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  1. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Modify Baffle in Orange PPC112 (to 2x10)

    Because this is my rig. I simply plug each head into a closed back 1x12 and an open-back 2x10.
  2. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    A PRS Obsession

    Thank you. The Hollowbody 1 with early 57/08's and the White Rabbit. Post a WTB in the Emporium. People frequently enjoy helping others shop for guitars. Also, try a Korina McCarty with soapbars some time. They're fantastic.
  3. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    A PRS Obsession

    I can dig it. A life of gratitude is the winning formula.
  4. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    A PRS Obsession

    All is well brother Mike. Like most folks we're keeping our heads down and grinding through these strange times. Everything good on your end?
  5. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    A PRS Obsession

    2018 PRS Silver Sky (John Mayer Signature Guitar with 'the case') I learned a long time ago to stop saying I was done buying guitars. That said, this Silver Sky is certainly among the last. This is one of the pre-release guitars. It was made in January of 2018 and made the rounds with PRS as...
  6. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    A PRS Obsession

    Year? PTC Modified Mahogany SE One It's no secret that I love the SE One. I have long hoped that PRS would make a "US One" and even went so far as having a Private Stock SE One spec'd-out a while back. After having the White Rabbit for a few years, I started to get paranoid that something...
  7. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    A PRS Obsession

    2013 PRS Music Store Live (MSL) Wood Library Paul's Guitar I walked into a GC in Denver to kill some time before my flight from DIA. The guy working behind the counter asked me if I needed some help and I said "no thanks, I'm just window shopping". A few minutes later, I saw this bad MF'er...
  8. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    A PRS Obsession

    2013 PRS Walnut Limited I was trying to be a good boy (not buy any more guitars) when I ran across this beauty. Can you believe that Walnut top!?!?! Stupid, right? The semi-hollow body and Brazilian Rosewood fretboard are just icing on the cake. But, as I mentioned, I was trying to be good. So...
  9. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    A PRS Obsession

    2013 PRS Paul's Guitar One day I was reading FaceBook and Hunter (I think it was Hunter) posted this photo of a Paul's Guitar on the PRS page. It absolutely floored me. The top is just my style and it had a nice, dark, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard. I asked which dealer it was headed to but...
  10. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    A PRS Obsession

    Time to make some updates to this thread. There were a few missing. I've gone back and updated the slow-loading PNG files with JPG's. I've also put the guitars in chronological order (because I'm hopelessly Type A). 2013 PRS SE Custom 24 7-String This beauty was a birthday gift from Markie...
  11. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Other Guitar Forums

    Concur. After BaM died [pours a little beer from a 40 in a paper bag on the ground], the official PRS forum became my regular hang. When I need info for any other guitar/amp I come here. Fortunately, my friends frequent both places.
  12. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Sold 2007 DGT Goldtop Proto

    Yang! My man! Don't do it!
  13. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Your Favorite PRS TODAY!

    Today... a rosewood-neck Paul's Guitar with Mahogany body.
  14. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    Sold PRS 1989 Standard Pearl White

    Your price is too low, Paul.
  15. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    The Curator

    Today, you opened your email to discover a very interesting job offer. It seems the Smithsonian Institution has decided to create a new - and sizeable - exhibit called 'The Electric Guitar'. You (being perfect for the job) have been asked to curate the most comprehensive collection of electric...
  16. ]-[@n$0Ma☩!©

    was there a final verdict on the Orange Tiny Error Hard Wired Edition?

    Congrats! The hard-wired TT is such a great amp. The reason you see very little on the net about them is because they didn't make that many. I have seen people parroting the same line about them across several guitar forums - like they all read the same review. These amps are dynamic...