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    Bigsby talk

    I just got an epiphone casino coupe with a bigsby retro fitted and I love it:
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    What was the first "sequenced" or "drum-machined" song?

    Donna Summer I feel Love, Kraftwerk Autobahn in the 70's and according to Wikki The first major pop song to use a drum machine was "Saved by the Bell" by Robin Gibb, which reached #2 in Britain in 1969.
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    Epiphone Casino Coupe

    Just picked up a second hand casino coupe that was fitted with a bigsby by the tech I bought it off, it also has 339 black knobs and the scratch plate removed, it sings with exlixir 10's fitted and for £275 / $400 was an absolute bargain:
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    P90 recommendations for Casino Coupe

    I just picked up a second hand one that has a bigsby fitted, it also had 339 black controls and the scratch plate removed, £275 / $400 all in and it sound and plays great!
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    Discuss the Epiphone Casino

    I just got a second hand casino coupe as I like the smaller body on my Gibson ES-339. It has been fitted with a bigsby and has a nice 60's slim neck and the tech also fitted black 339 style control knobs and removed the scratch plate. All in I paid less than £275 / $400 for it and it sounds great:
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    Cyndi Lauper opening for Cher- absolutely killed it!!

    We had her band on a UK 80's TV rock show called The Tube and Rick Derringer was her guitarist, it he still with her band?
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    Queen @ Live Aid.... Wow

    Check out their Live at Wembley 86 concert too as I did the audio post on it and was there for both nights of the gig! Very sadly Gavin Taylor the director passed away last year but he worked a lot with Queen and we also did other major band videos including U2 at Red Rocks, Dire Straits at...
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    Epiphone Casino Coupe

    They are released in the Uk August and I think I will get one as I love my ES-339 body size. I was looking at a ES-390 P90 but for £339 the epiphone casino coupe is a great price.
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    Bugera Amps: Where are they now?

    The speaker is actually quite good and I would just stick with it, I have compared it to Fane and Celestion drivers I have and it holds up very well.
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    Bugera Amps: Where are they now?

    Bought a V55 recently from AudioMate in the UK for £223 inc delivery. It is actually very good and the triode/pentode switch gives a good brown/black face fender like tone. You have to let the speaker and tubes bed in but after a couple of days it settled down and sounded very acceptable. The...
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    Best Bang For The Buck 4-6 Channel MIXER?

    The Behringer 1002B is a great little portable mixer for the money:
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    Bugera V22 Modifications

    Hi I bought a Bugera V55 a couple of months ago from Audio Mate in the UK for only £223 inc delivery. I agree with others that you need to allow the speaker (and tubes) to bed in but once this was done it is a superb amp for the money. The triode/pentode modes give a good brown and black type...
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    What small digital recorder do you use?

    I just got the sony d-50 delivered today, I have read all the reviews and it came out with a very good sound quality and as I have sony m/s prosumer ext mics I dont need balanced mic inputs. I have also heard that the mic amps are very good and it is a bit more robust than the zoom and edirol...
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    Mixing ITB questions...

    Also mix in 24 bit even though you will be going to 44.1k 16 bit that way you get the most dynamic range on the summing busses.
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    zep II session pic

    OK lets think about this from a 70's perspective, these 4x12 cabs were running at huge levels and as we all should know the sound is not just from the speaker and miking in the centre of a 4x12 may well sound actually quite good as it will give lots of resonance and get over the very thin sound...
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    need a good cheap power amp

    I have the BM10's and use a roksan 2x70w hifi amp with them. I had the same problem but the addition of a 100 watt powered sub bass unit did a lot to get the levels up for practice etc. I got a cheap pinkbull one from germany for $200 and it works fine and extends the BM10's down to 50hz with...
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    Best way to use outboard effects with a home-DAW?

    Yes you can I use an old spring reverb and a lexicon reverb with my pro tools 002. You need enough analogue inputs and outputs to enable this though.
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    Anyone use the Yamaha MG series mixers?

    Nice little mixers but watch the headroom on the mic inputs they can clip quite easily.
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    Firewire 800 v USB 2.0

    Have a look on e-bay for PCMICA to firewire cards from China they cost a lot less. I also just got an Express to dual ESATA from china...
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    Firewire 800 v USB 2.0

    Yes you can use the PCMIA to firewire card with great results. The other thing why firewire is better for external drives is that is gives a constant data stream from the drive where USB passes packets of data in chunks.
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    Inexpensive XY location mics.

    Have you also considered an M/S matrixed mic rather than X/Y. I use a sony prosumer one for lots of things and I find them more phase cohearant and easier for positioning for best stereo imaging...
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    What is the "2 buss"?

    Another is "2-mix' as seen on MCI consoles.
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    Can someone explain the I-Lok thing to me:)

    NO you need the i-lok key plugged in all the time to run the plug-in. IMO they are a pain in the butt and should be banned, I have had endless problems with authorising waves plug ins. Also if you lose it or it breaks you cannot run your plug-ins and in my instance my dv toolkit 2 for pro...
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    Show us your studio

    Thanks for your questions re the AMS kit, I have now sold it as it was real pain in the ass, it took forever to boot up and the pro tools does so much more and has been upgraded with an i-mac 2.8g extreem and 4gig or ram. It runs like a dream and has the dv toolkit for post prod work.
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    My new studio set-up

    About 15ftX12ft

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