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  1. Jarrett

    Suzi Q - Suzi Quatro Documentary

    You mean Joan Jett?
  2. Jarrett

    Suzi Q - Suzi Quatro Documentary

    Anyone else seen this? I hate to admit, but I had literally never heard of her until I watched this. I didn't realize she was the original prototype for the female rockers. Wondering how much of the story is on point. Seems like Joan Jett has some splainin' to do.
  3. Jarrett

    Harvard music lab test to check if you are tone deaf

    First pass: You listened to 32 sounds. Of those you guessed 30 correctly! You did better than 94% of people. Your average speed was 1 seconds. Second pass would be 100%, I suspect.
  4. Jarrett

    Anyone Use Something Other Than a Traditional Guitar Strap?

    I'm slowly starting to figure out that my traditional acoustic guitar stap is hurting my neck. Something about the pulling motion from the left side and the right arm movement is causing me to develop some pinched nerve type stuff in my neck that only seems to get worse when playing my acoustic...
  5. Jarrett

    Top 5 Concerts you've been to?

    1. Rage Against the Machine - 92, Bomb Factory, Deep Ellum, first time they played Texas - it was half concert, half political rally, melted my brain, changed the course of my life. 2. Eric Johnson - Caravan of Dreams, Ft. Worth - Ah Via Musiciom era, I think. Sat at a table between his...
  6. Jarrett

    Brad Paisley Sold All his Bruno amps

    Tag told him to?
  7. Jarrett

    Good Male/Female Duet Covers That Go Over Well?

    Cool, thanks for the helpful replies.
  8. Jarrett

    Good Male/Female Duet Covers That Go Over Well?

    Yeah, I forgot to mention that one is on the list as well.
  9. Jarrett

    Good Male/Female Duet Covers That Go Over Well?

    Good stuff so far, thanks!
  10. Jarrett

    Good Male/Female Duet Covers That Go Over Well?

    Any suggestions for good male/female duet covers? We've got Shallow added, that seems like the most popular one lately. Any others that seem to consistently go over well. I just heard about a cover of You're The One That I Want (hoo hoo hoo) by the Lemmings that I need to check out too.
  11. Jarrett

    New Paul Gilbert

    Hell yes! What a bunch of killer musicians! This kind of reminds me of that first Blues Sarceno from so long ago, a bit. I love seeing all the facets of Paul Gilbert. He's been melting my brain for 30 years now. He's still cool even if he looks like Clark Griswald now.
  12. Jarrett

    Bass + Helix + small bass amp or FRFR or Powercab?

    I did a little tweaking on the sound today. Played with the Obsidian 7000 pedal up front (distortion default off/toggled on another footswitch) and a simple EQ after the amp+cab sims to smooth it a bit and got a pretty good feeling preset going. I think I can make this work.
  13. Jarrett

    Bass + Helix + small bass amp or FRFR or Powercab?

    I don't get the hiss. Do you have the input gate turned on at the instrument block? I have mine on pretty tight. Gate on, -55%, 10ms, auto. I also roll the treble back a fuzz on the M12 as well to keep noise out of the horn.
  14. Jarrett

    Bass + Helix + small bass amp or FRFR or Powercab?

    I've been dealing with this lately. I have a Helix going into a Turbosound Milan M12 (1,100W Powered PA Speaker with 12" LF Driver, 1" HF Driver, 2-ch Mic/Line Mixer) The control and flexibility is fantastic. The amp sounds are rich. But for the last 28 years, I've been playing through 10"...
  15. Jarrett

    Layne Staley reincarnated?

    I read elsewhere that he was in a AIC tribute band prior to this deal.
  16. Jarrett

    Jonathan Moffett plays Smooth Criminal. WOW!!!

    We need to jam with Carlton the Pocketmeister soon :)
  17. Jarrett

    Faith No more in studio

    I can't figure out how those dreads haven't pulled his head bald by this point.
  18. Jarrett

    Gear for solo acoustic gigs?

    Yeah quite a bit. Line 6 JTV-59 into Line6 Helix into a Zoom Livetrak l-12 these days.
  19. Jarrett

    Gear for solo acoustic gigs?

    Wow, 3-year-old quote bump. Interesting :)
  20. Jarrett

    Line 6 Powercab 112 And Powercab 112 Plus!!!

    Seems like another well thought out and well targeted product from Line6. Thanks guys. I suspect even the less expensive of those coupled with an LT would give most amps a run for their money in a fairly affordable package. You figure a 15% discount, that would be a lot of good stuff in a...
  21. Jarrett

    Direct To FOH Options

    I'd say get a the Helix Floor (not LT) and then do what Empire says above.
  22. Jarrett

    Helix guys care to share any of your live settings?

    If you're using a Helix and doing live gigs with an FRFR monitor, you owe it to yourself to check out MBritt's Helix cab IR's. They solve a lot of the issues people struggle with when using FRFR monitors for a live performance.
  23. Jarrett

    Line6 Helix

    Thanks. I'm pretty stoked at the JTV-59's ability to do a strat. So much so, I rarely use my JTV-69 anymore.
  24. Jarrett

    Line6 Helix

    Strat neck model, no mags were hurt in the making of this recording. I think its a Kinky Boost into the Matchless Ch2 amp model into a MBritt IR going XLR to board. Was really going for a strat neck pickup into an old amp about to blow, with that preset.
  25. Jarrett

    Line6 Helix

    Thanks sir!

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