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  1. Phil M

    York Audio Impulse Response Library

    I agree. I have 7 or 8 of the York packs but that M25 is AMAZING. I like Mix 1 and Mix 18.
  2. Phil M

    Who else made questionable COVID purchases they now regret?

    Got an Audient interface and Beyerdynamic DT-770 and DT-880 headphones. No regrets though - I was long overdue to update that stuff, especially after being stuck at home. I’m currently contemplating the Fractal FM3. I waited over a year for my name to come up but not sure now.
  3. Phil M

    Safe to leave all rack gear on, and just flip power switch on the Furman?

    Turn off amps / power amps first.
  4. Phil M

    Just got my FM3! Any new fractal guidance

    That’s a good approach. Only use what you need; then the other 99.9% is there when you want to play around.
  5. Phil M

    Just got my FM3! Any new fractal guidance

    To the OP: Congrats! Do enjoy the learning process and great sounds! Don’t read any FM3 threads with the word “worst” in the title. Just don’t. :rotflmao I had an AX8 and found the desktop editor very intuitive and easy to manage. I’m sure the FM3 editor is the same.
  6. Phil M

    Best Vox AC30 digital model

    Yessir. And I should say my most recent Fractal experience is with the AX8 a few years ago. I’m sure it’s even better now. My name came up for FM3 a couple weeks back - still deciding.
  7. Phil M

    Best Vox AC30 digital model

    The Fractal Vox sounds way better to me than the Line 6. I happen to like the Morgan AC20 model even better but the Vox model is really good. I haven’t played a Kemper or Iridium yet.
  8. Phil M

    Sold 2011 Gibson CS Historic ‘57 RI Les Paul R7 Gold Mist

    Last price drop. I’ve owned and played R7s for 20 years and this is about as good a deal as you can find on one of these, especially in such a rare finish. This is in Rochester, NY though I’m pretty sure that info is visible.
  9. Phil M

    FS Fryette Pitbull 100 CLX

    Killer :dude
  10. Phil M

    Carol Ann Amps - Thread XVII

    probably a good decision. Who knows what’s coming next. I’d do it too but still have 4 kids at home.
  11. Phil M

    Carol Ann Amps - Thread XVII

    LOL @ the tens of thousands of dollars worth of guitars and gear in what looks like a completely empty house! :rotflmao Well done! I think ...
  12. Phil M

    Sold 2019 James Tyler Japan Burning Water! - $2650!

    My whacky dream guitar. And it’s local!! I wish. GLWS
  13. Phil M

    York Audio Impulse Response Library

    I did end up getting the Friedman and it's as good or better than the others I've tried. The Marshall M25 and the Friedman are my favorites for Marshall-y tones and the Mesa 2x12 and Vox 1x12 get used for other things. The only one I got that I don't care for by itself is the T75. I'm sure...
  14. Phil M

    Did you move to a lighter rig?

    I’ve played large heads and either 2x12s or 4x12s since the mid-‘90s. I sold my last 4x12 nearly 2 years ago though. I’m always on the lookout for small and light(er) weight but end up back at tube head + 2x12 cab. I did get a SD Power Stage 170 and Origin Effects Revival Drive last spring...
  15. Phil M

    The FM3 Launch (for me) has been one of the worst experiences of my music career

    My name came up about 2 weeks ago after waiting just over a year for a FM3. I’m going to keep waiting for now. I do own a decent interface but I would want to just use the FM3 interface when direct recording with the Fractal. Clear off my desk. The built-in interface was a stated feature so I...
  16. Phil M

    Post Malone - Cliffs Of Dover

    “Uncle Jesse’s going down!”
  17. Phil M

    NGD 2011 K-Line San Bernadino

    Nice! Love the Inca silver. I also had a 2011 San B but with Lollar Imperials and a Charcoal Frost finish. I’ve never played an offset that came close. That thing was beastly.
  18. Phil M

    NGD: 1988 PRS Custom 24 in vintage yellow

    That is one of their best finishes IMO. And I’ve always thought tge sweet switch was pretty cool. Congrats.
  19. Phil M

    Appreciation Thread: Swedish Guitarists Not Named Malmsteen

    I thought he was Englush?:p I like the guitarists in the Hellacopters.
  20. Phil M

    York Audio Impulse Response Library

    RE: the V30 IRs ... I apologize for not having evidence to share, I can only say that each sounds different. Despite being the same model speaker, YA shot different era V30s in different cabs. I don’t yet have this new Friedman, but I have the Bogner, Mesa 212 and the Zila (which allows you to...
  21. Phil M

    York Audio Impulse Response Library

    I am NOT buying another IR pack! ... after this one.
  22. Phil M

    Synergy modular thread

    I owned the real 100 watt VHT Ultralead for a awhile - it was such an amazing amp. Never got to try a Deliverance though. I wonder if there’s a lot of overlap in these 2 Fryette Synergy modules, or would they slap together in a SYN-2? Hmmm.
  23. Phil M

    Best Recto Trad IRs Needed

    York Mesa Trad or the 2x12.
  24. Phil M

    Fractal FM3 - Reviews, Tones, Questions

    Thanks. That’s a bummer since that was a selling point for me. It’s easy to assume Fractal will fix it, but who knows until it’s actually in a release and users confirm it.

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