guitar... then and now.

    Then: an Epiphone S style guitar with an Explorer headstock Now: a Sterling by Musicman Valentine JV60 with tremolo
  25. tonydetiger

    Gibson Sues Dean Guitars Over Alleged Trademark Infringement

    Truth be told, that could be the hole in the case. Exhibit A: a Dean guitar. Exhibit B: a I really hope this is entered into evidence.