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  1. recto-robbie

    Do you resent or dislike guitar "collectors"?

    The only time I would even think about these people is if I were selling something they might want, otherwise I could care less about any of them at all.
  2. recto-robbie

    The coming death of just about every rock legend

    yea Ive had this conversation with friends a couple times already. The next 20 years are going to be a really bitch if you are a fan of music from the 60's and 70's.
  3. recto-robbie

    Peavey Classic Series.....are they unique or are they a copy of another amp?

    Funny you say this, I've owned many used classics, 30's, 50's 2x12s and only one 4x10 and one 100 head. All were from the 90's in pretty good shape bought off craigslist. I bought so many because I kept coming back to them because how well they took pedals, to me they are superb for that...
  4. recto-robbie

    Mesa Triple Crown TC-50

    I read somewhere a while back that it will eventually burn a resistor out or something. It also stated that it is an extremely easy fix for a tech. That said, I myself forgot to flip the switch once, I immediately noticed a slight phase whooshing type sound, knew something wasn't right...
  5. recto-robbie

    Black Friday Steals!

    Yea you guys just about have me onto this rubberneck too, but to be honest the last couple of black fridays I have fallen for two other DOD pedals, 201 Phasor and the 250 preamp, nothing wrong with either I guess, its just that I already have a bunch of pedals that do those things much...
  6. recto-robbie

    Ear Candy related question...

    I actually own that CD you speak of. I bought it direct from Earcandy a couple of years ago, it showed up in the mail with no issues so any questionable business practices, I know nothing about. The CD, well I believe it can help break in speakers as ive used it numerous times on...
  7. recto-robbie

    A warning for TC Electronic pedal Owners:

    no issues with my HOF or flashback yet, but after reading this they will now be sold off in spite of and never considered again. I have always enjoyed bad karma stories. I love em actually.
  8. recto-robbie

    Neil Young's house

    Yea that sucks, but if I could, I would trade every vintage amp and guitar in the world in a second for those 40 something lives that have been lost so far.
  9. recto-robbie

    Do guitarists generally suffer from low self confidence ?

    I would definitely rate myself a solid 3, maybe even 4 on some days. But I am a rock solid 10 at buying new equipment after spending time reading on this sight..
  10. recto-robbie

    Mid-Life Crisis? MXR Phase 95 Has Me Questioning My Life Choices

    A few weeks ago I picked up that MXR script 90 hand wired on sale. Im quite sure the hand wired doesn't sound much different at all to the others but I have fallen in love with it. Awesome pedal indeed and find myself wanting to use it more than it is needed. I originally planned on placing...
  11. recto-robbie

    Put a RAT back on my board...

    Just pick up one of the current made version 2 Rats. There is nothing wrong with them, I also own a couple other rats such as an 85' white face. The version2 is right up there with any of them, slightly different in its own way much like all rats. And for a few bucks I purchased a...
  12. recto-robbie

    Biggest Boss fan, but this thing SUCKS big time

    my ns-2 is the pedal I have had the longest. it has sat in the same spot on my board since the day I got it. I actually owned two at one time but never found a reason to keep the back up, Boss pedals dont just stop working. Anyway I love it and cant imagine another noise gate that could do...
  13. recto-robbie

    Guitar-related terms that I could easily never hear/read again

    grab and go, yea kind of like a purse I suppose. haunting mids, yea, you mean you can hear the guitar.
  14. recto-robbie

    I thought I'd seen it all when it comes to tire kickers

    What? How about simply ignoring this retard. Any of you really believe anything good can come out of this ridiculous request? Ignore it and move on.
  15. recto-robbie

    Barber Direct Drive V3 is the real deal

    I don't find it subtle, I personally find it on the darker/warmer side, to get where I want the sound to be and seeking a Marshall like tone, I find the tone knob usually around 3 o'clock or higher.
  16. recto-robbie

    Boy, Pedals Aren't Moving Fast, Are They?

    I sold 7 pedals so far this past week, three more still listed on reverb and lots of watchers. Matter of fact I just got back from the PO a few minutes ago with 3 more pedals sold last night. I even sold two amps within days of each other 2 weeks ago. Only thing I can tell is I have...
  17. recto-robbie

    Barber Direct Drive V3 is the real deal

    Me neither, just ordered one myself!!
  18. recto-robbie

    Are Tube Amps Becoming Obsolete?

    becoming obsolete???? Well I still own three and I just sold two this past week. So there is that, at least three people out there still want them.
  19. recto-robbie

    What made you an ‘amp guy’?

    After years of owning only cheap digital amps and never once giving any thought about tube amps, I wound up for some reason, that I cant remember, buying a Peavey Valveking 2x12 from GC.. I was immediately infatuated with the tubes in the amp remembering back when I was a kid going to the...
  20. recto-robbie

    Winged C

    I still have one remaining pair of el34's that actually still work. Seems like I have had them forever and they have been in numerous amps of mine. To be quite honest though, they never really sounded much better at all than any of my other current production tubes to me. But I did make...
  21. recto-robbie

    NCD: Mesa Recto Traditional 4x12 (Electra Dyne content)

    Real nice rig there, I miss both my trad cab and my Electra dyne. Didn't own both at the same time but have no doubt your rig sounds stellar. That's some serious power there!
  22. recto-robbie

    EHX Triangle Big Muff Pi new 2018 version

    You know, that new smaller one, Well, has anyone tried one?? Thoughts????? thank you!
  23. recto-robbie

    "Takes Pedals Well" = Useless Phrase

    Like I said in my original post, an OD into the front into the clean channel sounds like sh!t just like this video. HAH just kidding, if you actually watched this video he plays only the dirty channel which is real nice by the way, but switches to the clean at 3:19 and never turns on the...
  24. recto-robbie

    "Takes Pedals Well" = Useless Phrase

    Ive owned many amps,, I currently own two Marshalls, a Mesa , a Peavey c50 and an Orange Rockerverb MK2 and I would be damned if the Rockerverb didnt hate every pedal I have thrown at it. An OD boosting the dirty channel sounds great, but any drive pedal it seems up front on the clean channel...