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Search results

  1. Berlin Chris

    The Police--Outlandos D'Amour

    Yes, exactly the same here. It took me quite some time to really understand how genius the guitar playing on Outlandos and all other Police-recordings was. I learned so much about *playing for a song* from Andy Summers.... "expensive" chords and chord-voicings, rhythmic ideas, use of effects...
  2. Berlin Chris

    Best interface for amp sim plugins

    I had huge latency problems with Logic, but I learned some absolutely crucial things for the recording process in Logic (which you may already know about). Do this religiously everytime you jam or record and I guess your issues should be solved. - switch on the "pre-fader metering" in order to...
  3. Berlin Chris

    Jacksnax: Running on Empty! Jackson Browne/ David Lindley Both Solos

    Great lesson, thank you, Regarding your guitar: is it an older version of a 57 Reissue?
  4. Berlin Chris

    My NEW ALBUM w Holdsworth and Henderson band mates

    Just incredible music. Listening to it right now....
  5. Berlin Chris

    Watching all these freaks on YouTube can be depressing

    Hm, I can't help myself.... I am afraid you are really mostly driven by "competition" and "performance". Let me ask you: why do you play the guitar? Is it for the love of music or something all together different and is that really what you want? Think about it..... Oh, and on a side note...
  6. Berlin Chris

    Santana's tone, terrible?

    Ok, you got strong opinions, I get that. But man, what a statement.... Did it ever occur to you that Santana's playing quirks are a not bugs but features? This is (at least in parts) what made him one of the most original guitar voices there is. Ever in the history of the electric guitar...
  7. Berlin Chris

    Logic Pro X 10.5 just released

    Not sure I understand 100% what you ask, but..... Let's say you want the "Drummer" function to perform a certain beat/feel. The way I do this: I often program a VERY basic and short beat (which now also can be done in the step sequencer) and tell "Drummer" to follow that particular beat. Most...
  8. Berlin Chris

    Which TrueFire courses do you own/use

    Bill Evans - The Language of Improvisation This one alone could/will keep me busy for the next couple of years. Fareed Haque's courses are great too.
  9. Berlin Chris

    Vendor Devin Townsend: A Single Axe-Fx III Is My Perfect Rig

    I think Devin Townsend is a superb musician. Big fan here. Happy if he finally once and for all has found the piece of kit he needs for his music. May he continue making some of the best music there is right now. Your comment makes me chuckle though. I bet I have read/heard this around 2010 a...
  10. Berlin Chris

    Acoustic Treatment of my music room - on a budget.

    I work in a pretty small room. Door to my right, window to my left, a 6ft. table for computer etc, some space for a chair, my guitars, a bass plus there is a big book shelf behind me. Wooden floor. What are some simple methods for getting a better (more dry) acoustic situation in my room? Where...
  11. Berlin Chris

    Logic Pro X is such a deep, great program

    Just recently switched (back) from Ableton to Logic Pro and couldn't be happier. Used Ableton for years but in the end it wasn't my cup of tea. Also, the latest Ableton upgrade was 250 bucks. Yes, just the upgrade from V9 to V10. This is where I decided to give up on Ableton and look elsewhere...
  12. Berlin Chris

    Thank You Scientist fretless guitar playthrough

    Incredible. This can not be done without Autotune-processing or similar. Or can it? Really mind-blowing.
  13. Berlin Chris

    Mac mini specs for recording

    Hello Will Onyx and welcome to TGP. I am working on a 2014 Macbook Pro with basically the same specs as your Mini. I am using S-Gear and an older version of NI Komplete also. For what I do - proper quality demos - it works almost flawlessly. Sometimes the system gets overpowered by real-time...
  14. Berlin Chris

    Recording: your best teacher?

    I am happy to report it is quite the opposite here. Once I really got back into collecting ideas, writing full songs, recording, arranging etc. I completely stopped thinking about gear. My setup here is pretty minimal but does everything I want it to do. Ok, Melodyne would be nice to have, but...
  15. Berlin Chris

    Recording: your best teacher?

    So true. But there is something about doing everything yourself. Once the songs start to take shape it is the single most rewarding experience in music. At least for me. (I was never a good band player. I am afraid negotiations about how music should sound/feel are not my cup of tea.Learned that...
  16. Berlin Chris

    Recording: your best teacher?

    I just recently started recording my new songs. I do everything myself. Writing, playing all instruments, sounds and do the programming. And I promised myself to make it better than ever before.... well, so much for the theory. God, how awful it sounds if I don't listen, really really *listen*...
  17. Berlin Chris

    make every note count

    Thanks. That was indeed a good read.
  18. Berlin Chris


    Don't get me wrong. I really love my THR10C and use it everyday (mostly) as a clean pedal platform and as a small stereo system for my computer. One of the best gear purchases I ever made is this THR10 and so damn close to perfection (for me). The only thing I am missing is a stereo efx-loop for...
  19. Berlin Chris


    Yeah, an fx-loop would have been great. Oh well....
  20. Berlin Chris

    Sugar - The Band

    Copper Blue is in my top10 albums of all time.
  21. Berlin Chris

    Exercises and ideas hereinafter referred to as "licks".. what did I miss?

    Here is an excerpt from Bill Evan's Truefire course. Best online course about improvisation I found so far and he adresses this issue really well.
  22. Berlin Chris

    Experimented with dropped tuning... Any other tunings to test out?

    Open C like Devin Townsend uses it. He is a master at it and the tuning just has this "orchestral" thing to it. Guitar sounds so big.... C, G, c, g, c', e'