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Search results

  1. Plexihead

    Teese Picture Wah

    Just received one of these thingies from Analogman, thanks for the quick turnaround Mike! I've never owned a Picture Wah, but have had 2 x RMC3's over the past decade, and I think Geoffrey has really got the whole thing down now. It's very well built, feels solid, much better bottom plate...
  2. Plexihead

    Acoustic guitar dilemma - Order or Wait

    I played a Martin DC-28E at a store a couple of weeks ago that I really liked and thought I was safe to wait a bit to make sure I could swing it (had been there a few months). Well, I made the decision and now the guitar's gone (yep, snooze and you lose) and I can't find another in the area...
  3. Plexihead

    TTE noise level

    I played one of these for the first time today and really liked the echo's, I also didn't feel there was too much of a change in tone between bypass and active, which is a plus for me. But I did find it got noticeably noisier when going from bypass to active, it's new but that doesn't mean a...
  4. Plexihead

    D*A*M Red Rooster

    For anyone who has tried DAM's Red Rooster, how does stack up against some of the other notable treble boosters, like AM's Beano, Keeley's Java etc.
  5. Plexihead

    Tube matching question

    Is it ok to go with just the "mmhos" matching of power tubes or would "mA" matching be a more important figure. I'm thinking about buying a few NOS tubes but it appears the match is via mmhos and not mA.
  6. Plexihead

    Neutrik Silent Plug

    Anyone use one of these? I like the concept, but am a little cautious about (I gather) moving parts in a plug.
  7. Plexihead

    Diamond - Memory Lane

    Review to come late tonight after a few hours with what so far seems to be an excellent sounding/extremely well made unit.