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  1. Allthumbs56

    Help with Yamaha DBR10's as monitors

    Have 3 gigs in on a pair of DBR10's that I picked up to try as monitors in my one band. Used for vocals only. Three gigs in and so far I'm not happy with the results I'm getting. Can't seem to get the volume needed without reaching feedback in what seems to be a "middle register". Running off a...
  2. Allthumbs56

    Wireless Drop-out Question

    I recently picked up an Xvive U2. Multiple practices with no issues but the first gig it was dropping out so much that I went back to cable. Our vocalist uses a Shure wireless mic which wasn't a problem at practice - probably because we all spread out. The gig (in the same location as the...
  3. Allthumbs56

    What's with the Gibson J-185

    I've played one and thought to myself that it was a great design. I love the shorter scale and the large bouts- small waist body seems built for hours of comfort. They look like mini J-200s to boot. Why aren't there more around?
  4. Allthumbs56

    Lyric apps for Android

    For the past 2 years I've been using Lyric Pad on my Samsung Tab 3 for all of my lyrics for acoustic shows and it has been a terrific tool. Unfortunately, changes to Android have left the app with issues that the developer says are out of his hands. Short of changing to Apple, does anyone...
  5. Allthumbs56

    Tablets and outdoors gigs

    Anybody using their tablets outside? I've had two outdoor gigs this summer and in the sunlight I find my tablet to be almost invisible. Any suggestions?
  6. Allthumbs56

    Casino: Korean vs. Chinese

    I'm in the market for a Casino and am just looking for some opinions as to whether the Korean made ones are really any better than the newest Chinese ones. And, if you can put your finger on it, what are the differences?
  7. Allthumbs56

    Amp quits after falling over in my trunk...

    So .... I picked up a used Traynor YCV50 on Saturday. Took it home and it worked fine. Had a jam that night a few blocks over and with my tendonitis flaring up I just managed to get it into my trunk - but left it standing up. Anyway, squirrel, brake too hard, bigh bang in trunk. Got to the jam...
  8. Allthumbs56

    Identify this Tele

    Hey guys, I'm new to Tele's and I have the opportunity to purchase this one. The problem is that the seller bought the guitar on a whim and only knows "so much" about it. So I need to make a decision based on what he knows and what I can find out. I need your help. What I know is that the...
  9. Allthumbs56

    Timmy documentation

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone had a PDF version of the documentation/user guide/letter for the Timmy and would be willing to send it to me. Thanks, Chris
  10. Allthumbs56

    DSL401 Help! No Reverb

    Hey all, I took delivery of a 2001 DSL401 yesterday (I know - silly me), fired her up and the reverb does not work - turning it up just produces a hum. Now I knew going in to this purchase that these things are known for reliability issues but the seller assured me that everything worked...
  11. Allthumbs56

    68' Princeton rectifier tubes

    Morning gents, I took delivery of a Silverface Princeton non-reverb on the weekend and noticed that the previous owner had put a 5U4 in the rectifier slot. My research tells me that it's supposed to have a GZ34 in there. Is this harming the amp? What effect is the different tube causing...
  12. Allthumbs56

    Silverface Princeton Reverb

    I've got a line on a pretty nice 68'. Anyone got any opinions on these, are they ok to gig small venues with?
  13. Allthumbs56

    65 Twin Reverb Reissue - opinions

    Hey guys, Never really considered one before but it looks like I could pick up one locally for a good price. Just seeking some opinions - how's the build quality, does it take pedals well - that kind of thing.
  14. Allthumbs56

    Marshall TSL's - Not bad ... or run away?

    I'm in one of those moods where I'm thinking that my Mesa DC-5 is too modern sounding and takes too much fiddling to find tones. So, I'm thinking of taking a closer look at the TSL's - preferably a combo. I'd like 2 or more channels, some classic Marshallesque tones, and I don't mind a bunch of...
  15. Allthumbs56

    Shielding power supplies on a pedalboard

    Hey guys, I've got a homemade pedalboard that I've been using for a number of years without any real problems. Nothing special - room for a dozen or so pedals, made out of an old suitcase, and powered by two walwarts plugged in to a power bar under a riser. Lately, however, I've noticed an...
  16. Allthumbs56

    Good delay with tap tempo

    I love using delay but seldom use much live because of the trouble matching the tempo of the band. On the weekend I saw a guy using what appeared to be an external pedal to tap the tempo into (what appeared to be) a Boss delay. I was really impressed with his use of the effect and got thinking...
  17. Allthumbs56

    Nut, fret, intonation - or all of the above?

    On my 82' Tokai Love Rock Custom, the 3rd string seems to pull sharper than the other strings when using the lower frets. I have compensated for this by tuning that string a tad lower open than it should be. Anyway, I figure that it's time I gave it a closer look. I've not set it on the...