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  1. VanWhelan

    Pedalboard setup for using both Fender & Gibson guitars (output drop).

    Hey everyone - I'm running into an issue where I can't seem to get my rig (pedals) set up so that it works well with both my R8 Les Paul & my Fender guitars. My R8 has a lot of firepower, but when I switch over to either my Tele or one of my Strats, there's a noticeable output drop, due to the...
  2. VanWhelan

    Egnater Renegade head died yesterday - need amp tech advice

    Hey everyone - as the title says, my Egnater Renegade head just died yesterday. It's ironic, because I saw another thread started this last weekend where the OP's Egnater amp died & he was looking to replace it. My amp is 7 or 8 years old & lightly used for most of it's existence. I already had...
  3. VanWhelan

    Ordering a Strat from the Fender factory

    Hey everyone - I'm heading out to California in a couple of weeks for vacation, and planned to stop by the Fender factory & visitor's center for a tour while I'm out there. I was hoping to get some feedback from anyone who's ever custom ordered a guitar at the factory. I know that they have...
  4. VanWhelan

    Install pickup into Martin acoustic, or new guitar?

    Hey everyone - I've got a bit of a dilemma & am looking for some advice from anyone who might have been through this before. I've got a Martin 000-16 acoustic guitar - bought it new in 2003. Guitar has been well cared for & is like new. Only issue is that it doesn't have any onboard pickup or...
  5. VanWhelan

    Wiring options for H-S-H Strat setup - reccomendations?

    Hey kids - I'm looking to change the pickups & electronics in one of my Strats. I'm planning on a H-S-H pickup arrangement. Since the Strat body has a S-S-S rout, the humbuckers will be single-coil size pickups - most likely DiMarzio's (not exactly sure yet as to which specific pickups, but I...
  6. VanWhelan

    Problems with using the Boss GT-10

    Calling all Boss GT-10 users! I bought one of these incredibly complex units last year and have been struggling with using it ever since. I recently bought an Egnater Renegade head, and have been wanting to use the GT-10 for effects only & hook it up to the Egnater via the 4 cable method. I'm...
  7. VanWhelan

    Hot Rod DeVille vs. Hot Rod Deluxe - which would you sell?

    Hey everyone - As the title says, I've got two amps: a HR DeVille & a HR Deluxe. I'm looking to sell one of these amps in order to fund a future amp purchase. However, each one has its pros & cons and I'm not sure which way to go. Hot Rod DeVille 2x12 - bought it new in March of '01 - date...