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  1. wichita

    Brett Kingman demoing the Smart Belle Belle Fuzz.

    I love that Brett did this. I was actually getting sick of hearing myself do these and he is just such a killer player.
  2. wichita

    Billy Gibbons' Rio Grande 4x12

    I owned a Rio Grande 4-12. There were 4-12's and 2-12's. I sold mine to a friend. Just basically on oversized Marshall cab. The Rio Grande amps were just Marshall amps in different head shells.
  3. wichita

    Have you played with any "famous" musicians?

    I played with Mike Tramp from White Lion, Phil Lewis from LA Guns, Rod Stewart, and have opened for a lot of top bands including Satriani, Eric Johnson, Cheap Trick etc etc. I also played on a Johnny Rawls album that won Memphis Blues album of the year.
  4. wichita

    Smart Belle "Belle Fuzz"...fantastic affordable MKII Tonebender

    Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate it..
  5. wichita

    Lance Keltner Appreciation Thread

    Thanks everyone! You are too kind. If you get a moment go check out my Smart Belle BELLE FUZZ.. I think you will like it. The band and I are in the studio again soon.
  6. wichita

    What's in the mail?

    Thanks for the mention. The first run is nearly sold out and so far everyone loves them. It's my favorite MK2 style fuzz that I have played and the bias and tone knobs really make it versatile.
  7. wichita

    What's in the mail?

    thanks so much by the way! When you get it let me know what you think.
  8. wichita

    Smart Belle fuzz?

    Guitar Guitar in England will have some onhand as well as These Go to 11 in Sweden.
  9. wichita

    What happened to the Retro Channel RR1?

    Yeah guys, the issue with Retro Channel was a simple one. We were building a solid state amp in the USA. I will not build anything offshore. We could not compete with folks that were building their gear in China price wise. Did I learn my lesson? Hell no, I build my Smart Belle stuff in...
  10. wichita

    Smart Belle Fuzz

    This is our new fuzz. They are shipping the 1st of June. MK2 style with added bias and tone knobs.
  11. wichita

    Shin-ei Vibe-Bro

    Get in touch with Dustin Sears. Dustin was the one who put together the best vibe in Austin and then was roped into a bad deal with the guy that picked up the Sheni (or however you spell it) name and ran with it. Dustin's sounds a lot better and he is a really good person.
  12. wichita

    Smart Belle SR71 Demo

  13. wichita

    Modelers with accurate Dumble Models?

    Guys to tell you the truth I have played 10 Dumbles over the years and have really liked 2. One Steel String Singer and the 70's Dumble that I sort of went for tone wise with the Smart Belle amps. I owned an amp built around the time Ford's was with the same circuit and it didn't work for me...
  14. wichita

    Smart Belle fuzz?

    . here is the demo I just did. Johnny, we will have these in stores in the EU. We are taking pre orders now for a list and can get you on that if you like
  15. wichita

    Smart Belle fuzz?

    Guys I am going to be putting up another demo of the Belle Fuzz today. It is going into production soon and we will be taking pre orders. (mods.. is that ok to say?) . Anyhow, it is truly my favorite fuzz and I am a fuzz junky. It cleans up well and I really love our bias control as you can...
  16. wichita

    Anyone own or play an ECCOS yet?

    Guys I have one and DO LOVE IT. Here is what they have accomplished that really gets me. This is a warm delay that does not wank your tone at all. There is as much headroom on this pedal as there is on my Korg SDD3000. This pedal DOES sound like a tape delay and the flanged repeats are...
  17. wichita

    Smart Belle SR71 with Tommy Taylor and Mark Epstein

    A jam that I did with Tommy Taylor (Eric Johnson, Christopher Cross) and Mark Epstein (Joe Bonamassa and Johnny Winter). I am playing my Smart Belle SR71.
  18. wichita

    196 Bandmaster Amp Blew Capacitors Need Help

    I was trying to get in touch with Sled about an old amp of mine he has that I would like to buy back for a tour I am doing.
  19. wichita

    196 Bandmaster Amp Blew Capacitors Need Help

    SLED.. can you reach out to me? Your inbox is full and I have a question
  20. wichita

    Looking for some other el84 options

    SLED.. can you reach out to me? Your inbox is full and I have a question.
  21. wichita

    ProAnalog Pedals Appreciation Thread.....

    I have, over the past two years had dealings with Analog Design in Greece. He makes an amazing Klon style pedal and everything I have tried of his has been stellar.
  22. wichita

    How do you get that sound?

    Thanks for all of the kind comments guys. Playing with my fingers instead of a pick is what finally defined MY style. It's a technique that is a very personal thing from player to player. If you look at other people that play that way they all do their thing in a unique way. Lindsey...
  23. wichita

    My Favorite Slide Tone Ever

    Thanks so much!
  24. wichita

    Tone Does NOT Come From Your Hands...

    Well Granted... if you don't have your guitar face down nothing else matters. You have no idea how many times I have had an internet friendship with someone who has a ton of gear, knows everything about boutique and vintage gear and has big opinions on tone. Then I have met them in person and...