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  1. brain-eating amoeba

    ...but it's Japanese

    Japanese manufacturing is strong across the board, so musical instruments/products get that extra benefit. Yamaha Grand pianos come to mind when I think of fine craftsmanship. Broadcast electronics also come to mind; reference gear that nearly all professional entertainment creation is based...
  2. brain-eating amoeba

    I dinged my 52 reissue pretty good...

    No Way...adds character & patina, free of charge!!
  3. brain-eating amoeba

    First microphone

    Shure SM57 or 58.
  4. brain-eating amoeba

    New video from the Frank Marino DVD

    Nothing like Frank Marino, Live....Amazing.
  5. brain-eating amoeba

    The Go-Go’s

    Excellent documentary--well constructed, solid story. The gals were honest and journey.
  6. brain-eating amoeba

    Mai Leisz

    Mai Leisz - bass & composition Michael Landau - electric guitar Greg Leisz - electric guitar & banjo Gary Novak - drums Engineered by Kevin Smith Mixed by Alan Hertz Mastered by Joe Gastwirt Cover art by Frank Wo Studio
  7. brain-eating amoeba

    Marilyn Mansons new song is GREAT

    Video is very cool.
  8. brain-eating amoeba

    Fellow Friedman JJ Jr. owners! I have a question.

    Talk to Dave Friedman, M'Lord... He'll get to the bottom of your predicament.
  9. brain-eating amoeba

    Fellow Friedman JJ Jr. owners! I have a question.

    Gain isn't an issue with the JJ (or any Friedman) to my knowledge. You should be wallowing in gain by 7...what brand tubes did you install?
  10. brain-eating amoeba

    My 1st gig in 5 months might be my last

    This will fade into one of the best gig stories of your life....embrace it & resume jamming. One night, I beat up the sound man at the Whisky a GoGo after he cut our banned from the venue (but returned). One of the funnest evenings, ever....
  11. brain-eating amoeba

    Friedman JJ Jr combo review

    One of my all-time fav amps--let us know if the Rockcrusher helps....enjoy!
  12. brain-eating amoeba

    People who flat out lie about their gear/music background?

    I was playing a gig on the beach at Windansea, La Jolla and this dude with a hot chick comes up & says he'd like to sit-in and play a couple Trower tunes....says he was Robin Trower's drummer. Robb Crosby (one of our guitar players) looks over at me, shrugs his shoulders and I say "fine, go for...
  13. brain-eating amoeba

    Fender 68 Custom Deluxe, Speaker Upgrades?

    Nice sounding speaker for Deluxe Reverbs;
  14. brain-eating amoeba

    Fender Custom Shop - When you're ready...

    I've purchased Fender CS's off-the-shelf, bought used (CS's & Master Built) & had a Jason Smith Master Built custom made. Every one has been superb and proven the best guitars I've owned over my lifetime... I would suggest searching for one that suits your requirements, new or used--if you can't...
  15. brain-eating amoeba

    Mac switching to ARM

    Lordy, I hope you're right--recently bought a 16 core Mac Pro with XDR, Pro Vega II, Kona 5 & two raids....yikes
  16. brain-eating amoeba

    Hiwatt SE412 Cabinet

    Picture please...
  17. brain-eating amoeba

    1 or 5 watt tube amp head

    Buy an amp that suits your style, not by the power rating....
  18. brain-eating amoeba

    Nirvana Per Diem from 1992

    I had a Virgin Records (MCA in USA) deal in the 80's for $250k (for 1st LP)--we got $150 a week x 5 members, plus varied PD depending on if we were touring or not. You don't really make great money until you actually sell albums/CDs, and even then it can be murky unless you have stellar...
  19. brain-eating amoeba

    Any good direct boxes that sound great for bass and guitar?

    Neve RNDI is one of the best I've used; Radial JDI is a great box that doesn't require phantom power.
  20. brain-eating amoeba

    Your best "rare car found in a barn"-type amp story

    Back in the 70's, my bass players cousin sold me a clean Fender Bandmaster & cabinet for $175. Soon after, a pal that managed an Alberts Music City tipped me onto a mint Superlead 100w head with the 2 matching 100w cabs for $600--I found someone to buy the head & bottom cab for $525, getting the...
  21. brain-eating amoeba

    Dem Pat Travers tones...lawd!

    I think Pat used a Lexicon PCM41 back in the day. He was way ahead of his time with guitar tone/FX. Pat was out-of-this-world live, he brought it every night and left it on the field afterwards....Pat Thrall, Mars Cowling & the great Tommy Aldridge rounded out the all-star lineup.
  22. brain-eating amoeba

    G E Smith... Total badass

    For some reason GE just doesn't doesn't quite hit my sweet spot, tho I know he's a good player. He's not a very subtle player (when called for), doesn't sense his lane in a mix and timing is sometimes suspect.

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