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    So are ALL Ernie Ball necks small-ish?

    I have CTS and arthritis, and my Albert Lee really helps with hand fatigue. Different strokes, different folks.
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    How was R.E.M. influential?

    I sure do love that song.
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    My Boss CE-5 Has Got To Go

    I miss my old CE-5. I played it on a YouTube video that went viral a few years ago and traded it the next day for a TU3 that I didn't need. Oh well.
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    Sterling/Music Man owners- is your tremolo bar screw in or pop in?

    I just bought a Sterling Albert Lee and CANNOT get the bar in the bridge. I suspect at this point they sent me the wrong bridge. Any insight?
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    What's your most controversial Led Zeppelin opinion?

    I've never liked Plant's voice. Always the weak spot of the band for me.
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    Reverb is trash now and I think I am done

    They stopped Paypal? What the heck?
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    ZZ Top on Howard Stern - gear question

    I'm sure BFG didn't want to explain anything too complex to Stern. Those interview are so shallow, and it wouldn't have fit the format.
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    Jeff Beck and Seal - Manic Depression

    That record was great. It doesn't seem to be streaming, unfortunately.
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    St Vincent - the artist

    That's awesome. I've been looking for one of these too, as they are SO playable. I injured my hands a while back and the EB guitars seem to make playing easier, especially STV ones.
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    St Vincent - the artist

    She's one of my favorites. Everything from her approach to writing and just being herself. So good.
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    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    Yeah, I noticed Sean and his folks disappeared online around then too. I sure hope all is well.
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    Hey, church guys … what's with the plastic drummer shield?

    Sometimes it's a visual thing to make some folks more comfortable. There are a lot of people that come to church that just aren't into live music and actually don't like it when the kick drum vibrates off your rib cage. Some folks expect live music to sound like it does in their car radio. So...
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    In Praise of the Fuzz Factory

    I was like this for years regarding live use. Try it with a boost behind it and it can come alive for you.
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    Your top 3 songs by King's X?

    Pick top three songs? I don't know if I could pick top three albums from them. Stellar band.
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    The Edge vs. Andy Summers

    Two of my all time favorite players in two of my all time favorite bands. Glad I don't have to choose.
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    Fuzz Face Enclosures - Any Way to Make Them More Like Originals?

    So does anyone just sell the round enclosures? Surely there's a market for that!
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    DiMarzios: Why Didn’t You Tell Me????

    Years ago I called Dimarzio to find out info on a mystery pickup I grabbed, and Larry himself answered the phone and shot the **** with me for about an hour. Hilarious, knowledgeable, and a total gent. Just had to share.
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    Bryan Adams and Keith Scott

    I once took a wedding gig just so I could play the lead in "Everything I do".
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    Mojo Hand FX Dream Mender - a new take on the DMM.

    So I'm not sure what this really does that the Memory Toy doesn't already do...
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    Am I wasting my time by micing up a Champ backstage tonight?

    I won't go as far as they sound bad, but the rhythm stuff is obviously compromised in their thinness.
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    Am I wasting my time by micing up a Champ backstage tonight?

    I want to say he had a couple of Pro Jrs live. 10" speaker.
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    Am I wasting my time by micing up a Champ backstage tonight?

    Yeah, it sounded great with just a boost in front of it. But when I added some mayhem to it, it obviously struggled.
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    Am I wasting my time by micing up a Champ backstage tonight?

    It has a pretty good Jensen SD in it. I don’t know if any 8” speaker will handle what I throw at it.
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    Am I wasting my time by micing up a Champ backstage tonight?

    Update- I took my BF Champ to practice last night and it sounded great until I added a DBA fuzz to it. That little speaker sounded like it was going to explode. Will revisit again when I have a 1x12 cab set up.
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    Am I wasting my time by micing up a Champ backstage tonight?

    No, I'm not wasting my time, or no, I'm wasting my time?

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